How to Save photos from iCloud to Mac

How to Save photos from iCloud to Mac

Hello lovely people of YouTube and
welcome to the computer labs YouTube channel and today we are looking at how
to get the photos from the Apple iCloud and then store them onto your Mac if you
are looking for the how-to for a Windows machine – Windows 10 then please do
look at one of my other videos this will purely show you how to get the photos
from your Apple iCloud account to your Apple Mac it is a bit easier on the Mac
bit straightforward compared to the Windows but if that’s what you have to
please do carry on watching ok so the first thing that we need to do is open
our Photos app up so photos I have mine down on my taskbar at the bottom here as
you can see if you don’t have yours there just push f4 on the keyboard so
you can do a quick search for it and have a look for photos this is the same
one, so click on photos that will open up the photos app or program on your Apple
machine ok so you see that in my photo library at the moment on the left hand
side I have 5060 items in this particular photos collection it now this
particular machine I actually they do download them onto my Mac and you might do the
same therefore they are stored in a photo album that has a very strange
final configuration really hard to find all the photos in so we are obviously
just downloading them out of the cloud and onto this machine so first thing
once we’re in the app is to go up to the option at the top click on photos and
then down into preferences in photos so here we have the options that I was
talking about so you need to make sure you might start in the general will
click on the iCloud and yours if you are paying for anything this item will
be ticked so if you’re paying for photo storage you’ll see it open a box up now
and same to me ok sees how many photos I’ve got I need to pay this per month if
I want to store them in the icloud I don’t want to do that I’m actually
storing mine on that machine but the box that you need to take is this one that
is currently greyed out on mine but download originals to this Mac that’s the one
that you want to make sure that is selected. So once that’s selected and
ticked come back out of the preferences and now we need to select all the
photographs in our library so obviously if it’s the first time you go open the
app it might just take it a minute just to download the items from the cloud
onto the Mac so then it put some all in the photos app, so then we need to
select all so there’s couple ways of doing this we can go up to the top, make
sure we store are still in the Photos app click on edit and with a of the select all
command you’ll see next to it you can see the CMD key and A selects all so if
I pick there you’ll see them all blue box appears so it’s now selected all the
photographs it’s got 5,000 and 60 items selected in my Photos app like I said
you can use the shortcuts or use command and “a” and it selects them all as well. okay so now we have all the photos are selected make sure it tells you that in the top
right hand corner we now want to export these into a folder we can recognize on
the Mac so we can then move that across maybe onto a storage device a USB stick
or whatever whenever we want but they won’t be in the cloud that’s the aim so
I want to get these out of the cloud onto this machine so then we need to go
to file in the top menu down to export 2 options: if you want to keep the area
modified so you know yourself you can modify items in the cloud you can put
writing on them change the colors and the stuff which the top one will do
there or you can do the “export unmodified originals” so basically you
tick the top option it will give you different options just pick for the
video quality 4k 1080p and stuff like that but we have to do unmodified I want
off, all as they were, so we have the perfect quality on each different photo
and movie because it does also store movies and MP4 in the icloud okay so
export unmodified original items for obviously how many you have selected.
Mine is 5060 this then that brings up this export box and it’s saying okay do you want to use a file name your choose a title I’ll leave this file name and the bottom
option here I usually select this as a moment name because what that will do it will name it with the different moment names that you have in your photos apps
so that mean it labels it with an area that you’ve been to or a date which puts most
important for me it puts dates on them now see you then can just drag them into
a different folder and organize them from there
okay so I’ll click export. It asks us where I want to save these
to, obviously you can save them to pictures or documents wherever you want them, for this particular video I’ll just create a new folder so I’m gonna name it I’m gonna
save them into documents you might want to save into pictures and I’m going to name
it something so I will name it how to save photos from Apple iCloud to your
Mac. So obviously yours will be named something totally different to that
place just so we’ve got an idea where they go so click create it’ll then
create that folder and now I want to export the originals to that folder so
click on export originals and then what it does now it starts to download all the
photos from the iCloud account on to your Apple machine into the folder we
have just created it doesn’t look like it’s do anything but the way to tell is
just go up to the top left hand corner see little circle if you click on that
it will show you a moving bar of it exporting the items from your iCloud
account into the folder that you have just created on your Mac machine so just
to keep this how-to video moving along quickly
I shall a speed up the export process and just so you are not sat watching a blue bar going across the screen is so I’ll just speed this section up when it’s finished
we’re good to go okay so we’re just getting to the end of
the exports and when it’s finished the final one you get a box in the top right
hand corner it says export completes a you have saved photos from the Apple
iCloud to your Mac so that is where they have gone to so let’s have a look at
that file so does minimize photos down now and we’ll go to the folder where
they have just been exported to when I go to documents and the folder that I
just created which was how to save photos from Apple iCloud to your Mac so
I will open that folder up and then you can see in this folder
because the way I selected the different options it has now put them into
different dates which is brilliant so you can then and it’s also put them into
areas which again is great you can select the two different option if you
wanna try which one you want to go for make you see all the different files or
folders that it was created with all the dates on at the end and different things
in them so a really nice little tool and there’s all the pictures within the
folders and also movies you can see there’s all the photographs just top one
up to tiberias there well that’s it now all the photos are now saved onto my Mac
in a folder structure I can it now on the stand and possibly move them onto
google photos or a storage device of my liking okay so thank you very much for
watching the computer labs YouTube channel please do hit the subscribe
button give us a big thumbs up if the video has helped and leave us any
comments below and thank you very much again for watching the computer lab vids
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Dereck Turner

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