How To Remove Photo Library “Ghost Files” On The IPhone/IPod

How To Remove Photo Library “Ghost Files” On The IPhone/IPod

Hello there. In this video I’m going to be showing you how to fix a very, very annoying glitch actually, I think it’s a glitch with the iphone You see I was having this issue where I deleted every single photo I had – every video, everything from my iphone but for some odd reason when i go down here right here to the purple.. -or rather the pink I have this – I would have one Or I would have a gigantic amount 136 photos one my iphone that actually aren’t even there So what’s going on, why is it still there? I’m not too sure to be honest. But I do know how to resolve the situation to free up the space and have it filled with what you actually want in order to do this we’re actually going to be using a program called I explorer So what you’re going to do here is just download the program, install it. and then you’re going to boot it up once the program started the first thing you want to do is notice here is where your iphone is displayed now you’re just going to click the arrow here Then go to the folder titled DCIM right here just click on this Or rather click on the arrow to the left of it to have it all displayed nicely here now you will have a folder titled something similar to this it has the word APPLE This is probably where all those ghost photos are goin to be stored in this folder there is going to be a lot of photos that you probably thought you deleted but it turns out there still on your iphone click on it and hit delete it’s as simple as that this is the best way – probably the only way to get rid of these strange ghost photos as I keep saying once you do that you should have a lot more space left on your iphone I just made this video because I tried a lot of solutions Some had me making a new folder then having your photos sync to it -to the empty folder and trying to get rid of it that way that didn’t exactly work for me but this solution hoever did I hope this does help someone out so as always I hope you’re having a fantastic day

Dereck Turner

9 thoughts on “How To Remove Photo Library “Ghost Files” On The IPhone/IPod

  1. Muffbandit 69 says:

    Thank god.

  2. Prince Islam says:

    this video was life saver omg thank you so fucking much

  3. dan 1 says:

    Don't be in denial.. THAT'S NOT A GLITCH. It's how they get people to BUY (give them money!) to have more storage.. the majority of users will never know what's going on.

  4. Curtisunit says:

    It doesn't work. iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.3

  5. amanda noelle says:

    😀 thank you!!!!

  6. Itstimetostop says:

    none of these methods are working for me

  7. Fleef69 says:

    I only have 29 photos and it says it takes up 309 MB, I tried this but it hasn't worked. All my photos are not high quality at all. I've deleted 3/4 of the other ones but the storage hasn't changed. If anybody knows how to fix it please tell me. I have no storage left.

  8. Wide Range says:

    All my gallery images are blurred out and I can't even send them to anyone nor I can recover. Any solution to this?

  9. J Z says:

    What is the DCIM folder, though? I have seen Apple100 folders in several places…many of them. They go up into the Apple170s! I have tens of gigabytes of photo files. But it isn’t clear what exactly I’ve already deleted…that never went away…I am afraid to delete these folders all together because I still have pictures I want on my phone. I don’t want it scrubbed completely! How can I permanently delete what was once deleted, and all the extra crap, and be sure to keep what is actually in my camera roll???

  10. J Z says:

    Well I tried it and I got screwed. All the pictures on my phone that I wanted to save got deleted. They still show up on my phone but only as blurry files with no thumbnails. And even though I freed up some space it still says my pictures are taking up 70 GB which is ridiculous, especially now. So no photos and still a lot of space taken by…who knows what? Fuck you

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