How to set up a Shared Folder in Mac Operating System | HP Printers | HP

How to set up a Shared Folder in Mac Operating System | HP Printers | HP

[music playing] This video shows how to set up a shared folder in Mac OS. These instructions apply to Mac OS, but the steps might vary slightly depending
on which operating version you are using. This procedure requires the your computer
have an active network connection, and that you have administrative access before setting up the shared folder on your network. Create a new folder or navigate to an existing folder. To create a share folder, click File on the OS X menu bar and
choose New Folder. The new folder appears on the desktop
with the name untitled folder. The words untitled folder are highlighted,
so that you can name the folder. Type a name for the folder, for example, MyNetworkFolder. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar, and choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu. The System Preference dialog box appears. Select the Sharing icon. Check the box next to File Sharing to turn
on file sharing for your Mac. Click the plus button and select the folder you want to share. Then click Add. Under the Users section, select the account type you want to give access to the shared folder, and verify that the user has Read & Write
access to the folder. In order be able to see the files from the
Windows, click Options, and select the Share files and folder using
SMB check box. Make sure that the On checkbox is checked for the user. Click Done to complete setting up the sharedfile. The folder is now shared over the network
and can be accessed by the users who have Read and Write permission. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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3 thoughts on “How to set up a Shared Folder in Mac Operating System | HP Printers | HP

  1. Michael Eligon says:

    I've setup my folder, but when I try to 'Scan to Network Folder' the printer doesn't recognize the name I'm typing. How do I find what to name the folder for the printer to find it?

  2. James Burley says:

    I haven't yet gotten this to work to my MacBook Pro. (Scanning to network folder works fine to my wife's Windows 10 laptop, though I must have spent hours going back and forth trying to set that up months ago).

    It would really help if the "Test" feature of the web console (on the printer) would say more than just "Failed". What failed — looking up the system name in DNS (though I also tried its IP address)? Connecting to the system? Logging in to the role account I created? Finding the folder? Accessing the folder? Writing to the folder? And what were the error code(s), where applicable?

    I know I could probably netstat some of the pertinent information, but right now I ain't got time for that….

    Fortunately I have an iMac from which I can test access to the laptop's shared folder. Just have to move it from one subnet to another, which is nontrivial since it runs as a headless server (no monitor, keyboard, nor mouse attached, at least not usually)….

    Note that it's possible it'll magically work in another day or two, even if I do nothing. That's basically what has happened with my wife's laptop, when originally set up (in our previous home) and when set up more recently (in our new home) on a new Internet provider, and then on a new WiFi router.

  3. Heather Smith says:

    How do I determine the folder pathway name?

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