How to Set Up & Start Using the iPad

How to Set Up & Start Using the iPad

How to Set Up and Start Using the iPad. Looking for a whole new way to explore the
web, enjoy your media, and stay in touch wherever you are? Try the Apple iPad. You will need iPad Computer Latest version
of iTunes iTunes account and wireless connection. Step 1. Remove the iPad from its box, connect it to
your computer, and activate it with the latest version of iTunes and your iTunes account. Then, transfer media and other information
from your computer to your iPad to access files when you’re on the go — just like an
iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Step 2. Eject the iPad from your computer and start
using it! Press either the Home or Power button to turn
on the 9.7-inch, interactive touch screen. Then, slide your finger across the screen
to unlock the device and watch it automatically adjust its orientation depending on how you
position it. Use the Lock button on the side to set your
viewing orientation. A fully charged battery gives you up to 10
hours of use. Step 3. Connect the iPad to a local wireless network;
then, tap Safari and use the built-in keyboard to start browsing the web. Want to scroll to the top of a page quickly? Tap the title bar. Need to zoom in or out? Spread or pinch two fingers over a given picture
or piece of text. Though the iPad can’t play online videos encoded
with Flash, it’s compatible with other popular formats, including those used in YouTube. Step 4. Use Wi-Fi to access e-mail on the iPad, too. Tap the Mail icon, input basic information,
and load your inbox. Hold the iPad vertically for a full-screen
view of one message or turn the device horizontally to show your inbox and messages simultaneously. Step 5. Tap Photos to view either individual pictures
or entire photo albums; select iPod and Videos to access music, movies, and TV shows loaded
from your computer or iTunes; and download Apple’s iBooks app to build a virtual library
you can read right on the device. Press the Home button to return to the home
screen at any time. Step 6. Tap the App Store icon and find even more
programs that use the iPad’s interactive screen and high-speed processor to make it a truly
useful and creative tool. Increase your productivity, become more media
savvy, or just have fun — with the iPad, there’s a whole world of new technology to
explore. Did you know Users downloaded over 1 million
apps from Apple’s App Store on the first day of the iPad’s release.

Dereck Turner

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    third yayyyyy

  3. Mollie Baker says:

    this is DEFINITELY an advertisement….
    i'm just saying.

  4. mafurock33 says:

    I wonder how much apple paid them to do this video.

  5. electrogeek77 says:

    Yay for Autism Speaks screen grab!

    Boo that it's on an iPad.

  6. juggi301 says:

    that woman really has a relaxing voice…

  7. electrogeek77 says:

    @electrogeek77 Ok, I just finished watching the video, and…wow. It's even more frivilous and unnecessary than I originally thought it was. You can't even call this a computer…what the hell DO you call it? An iPod Touch for the Visually Impaired?

  8. Tomsriversmith says:

    @ThePenWolf Because steve jobs thinks its the Devils Son !

  9. Stephanie Lalap says:

    The iPad is so easier to type than the iPod Touch 🙂

  10. joblessalex says:

    i can soo tell apple sponsored this..

  11. joblessalex says:

    @electrogeek77 ya lool

  12. joblessalex says:

    @ilovedoggies9988 of course not if we would have but a phone in well lets just say you would look funny or it would only be speakerphone

  13. joblessalex says:

    @mafurock33 $5,000 actually

  14. Marlboro says:

    a finally useful fucking howcast video

  15. Jordan L says:

    fuck apple

  16. kittyiscoolyo says:

    i just realized something… the new ipad is just like a huge itouch… a big waste of money -_-

  17. VeEvey says:

    Thumbs up for Belle and Sebastian, but a huuuuge thumbs down for the video, or should I say – advertisment.

  18. Matthew Lawson says:

    @teabag92887 nobody really cares (that has an ipad) about a camera since it would be difficult to take pictures with and there are over 160,000 apps to download of games from the app store so who cares about flash, i have an iphone and it never gets in my way.

  19. CNDVC says:

    Its a giant ipod touch. what's the point?

  20. Henry Merritt says:

    I dont think its worth getting yet but whatever

  21. sk8rguy4life1123 says:

    @SilentNightshadeX the acceleramotor

  22. Zarpaziones says:

    fake and gay

  23. Haguatchi says:

    ITZ SOOOOOO EXPENSIVE!How am I ever gonna save up for it?!?

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  25. Cadyan says:

    How to set up us the bomb.

  26. Michael Sargent says:

    I got 4 ipads. they rock

  27. CraFTy says:

    its called reading the fucking instructions…..

  28. Banner Isaac says:

    I just upgraded my ipad with the new Cotex OS

  29. Needarb says:

    Payed much?????

    Fucking pointing out all of the features that are good.

  30. Needarb says:

    @needarb Like the flash thing "other popular players…" wow

  31. Needarb says:

    @needarb High speed processor lol

  32. weofparadigm says:

    Step one, Sell the ipad to some douche who actually thinks the Ipad is a good idea

  33. mrgezau says:

    @Zygotepro does the screen bleed colors? 🙂

  34. dudebub says:

    iPad is fake and gaaaay

  35. Rachel X says:

    i like how they even reiterate that the ipad is just like
    the ipod –> the ipod touch –> and the iphone……

  36. Geoffrey Owens says:

    @FBroetchen RWJ

  37. Arman Galoyan says:

    ipad is awesome all you cunts are hypocrites. Funny video, ipad rocks..

  38. Ethernet3 says:

    things made by apple are overrated and overpriced imo

  39. Bandoliers06 says:

    Publicity publicity publicity.

    This video isn't remotely an original howcast at all.

  40. squidb8 says:

    How to set up an iPod for Seniors?

  41. Shuma Gorath says:

    I don't care!

  42. V15VA Gaming says:

    Step1: read the instructions

    You r done!!!

  43. rampage andrew says:

    lol u'll need an ipad that's so obvious

  44. fokGoogol says:

    just an ad

  45. Abiak says:

    Really usefull…

  46. Mate says:

    you will need a ipad … NO SHIT HOWCAST

  47. hrmarinkovic says:

    Thump up if you don't like commercialisation of ipad

  48. Eldrazor says:

    This is more of a "why the iPad is great" video…

  49. Pklife11 says:

    Lol Apple paid you for this i hope, useless video lol. 'High power processor.' You wish!

  50. declice says:

    how dumb dose howcast think we are

  51. MadHatterMusic says:

    @declice Well, you spelled does wrong… My grandpa just got one, and he is not computer literate, so it is actually very useful.

  52. dudebub says:

    @OwensMusic1 damn, you got me^^
    I'm just trollin' around again

  53. Totalown says:

    wow all that for… 500$ why ITS TO BIG

  54. Bunny Bam says:

    iPad is just an over-grown iPhone . .

  55. Edgar Vega says:

    @musicaladdiction14 i know right!

  56. Naireman AbuAli says:

    hey u know that lil icon it has on the right.. when u slide the ipad open? how come i dont have it?

  57. Jeremy Wells says:

    But apple's catch phrase for the iPad was that "You already know how to use it"

  58. Gopal Sangra says:

    i am the 9999th viewer of this video 😉

  59. Sully says:

    a huge-ass ipod touch…. MAGICAL

  60. peanutbuttergibbons says:

    Lmao I just used an iPad at the apple store, and its WAY more than an iPod. By the way, the trolls on this page are hilarious. Go use your Microsoft Slates you…oh wait THERE ISNT ONE! Haha 

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  62. D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

    @BoomBrush lol 😀

  63. D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

    this video is pointless.Apple will give you instructions the moment you open the box.i'm an iPhone user for 2 years and i already know how to operate my iPad.

  64. Marco Hof says:

    doesnt works when if set up my ipad it keeps standing on that pic with a c itunes and a usb cable to it

  65. QUISSul says:

    @futurekellyclarkson me too 😐

  66. Tom Jacobs says:

    how fast do these instructions go? WTF

  67. John Perozzo says:

    That was fast

  68. permanentbliss1 says:

    how do i change the ipad battery !! WTF!

  69. Fash Chan says:

    1:29 use email to access mail on the iPad, too Sounds like access email on iPad 2

  70. tstarkisironman says:


  71. No says:

    OOOK…spill the beans HOWCAST how much did Apple pay you?

  72. MrNewt says:

    You will need: An Ipad

    Me: D:< unfair.

  73. OrangeWonton says:

    You will need: A shitton of money.

  74. Lim Lim says:

    Thank you si much

  75. mykp says:

    Sorry, did I hear that right? you need to use another computer to set it up! So you cant just turn it on and use it. Who's stupid idea was that?

  76. Make It Mike says:

    How the hell do you set it up in Itunes?? What a shitty video!

  77. not a real user says:

    wat's the point of making this video? The user can just read the user guide

  78. Jary Winters says:

    how do you load a ipad please answere

  79. Sai Srinivas Tippa says:

    @TheRationalApp did u sell it….????

  80. Federico Reyes says:

    What is an Ipad?

  81. Aaron Holland says:

    @TeresaGrocki lmao that sucks for you

  82. RivailleRavioli says:

    @TeresaGrocki Follow this video.

  83. Raja Prem Sadarangani says:

    i want one soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  84. Šimon Vršanský says:

    @arsten24, @stoplllL00, @CatySss and for those below who are looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply google: free ipad2 giveaways

    Nice review btw, I get my iPad 2 for FREE by the end of the week. can't wait for it! weee 🙂

  85. Kaiser Kim says:

    Thumbs up if you think iOS 5 is easier. 🙂

  86. Therileynator says:

    @TeresaGrocki All you have to do is hold the off button and the home for 20 seconds. Then go to restore on itunes. Thats it!

  87. 98CEDARPOINT says:

    What!? I need an iPad to set up the iPad!!! That is so stupid….

  88. kenYUNOT says:

    oh no i dont have an ipad

  89. joey campise says:

    1:31 YOU SAID IPAD 2!!

  90. UseIpad useipad says:

    If you want o learn how to get the best from your Ipad->Try this

  91. Theodore Sherman says:

    Excellent vid, ty!
    Also found a few nice video tutorials for iPad, here:
    "newipadtutorial com"

  92. Aztec MC says:

    worst tutorial ever….

  93. Zoe Ball says:

    iPad can use flash it's called photon

  94. Blaze9281 says:

    Anyone else watching theses until they get their ipad ? I know i am

  95. jenna white says:

    *slowly gets sucked into to howcast section of youtube*

  96. gHeTtObLaStEr71 says:

    the same thing keeps happening to me I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  97. Chitownangie Morris says:

    I like this video

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    Did anyone else notice the iTunes albums ??

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    Mine keeps saying server error

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