How to Seal your Artwork + How to Keep Art Journal Pages from Sticking!

How to Seal your Artwork + How to Keep Art Journal Pages from Sticking!

(bright music) (upbeat guitar music) – [Karen] Hello, hello, okay,
this video is super overdue and I apologize, but this
question comes up all the time. And today I really just
wanna talk about it and that is the question of fixatives. As you can see, you have a ton of options. This is probably like 10% of
the options available to you. If you go onto Amazon
or walk into your local wholesale arts, your local
art wholesaler or JOANNs, a Michaels and A.C. Moore,
there’s a lot of options on the market for you. I’m not gonna go through
each and everyone of these, but I am gonna talk about,
touch on them a tiny bit. And then I’m gonna tell you
why out of all these products, I only ever use this one. (laughs) Right here, so if you don’t have time to watch this whole video,
this is my all time number one, all time favorite go-to, okay? It’s why in a nutshell, it’s
cheap, it’s widely available, and it works on everything. So, this is my favorite. Yeah, that’s pretty much like
will sum up this entire video. But there’s a few things to touch on. So, say you were walking down the aisle and you’re like, I don’t
know which fixative or varnish to get or finisher. This one I think is very interesting. This is UV-Resistant Clear. This is, I’ve had this for a long time and I used to put this over
all of my acrylic paintings. So it’s for photography, artwork, painted surface, its like for everything. You can even put it on
dried or silk flowers, paper, wicker, glass, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah. And it’s suppose to protect your artwork from harmful UV rays. Okay, but here’s the thing and
this kind of pisses me off. Is that if the whatever
materials you’re working with, if they are not lightfast,
this is not going to save you. And I know this because I’ve
tested this in the past. So things like any of
your dilution sprays, all of Jane Davenport’s Mermaid Markers, a lot of the Ranger products. Anything that’s dye
based are not lightfast, even Copics are not lightfast, so those are going to fade with time no matter what you put on top of them. It doesn’t matter which cover you put on, those are going to fade. Just intrinsically,
they are going to fade. So, I don’t buy this
because it more depends on what product you’re
using underneath that spray. Okay, matte finish, I just tried this one because I was trying to figure out, well, what’s the advantage of
this over my trusty Americana? And so, I just sprayed this watercolor, this is just one of my junky journals. And I just wanted to see how it compared. Now this, my favorite does say matte and this is also matte finish. Now this, I do have to say,
is actually matte (laughs). Whereas mine, I say mine, I
just love this product so much. This one says matte and it
definitely is more of a glossy. So, if you want matte then
don’t use the Americana one. You might actually want to
use something like this. This is probably one and a
half times more expensive, but you can use it in the
same way in that it is, I don’t know if it’s acrylic or not, but it’s a non-gloss permanent finish. Dries fast and clear, and it seals all of
your finished painting. So, this would also be
very an appropriate product if you wanted something matte. I just sprayed, this is watercolor, and as you can see there’s
no sheen whatsoever. This is sprayed with Americana, I just did this project yesterday, and as you can see there
is quite a gloss to it. It probably is also partly due to the fact that I have Mod Podge under there, although I do only use matte Mod Podge so you can see there is
a sheen though going on. I do like the matte finish. It does not have a strong odor
the way that this one does. And so, I like that, although I always recommend
spraying everything outside. You cannot rework it. If you add water to it you will see it just repels it entirely,
so it just beads up and the water will not penetrate. So, that is a nice second go-to. Another product you
might see on the shelves of your favorite art store
is this Kamar varnish. I just sprayed it on this side
and holy mother, it stinks. Okay, so it’s disgusting. It’s very, very stinky. Non-yellowing protection for
oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Well, I think all of these
products are non-yellowing so I’m not really sure
what the draw is there. This is also, again, my favorite. It’s a clear, protective,
non-yellowing waterproof coating which provides permanent
protection to all painted finishes. Well, I think that’s kind of the idea of all of these, really. But this one stinks to high heaven. Again, it’s more expensive. I’m sure it’s an equal
opportunity employer, you can use it in just the same way. And it is matte, as you can see, and if I try to rework it it
beads up not quite as much, however, as that matte finish. So, I would not put this
one on your shopping list. I don’t personally see
the draw, I really don’t. It smells, it’s more expensive, and there’s other products
that do the same thing. Okay, you also have brush versions. This is like a clear gloss, but again, seals,
protects, and revitalizes. That’s sort of the same thing as this, I would just use this in more heavy duty, furniture applications. Bonds to plastic, but again, fast drying, non-yellowing, UV resistant. All of these sprays are kind of getting at the same exact thing, so that’s just something to keep in mind. So, what’s the benefit
of a spray over something that’s liquid is that if
you’re using a liquid varnish, or sealer or protector,
when you drag your brush across water soluble
material, so say watercolors or if there’s a Stabilo under there, or any water soluble pencil,
or a gelato, or a Neocolor II, and then you brush your color on. Agh, you’re going to be moving and manipulating your medium
underneath which is bad, right? That’s bad, and so that’s
why sprays are so much better for me personally than
something of a liquid kind. Now, that being said, if you’re doing oil, or painted work, or acrylics, there are, again, on the shelves any time you see the word varnish you’re talking top coat. And that is something
that would be applicable and it’s something that’s
fun to play around with. And you can see the kind
of deepening effects that it can have on your artwork. I used to get a lot of heat for, oh, my cat is trying to break in. Can you hear here? Let me let her in. Okay, so I had a lot
of professional artists watching my YouTube videos
and they are like horrified that I use Mod Podge all the time. And that being said, this is what I use. I only use the matte because
there is a little bit of sheen to it and I just
love everything about it and I use that all the time
in my in between layers. I always glue, really Zoey? I always glue down with matte medium because it works the best with paints. I always seal my in between layers with the Mod Podge because
I love using my Pitt pens on top of the Mod Podge,
and then I always seal at the end with this Americana sealer and finisher spray because it’s amazing. But when I had a couple of people that were horrified by
my use of Mod Podge, they said, “Oh, you must use
gloss medium and varnish.” So I said, “Okay.” So I went and I bought
this ludicrously large and expensive bottle of
gloss medium and varnish and it did work exactly
like the Mod Podge, with two exceptions. One, it’s really expensive. So, even with my 50% off coupon
it was much more expensive. And two, while it did
work just equally the same in terms of water solubility
and activating my Stabilo, and all of the magical things
that Mod Podge does for me, it also took way longer to dry. And that’s not cool, because you all know, if anyone knows me, you
know I have no patience. I have things to do and I
like to bang out my projects, and ain’t nobody got time for that. So, I, whatever, it’s sad that
I bought this giant thing. But you can use this. If things are adhered properly,
you can swipe this over. And I did do this, my
journal I was gonna show you that I used this on is actually
at Stampington and Company for publication in their
upcoming art journal magazine. But it does work, it does
work, I can’t deny it works. It’s just not worth the expense and the time it takes to
dry for me personally. So, the clear winner again,
this is like $7 at A.C. Moore. I can also buy it online at Amazon. What I like most about this Americana is that it keeps my pages from sticking. So, my art journal pages, if
you’ve watched any of these, and they’re all on YouTube,
they are messy and goopy. And I use tapes, and layers
and layers of collage, and Mod Podge, and there’s just layers of goop in here, right? So, if I just keep in all
the goop and I close this, and I do keep my journals
closed, they all stick together. If I take this outside, spray
just one nice clear coat, it dries in like 15 minutes
and it’s nice and shiny. It really adds an actual
additional depth and dimension to my work and I can close
this and there’s zero stick. Zero. Zero stick. So, I cannot actually stress how much I love this product enough. And it’s the underdog,
I never talk about it, because it’s kind of
like behind the scenes, after the fact step,
because I have to wait for everything to dry to put it on. The only other fixative,
sealer type spray I’d like to talk about because it’s super important and it has a lot of
applications, is fixative, okay? So, people talk about what
should they spray on… Oh, I should say real quick,
I actually just use this on everything from watercolors to drawings to my mixed media projects. I literally slap this sucker on everything and I use it like a
fixative when I’m all done. But if I’m in the process of working and I’m doing some involved
charcoal projects this fixative, and you can also use hairspray, like cheap regular old aerosol can
hairspray will work great. And the reason that the
fixative is so important is that it fixes whatever dusty, chalky medium you’re working with. So, this is like a conte crayon. You can see I’m working and I’m working, and I’m making a fancy
project, and then oh, I have it exactly the way I
way to and I wanna layer on it but I don’t want these
underlayers to move. This is where your
fixative comes into play, and this is really important
when you’re working with pastels or PanPastels,
or just chalk pastels. Anything, charcoal, Willow
charcoal is the worst in terms of movability. But, I should’ve shaken this earlier, but if you basically spray this on here it’s freezing those layers underneath it and then they will no
longer move to the touch. It did a little bit but it’s not dry. Okay, so then you can layer on top and you can keep working and it will literally
fix those underneath. So, I do recommend and I like this brand, this Crystal Kote, whatever. I’m sure there’s others out there, but what you’re looking for is fixative. And this is workable matte, I’m sure it comes with glossy too, but I prefer to work in matte
because the gloss is too much. That’s why I like the natural gloss of some of the matte products, because it’s not too glossy but you do have a little bit enough. And back to this one product. I just have to read the back here, and again reiterate why
I lose this so much. It says, “DecoArt American
Matte Acrylic Sealer Finisher “is a clear protective,
non-yellowing, waterproof coating “which provides permanent protection “to all painted finishes.” Yes, and then this is what
I completely agree with and I love so much. It says, “Colors are
intensified with clear depth “and given a matte appearance
with a single application.” And I do think it does that. It does add an extra oomph to my finished journal
pages, it’s amazing. So, bum ba ba, this is
my top recommendation. You will not be sorry. I hope this video wasn’t
too long or annoying, or fast or slow, and that
you got something out of it. And I love you all and I will
see you in the next video. Bye. (upbeat guitar music) (bright music)

Dereck Turner

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