How to Save a Picture from an Email

How to Save a Picture from an Email

Hi. Today I want to show you how to save a
picture you receive in an email. This is a great way to build the albums in your photos
of pictures you receive. Its real easy to get a whole bunch of pictures in a very short
amount of time. So what you want to do is you want to go to your mail program. Mine
is located here at bottom with the envelope and underneath it it says mail. So, I will
touch it. And as you can see it brought up a picture and an email that has a picture
in it. One way to do this is to take your finger and just hold it on top of the picture.
A box appears. There’s a whole bunch of options. On the top you can see it is message, mail,
or post it to somewhere on social media. On the bottom you can save it, assign it to a
contact, copy it, print it, or other things. We want to save it, there in the middle. I just want you to notice though that it says”Save Image”. This applies when you have only
have one picture in an email. If someone send s you more than one picture in an email, they’ll
be a button right next to it that will say “Save 5 images” if there are 5 images in the
email. So you have the option to choose one image that you want to save or to choose all
of them. So with this email, we only have one image. So I’m going to just choose “Save
Image” by tapping it. There’s no clue, but its been save to my photos. So I’m going to go over and check it. I use the home button, which I push once to get to the homescreen.
There at the top where it says “Photos” and it has the multi-colored ovals is where my
photo would be saved. So I’ll touch that. And what opens up are all of my pictures.
As you can see there is nothing at the bottom. That’s because the pictures are saved in chronological
order from when they are taken. If you look at Wednesday, that’s when the picture was taken and there it is. So I know it got saved. That’s the way to save a picture from an email
and to check that its in your photo album.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Grumpymelons says:

    So slow I think we know what a box is "a box appears" WE KNOW WE HAVE TO OUT OUR FINGER ON IT UYOU CAN SAY HOLD IT

  2. Obey my Sauce says:

    Does this work with videos?

  3. Lucy Wayco says:

    Thank you that was VERY helpful!

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  5. Нина Линенко says:

    It so boring, due to your tempo.
    Pick it up!

  6. Helen Amaral says:

    thank you so much I was very very informative I would look for you in the future again

  7. Allison Rabecca says:

    HI, Thank you very much for good and professional presentation. keep it up.

  8. Helen Amaral says:

    hi I just bought an iPad and I'm learning everything by myself watch your video very informative but I have a question for you what as an email with VIP grandchildren did that but I don't know what that means can you reply to me I will appreciate it thank you

  9. Sahm Alshmal says:

    Save icon doesn't appear on my iPhone as yours

  10. Maria Penedo says:

    old videos… i have a samsung 6 and need to know how to move a picture in an email attachment to my galery

  11. David Hunter says:

    Hiya and thank you for your tutorial on getting a photo from an email to “Photos” on an iPad out of four or five I tried yours was the only way that worked for me! Thanks
    Going to subscribe to your channel now! 👍

  12. Mich Elle says:

    thank you very much. was struggling to add my hubby’s driver’s licence from his email since he is away, to the Ontario PC election form. thanksssssssss.

  13. Adora Faye says:

    Thank you. I’m glad you slowed down. We the older folks appreciate it.

  14. Christopher Tuckwell says:

    What about android

  15. Debbie Nyberg says:

    Thank you. This was very informative. You are the absolute best.

  16. Umair Kharal says:

    sis how we recover our pics on our stolen phone

  17. Pamela White says:

    Please help ! this did not work for me ,appreciated slow clear instruction.

  18. Shoshonah MacKay says:

    Wow so simple rather than the apps I was fussing with arg Thank you!

  19. BEGONE THOT says:

    It doesn’t say save image

  20. Reborns rock says:

    How do you save multiple pics at once?

  21. Reborns rock says:

    Where is the option to save multiple?

  22. Annie Rush says:

    okay, but how do you reduce the size before sending, thanks

  23. Phil Lology says:

    FWIW after today's Apple's 12.1 IOS upgrade-11/10/2018 (on my iphone 7+) I just held my thumb on the screen and it changed twice (be patient holding it) and the second time an icon with a box with an arrow coming out the top will appear in the top right corner. Click on it to get "Save Image". Not certain if multiple image saves still as explained here or not.

  24. Joe Bran says:

    Save image doesn’t come up for me?

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