How to Share Photos with iCloud Links on iPhone or iPad

How to Share Photos with iCloud Links on iPhone or iPad

Hie Guys I am Nikhil and welcome back to iGeeksBlog. Does it bother you when we have to share Photos
and Videos with someone and sharing them on Whatsapp lower down the quality? You cannot also AirDrop the files every time
just because everyone is not using Apple Devices, right? And you cannot always share them over email,
as there are size limits of such attachments. Annoying Right? But What if I say that there was always a
way to share media via iPhones without going through any such hassle? What if I say that this option was right under
our nose, but some of us didn’t know about it? What I am trying to say is that there is a
way and I am going to show you just that. Well, the answer to this issue is you could
share the files using iCloud Links. So without any more delay, let me show you
how you can do that. Well first Launch the ‘Settings’ App on your
iPhone and Go to ‘Apple Id.’ From the ‘Apple Id’ menu, select ‘iCloud’
and go to ‘Photos.’ In the ‘Photos’ make sure that the Toggle
is On for iCloud Photos, if not then enable it because this is the main requirement to
share iCloud Link. Once you have ensured this, rest of the steps
are like a piece of a cake. Next, go to the ‘Photos’ App and select the
photo or video that you want to share. After selecting the files, you want to share
swipe up on the ‘Share Sheet’ and select ‘Copy Link’ if you are using iOS 12 or ‘Copy iCloud
Link’ if you are using iOS 13. Once copied, you can share the Link through
any messaging app by merely pasting it and sending it. See I told you it’s a cakewalk. But that’s not all you could re-share the
Link within a 30-Day time limit or stop sharing the files altogether. For that, all you have to do is go to the
‘For You’ tab in the ‘Photos’ App and select the photo. Tap on the ‘Three Dots’ on the Top Right corner
of screen. When you tap on those three dots, a message
will appear with the options of ‘Copy Link’ and ‘Stop Sharing.’ You could choose the one you desire, and you
are all set. That’s all for now, Folks. I hope you found this video helpful, mention
in the comments below if you want any other quick fixes. And don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe
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so we stay connected I am nikhil signing off and will see you guys
in the next one.

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