How to Rip & Burn CDs with iTunes

How to Rip & Burn CDs with iTunes

How to Rip and Burn CDs with iTunes. Transfer your old CDs to iTunes, or make new
ones with the music you already have. You will need CD Computer iTunes CD burner
Blank CD and internet connection. Step 1. Insert the music CD that you want to rip songs
from. Open iTunes, if it doesn’t automatically start. You will see the CD icon in the list on the
left side of the iTunes window. Step 2. Uncheck any songs you don’t want copied to
iTunes. Click the Import CD button in the lower right
corner of the iTunes window. Connect to the Internet when you open iTunes
to automatically see the titles of all of the songs on your CD. Step 3. Wait for iTunes to import the songs you’ve
selected. When they’re imported, remove the CD from
the drive. Step 4. To burn songs to a CD, create a new playlist
by clicking the plus sign in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window. Name the playlist. Step 5. Click Library on the list at the left side
of the iTunes window. Click on the song you want on your CD, hold
the mouse button, and drag the song to your playlist on the left side of the window. Select multiple songs at once by holding the
Control or Shift key on a PC, and the Command or Shift key on a Mac, and clicking on each
song. Then drag the group to your playlist. Step 6. Continue adding songs to the playlist. Click on the playlist to keep track of the
total playtime. Keep the playlist’s playtime under the amount
of time your CD will hold, since iTunes will only burn the amount of songs that will fit
on the disc. Step 7. Insert a blank CD and click on the playlist
you want to burn. Press the Burn Disc button at the bottom-right
of the iTunes window, and select Audio CD as the disc format. Step 8. Adjust any options that you wish to change,
such as decreasing the time between songs or changing recording speed. Click Burn, and soon you’ll have a new CD
full of your favorite tunes. Did you know Did you know? The first iPod was introduced at an Apple
special event on October 23, 2001. It carried a price tag of almost $400.

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32 thoughts on “How to Rip & Burn CDs with iTunes

  1. shadow306k says:

    and now you're teaching us copyright infringement? oh my…

  2. Qieth says:

    It is not illegal to make a copy of a CD you have bought, and is using for yourself. Like, if i just bought the latest Britney Spears and burn it to have a copy in my house, my car, my cottage and at the office. Thats perfectly legal, as long as i keep it to myself.

  3. Elvis Lagrason says:


  4. Mikael Barstad says:

    How do you turn on the computer?

  5. hiimon007 says:

    I don't know if it's illegal were you live but how do you think they are going to know if you make a copy. I don't think the police will stop your car just to check for pirated CD:s.

  6. Jan Julius says:

    how to flush the toilet????
    everyone knows this,
    why dont they make like, how to get music on you itouch/pod without paying for it? lol.

  7. Kristina G says:

    next EPIC howcast vid: How to make a Totally Boring HowTo Vid, lol, no jk, this one was better than the yoga stretching vids although.

  8. Lady DreeAnna says:

    I was about to rag on Howcast AGAIN on how to do something so F-ing simple. But I do have a mother who just learned what e-mailing is so I'm gonna have to make her a playlist of how to's 4 her.

  9. Kristina G says:

    ok, sorry teabag, now I feel guilty…

  10. ClarenseE says:

    HOWTO vids come out every day or something??

  11. trustonly says:

    I wanna how to breathe tutorial… umm Ah Oh too late….

  12. KassiusOH says:

    "how to watch a howcast video" should be the next one im having trouble watching your videos SMH!!!!!!!!!

  13. ImTheSaxMan says:

    May you rest in peace

  14. Glass Monarch says:

    You will need:
    A blank cd
    A saw
    And a burner

  15. Venthoz says:

    @STRATUS1337 freaking itunes took the option off now?

  16. fr0mth3crypt says:

    How do make a video like Howcast on to make a video like Howcast………

  17. Kirk Morris says:

    If the import doesn't pop up click on the right click File then burn CD make sure you un check all the songs u do not want. IN EVERY PLAYLIST


  18. Frank Martini says:

    You need to be in full window view for the flow lines to pop up. But I dont see the burn cd icon on this version of itunes which is the latest one.

  19. Kristina G says:

    this video takes soooo long to download! 😛

  20. VAM! Physics & Engineering says:

    they used white stripes elephant as an example 🙂

  21. Pope says:


  22. LordBraskaFFX says:

    UPDATE THIS VIDEO BURN CD not their any more!!!!

  23. LordBraskaFFX says:

    only way to burn a CD now on Itunes in back click and burn to CD

  24. EpicRainbowLollipop says:

    @chobotnorgolbo And maybe, how to spell for you.

  25. counterstrikenerd321 says:

    how can u format the CD for your car?

  26. colleen cummins says:

    how to masterbate

  27. Erick Thor says:

    How do you ripped burned CDs?

  28. Michael Jastrzebski says:

    Never buy music from itunes, you get better audio quality from a cd compared to standard mp3s. WAV @ 1536kbps.

  29. kevin menjivar says:

    btw… you don't have to import songs from cd, to your library, you can import songs from original cd, to the new playlist…

  30. Miss sparkles says:


  31. HBO Kids Addict says:

    To burn an old CD, you need to burn the whole album

  32. kingtennisball says:

    You don’t need a blank cd

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