How to Spray Paint Motorcycle Parts. Speed T Project

How to Spray Paint Motorcycle Parts. Speed T Project

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “How to Spray Paint Motorcycle Parts. Speed T Project

  1. Marc Simard says:

    Hey Bro click if you want: you have the right to be free! ;-))

  2. Doug Funny says:

    lady gaga would ride that cycle


    Iron man edition Triumph!

  4. oscarlopesxzx says:

    Parabéns fico top

  5. khavy vath says:

    Lol thought this would be easier

  6. Mike X says:

    Lot of effort. How about vinyl wrap?

  7. kingissiboy 2 says:

    I liked hoe the blue looked on the red and gold

  8. Harry Hall says:

    Red and gold, iron man theme

  9. rion says:

    He should've left it red and golden, kinda like the iron man design. I'm german and still think it looks worse how it is now lmao

  10. magkas multi says:

    What is the firm at the clear coat?

  11. RenIsNotARat says:

    Gonna paint my 300, like a Mac-10 Neon Rider from CS:GO. But you know, Mask off man, fuck it mask off.

  12. WurstExpress #616 says:

    Again an amazing video

  13. Vincent van Hoogdalem says:

    How to paint an old Acerbis fuel tank of a KTM (1991)? It is starting to get yellow.
    And other old motorcycle parts? Most of the older motorcycle plastic is impossible to paint. Do you have a video of that?

  14. Pedro Mota says:

    Making it look easy as usual. Cheers mate!

  15. eksine says:

    Looked like Iron man, then he did the black and it looks like a Pokemon ball

  16. aizatzet says:

    Really helpful! I wonder if we want to apply stickers/decals, do we need to apply sticker first, or the clear coat first?

  17. xeiAiex says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!

  18. Vimototv victor montes de oca says:

    When i do that always after clear coat , an edge remains where the maskingtape was ..i mean between the colors or in the colors to avoid that edge?

  19. Mohamad Fitri Mohamed Esah says:

    Hi what tape do you use? The yellow ones

  20. Richard Sibley says:

    I don't know much about this, so I'm curious – why spray silver and silver flakes when all the silver ends up getting covered with gold/red/black?

    If I saw the end result, I would've guessed that black was the base layer with gold and red on top, not black on top. Is there a particular reason it's done this way?

  21. Hamza A M De Barros says:

    This is stupid really who going to get all that and go oh now I need to check on YouTube how to spray paint. I thought he was going to spray paint with spray cans like accessible to everyone not with this spray painting guns and other power tools.

  22. TheEkstrangHero TV says:

    Awesome job sir. I would like to ask, what kind of tape did you use?

  23. Julius Herminigildo says:

    Sir why my paint get crack when i put topcoat on it?.. it's about the topcoat or the paint i use? I hope some one help me with this problem. And what is the best paint and topcoat for motorcycle flairings and mags.?

  24. Anand Kumar says:

    Which colour is matching to black

  25. Jonah DeleseLeuc says:

    Bro no point in sanding stickers. Use a heat gun, it'll come right off.

  26. Justin Heath says:

    you have talent!

  27. LedMV007 says:

    Does the paper attached the tape have to be a certain kind to prevent bleed through like wax paper or something? Thanks!

  28. Lee Elliott says:

    How long do u leave it before removing the masking tape,should it be left over night or would that then cause your lines to mess up?,great videos,love ur work

  29. SweetLowFat Jesus says:

    great patience and technique!! i learned alot from watching this, thank you.

  30. jermaine johnson says:

    Love your work… Thinking about doing it full time… How do you price your works….? Like this wan you just did?… Don't have to give exact price.

  31. Kendricks says:

    Change your title because this has nothing to do with spray paint 😒

  32. I help anytime says:

    I'd stick with plasti dip.

  33. Mohamad Fitri Mohamed Esah says:

    Hi what type of tape do you use that will not touch the paint?

  34. Ramen On Wheels says:

    Those colors makes me think of some cool wasp transformer.

  35. MHI Scott says:

    What's with the pointing and clicking and finger snapping?

  36. ShadowLine says:

    Great video. Thumbs up.

  37. Paul Backman says:

    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing

  38. Trissky says:

    Amazing paint job.

  39. Ross Peterson says:

    what brand sprayer are you using?

  40. S Le says:

    not really spray paint, but nice work

  41. ren dika says:

    Good job brow…

  42. broncojonnes says:

    Damn dog the amount of time and work to get the job done is disgusting

  43. Geordi La Forge says:

    Wow great work.

  44. Vie says:

    When you crash your bike don't put it on craiglist. Paint it instead 🤤

  45. Camren Doucette says:

    good paint job but pretty ugly colors

  46. kinopilot says:

    Nice job, ready for some gypsy teenager. 😀

  47. John Spoonemore says:

    At the 8:00 mark, I was really liking that sweet Iron Man effect. Had it been my bike, that would have been the finishing point. NICE overall effect.

  48. TheYakkis says:

    Wow. Fantastic video. Maximum effort and results that are worth it.

  49. John Dillon says:

    Thats brave to mask off and spray your candy without clearing the flake first.

  50. j.v smoeti says:

    soundtrack title

  51. Dan Hills says:

    Damn beautiful can u provide us with the materials needed?

  52. Professor Luciano Dias says:

    Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho gostaria muito de aprender estas técnicas e praticar aqui no Brasil.

  53. sKiTzMiCk 69 says:

    Paint job for iron man? 😀

  54. Netz Astigrockon says:

    Why put the black. Gold and red flaky is just awesome.

  55. john carlin says:

    Hi what gun setting would you use for clear coat for a new bee sprayer, the gun I am using is a gti pro lite with the te10 air cap
    Many thanks

  56. Visigraph Banners & Decals says:

    The paint finish looks sleek! If this is hard for you, you can always opt for decals, something like reflective decals. You can find rated A+ wholesale deals at

  57. RAGHAVENDAR K says:

    bro u hav patience /// awesome works// know i knw somethings abt spray paint // ty loved d vid

  58. William Wood says:

    Awesome job

  59. Albinson Kshiar says:

    super work

  60. Lori Rouse says:

    that doesn't look like spray paint to me

  61. Davood Pirzadi says:

    How many millimeter is that blue masking tape Dave?

  62. Steve L says:

    I am Iron Man

  63. DipYourVehicle says:

    nice i painted a few bikes. show some love and support check my channel out, videos uploaded weekly. peace

  64. hasib ahmad says:

    excellent work

  65. Chris L says:

    This is cool, I'm so jealous of you people for having the space to do this. Unfortunately, I don't and the cost of renting a booth to do this makes it more expensive than just paying somebody to do the painting for me.

  66. Muhammad Azhar says:

    Hello. I want to ask, can i use a normal cellotape to mask it?

  67. The Aardvark says:

    Wow am i enjoying these videos. Many Thanks

  68. george villaflor says:

    Helped me a lot! Million thanks sir!

  69. retro_bikez says:

    Nice work bad taste

  70. Hunter Layne says:

    When painting over the silver base with the red, did you remove the masking tape right after painting, or did you wait an hour until removing? Concerned about the lines not being sharp.

  71. MrHothead099 says:

    Nice Iron Man color scheme. If I had a sports bike I would have it painted white w/ some black and an orange fuel tank. That’ll make it look like a spaceship. Pair it with an all white track suit, white backpack and an all white full face helmet with a rose gold chrome visor, and you’re now an astronaut!

  72. The Uploader says:

    can you please tell me the spray, tape, and coating that you used specifically? thanks

  73. brother mike says:


  74. The Trends says:

    I am not rich,, and i dont have air pressure to paint. Hahahuhu

  75. Mafr0 says:

    Unreal work man, I gotta find the future video where the bike's finished

  76. July Ian Apolinar says:

    that flaking made me liked and subscribed this

  77. Boss Dogg says:

    Great job my Man. Nice. 🤙

  78. Rīcō Sūavāe says:

    Mannnnn, That Was Sum Nice Dope Work Of Art, Gr8 Job

  79. Scott Thomas says:

    So are your base coats acrylic with 2k clear over the top? If so is there a danger of delamination? Thanks for sharing too. Good stuff

  80. Marven Ybarsabal says:

    Sir good afternoon po may fairing po kau ng kymco 110

  81. Clayton Haglund says:

    Great video! Confirms I'm on the right track painting my bike. Thanks for including the breakdown of your spray gun and paint setup.

  82. Robert Lane says:

    Sorry for myself as I can't watch anymore because of your "SH#THOUSE MUZAK"…!!!!

  83. dudekidPL says:

    how long do you wait before you remove the masking tape?

  84. jacinthe vezina says:

    Wow. A work of art.

  85. Sgt van der Walt says:

    Damn decent work man.

  86. Dan Haren says:

    Looked like Ironman before the black.
    Nice work

  87. Uncle Quack says:

    The lame ass music? man please leave off…..

  88. A Dorrol Sands Production says:

    hey wat program or software do u use to create ur design btw amazing vid learned alot on wat i needed to know for a future project

  89. Kaz says:

    Have you tried using a heat gun on the stickers so you don't have to deal with uneven sanding?

  90. michael sitko says:

    Can you also just use a can of spray paint?

  91. michael sitko says:

    If you just left it red/gold it would look like an Ironman theme

  92. michael sitko says:

    How much would a Job like this cost someone to do for you?

  93. Kheirz Cass says:

    That was nice…

  94. DVorsteveld says:

    Speed Triple.

  95. leokal 123 says:

    looked like a cool iron man design until you did the black 🙁

  96. Americans Rights 33 says:

    Beautiful job

  97. Bikerbred_46 says:

    Inspired from Ironman hmmmm

  98. Ian Greene says:

    How much reducer do you typically use in your clear? My first time spraying clear was a nightmare because I couldn’t find any info about mixing reducer in the clear..found out the hard way

  99. Hari Solo says:

    This useful thanks bro

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