How to “Print” Pictures onto Wood Slabs for a Rustic Photo Display | Home Made Simple | OWN

How to “Print” Pictures onto Wood Slabs for a Rustic Photo Display | Home Made Simple | OWN

Erin is a photographer,
but I notice that they have no photographs on their walls. – I know, right?
– Yes. So this week I wanted
my special project to be a unique way to display
all of their beautiful photos. So I thought– being
that, you know, the room needs some texture– you know, I wanted to come
up with something creative. And I thought, let’s use wood. So of course, you’re my man. Tell me what you’ve
come up with for me. Well we’ve got some
wood here that we picked up from a craft store. It’s got a live edge. And we’re going to
put these pictures basically into the wood. LAILA ALI: So you picked these
up at a regular craft store? Just a regular craft
store, you can grab these. Pretty nice, right?
LAILA ALI: Yeah, they are nice. Yeah, but you wouldn’t
think that you could actually put a picture into the wood.
But you can. Yeah, that’s amazing.
I want to see it. I think that sounds perfect. All right. So I see we have the photos
here that I chose to use. And you printed them
on regular paper? Just regular old copy paper,
8 by 10, laserjet printer. Oh, you know I need
this– an apron, yes. OK, let’s go ahead
and put these on. Yeah, let’s put these
on so we can get busy. So Laila what we’re going to do,
we’ll open up this matte gel. Which one do you want? I’ll let you take the big one.
And I’ll take the small one. Thank you, OK. So you’re going to
get that in there. We’re going to get it
on there nice and thick. We’ll take the picture,
put it face down, and then we’ll chase
out all the bubbles. LAILA ALI: OK. What that does is
it allows the picture to kind of soak into the
material here, into the wood. LAILA ALI: All right. We’ve got to get
a little coating on here, what do you think? I like it. But it doesn’t
matter what I think. You’ve got to show
me what you think. – Let’s do– let’s do the kids.
– OK, OK. Let’s do the kids.
– Nice and square as you can. – Centered?
– Centered and square on there. OK. And we’re just going
to chase out the bubbles. LAILA ALI: Just use your hand
and push the bubbles out. That’s it. It should be nice
and flat, right? Yeah. All right, it’s
looking good, Laila. We can set these aside to dry. LAILA ALI: Ooh, I can’t wait
to see how these turn out. Yeah, me too. The paper has dried thoroughly. We’re going to wet this up. And you can either use a sponge,
or we can use the spray bottle to reveal this masterpiece. All right, Laila. It looks like we
got it pretty good. OK. So now we’re going to
start scratching it off? Yeah, let’s just go ahead
and get in there and– – Just use our fingers?
– –oh, you know what? Here, let’s use these rags. Let’s work smarter, not harder. It comes off– Oh, yeah. –fairly simple. And you can just apply
a little bit more water. Yeah, just keep
squeezing water as you go. Keep it wet. You know, I asked you to
help me with this project. But I’m quite impressed
that you came up with this. I’ve never seen anything
like this before. It’s really cool. Well, I appreciate
that, Laila. Thank you.
– Look how nice this came out. This looks great, Laila. You did a great job. You know what?
These have to do dry now. They have to get thoroughly
dried out in the sun before we can do our last step. OK. This is nice and dry. Now we have to apply some
sealer with that foam roller. And you want to put on
a nice thin, even coat. When it dries, it
will be transparent. So you won’t to see this white
film that’s over the top. Oh, OK.
All right. I really like the way
that these came out. Yeah, I agree. You know, so many
people take photos and they leave them
on their phones. And they shouldn’t do that.
They need to print them out. And they can find all sorts of
ideas on our Pinterest page. Or they can go to Yeah, get creative with
your photo ideas– right? Yeah. These are beautiful. I know as soon as Erin
walks into her bedroom, these are going
to catch her eye. I think they’re
going to love it. Well, right on.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Beverly Waters says:

    I’ve tried several ways to transfer, the latest was from Homemade Simple. I always have trouble getting the paper off and the picture is not clear. What am I doing wrong?
    Bev Waters

  2. Delee mcconnell says:

    What are u using in the clear cups

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