How to send a photo in Messages with iOS 12 — Apple Support

How to send a photo in Messages with iOS 12 — Apple Support

Send a photo in Messages and share a great moment
with friends. Here’s how! Open a conversation
and tap the Photos app. Now, tap All Photos
and tap an album. From here, select the photo
you want to send and tap Choose. Then tap the blue arrow
to send it. ♪ Music playing ♪ And that’s how you share
something great. ♪

Dereck Turner

16 thoughts on “How to send a photo in Messages with iOS 12 — Apple Support

  1. C. Moke says:

    What you guys didn’t mention, when starting in photos and clicking ⬆️ arrow to share, it converts to an icloud folder which only stores the photo(s) for 30 days. Super frustrating trying to figure this one out. Not liking this feature.

  2. Benke Hervai says:


  3. Divay Vingiani says:

    How can i share multiple photos in iMessage?

  4. Natasa Moisidou says:

    With the iOS 12 I can’t find the "restrictions" I used to have in Settings(General) and I looked everywhere.. Can someone help me with this??

  5. Derek Delisi says:

    so much for easy to use, intuitive design. iOS12 takes many steps backwards, in many respects.

  6. Paul Garcia says:

    I was used to the older version so I thought it was a glitch, welcome to ios 12

  7. Juan Martinez says:

    Nice 🙂

  8. Ahmad Aldalawy says:

    I love Apple ❤️

  9. Don Sam says:

    Apple needs to fix this ASAP this is the worst update by far. I’m constantly opening my camera when I wanna send a pic! How are my peeps going to receive all my lit memes in a timely manner??! I hope iOS 12.1 fixes this

  10. Cire McD says:

    How to turn off "sharing suggestions" ?

  11. david campbell says:

    thank you Apple however I wish you would stop messing about with the tech lol….I just learn something and you change it, I'm an old man xd

  12. Purpletim100 says:

    But what if i don't want the app bar? I keep the hideous thing hidden, but now i have to open it to get to photos. Why can't we have the option of taking a photo or going to our photos from the camera icon? You know, like it used to be. It was far better.

  13. THK-DWR says:

    This doesn’t work for me. I choose the photo, but it doesn’t get added.

  14. Paul Stewart says:

    When using the share sheet directly from the photo gallery, why has the "message" option been removed? It only becomes available on the share sheet when iMessages is switched on (which I do not want to do, and have never had to do, prior to this update)

  15. says:

    What if you what to choose 2-3-4-5 pictures in all photos. You can only choose 1 at the time, VERY BAD. Please fix it, so you can choose multible pictures.

  16. The McHenry's says:

    i can't attached a photo in my photo stream but can attach a photo from other albums or the camera roll. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

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