How to Spray paint PERFECT 3D planet and stars – Tutorial by Skech

How to Spray paint PERFECT 3D planet and stars – Tutorial by Skech

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , crafting and DIY Art. Whats up guys In today’s video im gonna show you HOW-TO make SPRAY PAINT planet. It’s gonna be in few steps and its gonna pretty easy. sooooo. Lets go! I have here 320 grams Glossy paper and first thing Im gonna do ,
Ill put on it , the lid of the pot or some kind of bowl to mark wheres gonna be my planet . U can do it with any of your SPRAY cans. As u can see this gona be our PLANET, So try to separate this crcle on 3 pices now u don’t need to mark it with spray can, u can just imagine it in your head. I did it just so I can explain u better. This is gona be darkest part Less dark part and bright part and Ill make Highlith with tiquse Now im gona cover all this with WHITE Spray paint And with black Ill make SHADOW on the bottom side and with dark blue ill make lighter shadow. with glossy newspaper ill make TEXTURE by removig white color and ill get preety cool texture Just follow this line so planet get round texture. and with black Ill make just little shadow. And on top side ill make highlites with white. Just let it dry few minutes, OR u can speedup process of drying with fire by using transparent spray can and lighter ill fire up the paint. If u do this take breath and be ready to blow fire off. U dont need to fire on picture u can just do over paint. Now we gonna put lid of the pot over it so It can protect that AREA form other colors. And with black paint I will cover all around it. Now lets make source of light from the corner. so again Dark blue, lighter blue , Light coming from this direction. light blue… White. and a litle bit of tirquise… ALL this is option u don’t need to do all of this. And now ill gonna make stars. Ill just sprinkle WHITE color between two fingers… When u sprinkle it , sprinkle it from TOP DON’T do it from side… because if u do it from side u will get this. and that’s are not stars. that’s all… Now ill just gonna make contrast with same colors that i make light source. this is gonna be reflection from that light source that we already make. This is transparent blue U DON’T need it . its just optional u can make it with classic blue. Ill make one videos just about transparent colors. And if u are interested in, check it in DESCRIPTION BOX ill put links where u can find them. Now lets uncover it. So here it is how star look when i Sprinkle from sides . I did it so i can show u what NOT to do. OK guys that’s my way to make spray paint planet If u Like ti let me know down below in the comment box. Share with us in comments whats your way to make texture on the planet. And also soon ill upload video how to make different texture and different looks on planets. That’s all guys ! I hope u enjoyed it. ooo yea i forget my signature. Stay tuned because in one of the next video ill show u how to make this SPRAY PAINT planet to GLOW IN DARK really easy. Hey guys Thanks for watching this video if u like it and if u want tot support me click LIKE down below share it with your friends If u have some questions be free to ask me down below in the comment box I really love to read your comments and to answer on your questions And if u didn’t SUBSCRIBE yet consider SUBSCRIBING for more future videos. Also dont forget to check description box Ill put there links for equipment and thing that I’m using in my videos STAY TUNED !

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    Hi Stefan, Karl here from New Zealand. Thank you very much for your videos and the time you put in to making them. I made a long board skateboard for my daughter and used your video to paint a planet scene on it. First time doing spray paint art. She loves it! Thank you again and please keep making your awesome art.

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    Im going to change it up a bit, I dont copy anyone 👊, and I have my own style, but yeah, I will be doing something like this with another pic in glow.
    Thinking about throwing it up on my channel in the next 10 days or so.
    Stay chill brother !

    Know GOD ~ Know Truth
    Know GOD ~ No Fear
    Peace & Love to All

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