How To Prepare For Drawing (Some Tips)

So, what do we think of before sort of drawing gives house asked by one of my subscribers about they think of or if I plan anything before I do a drawing I call most of the noodles because For the most part when it comes to making a doodle, that’s more it’s more about Just having fun. It’s About being creative and not trying to make things perfect. Whereas drawing a lot of it you’re trying to recreate something or to draw a portrait or make something again it already exists such as looking at a picture or photograph from somebody or drawing a still life now when it comes to doing doodles, I Give myself the worm in a state of mind that I feel creative that I feel like creating something and to do that one great ways to meditate Taking deep breaths Reducing a lot of stress make sure that you’re eating well Get good sleep Exercise stretch and try something new all the time What’s going to help me when it comes to being creative and making doodles is to? Always do something different to always try to challenge myself to create different things For example, if I’m always drawing only with ink only the fountain pens or only was my broaching. I regret I Feel that I started losing creativity now when I switched to using from my roof to your Instagram to something else such as say a ballpoint pen or maybe a fine liner or marker or even Going as far as to just switch them over to using paint now when I do this The goal isn’t to try and make it really perfect or to make it absolutely amazing or anything. The goal is to Just have fun with it and be creative most of my drawings I don’t really plan out and most of the drawings that I do is It it’s kind of like therapy in a way for me but it’s also I’m challenging myself or to improve And when I sat down and have a piece of paper, I just I make a line I’d make any shape of anything I don’t worry about What the inner result is gonna be? Because as I keep adding lines, I keep adding dots and adding layers of things to the drawing It starts to add Its own three-dimensional look to it over time. And as I keep doing that the drawing will just get better and it’ll get more detailed but there is eventually a point to where you can overwork the art toward might actually look bad if you add too many lines to The paint on the look that you’re wanting to go for But I try not to worry about that or worry about the inner result of it I just sat down was a piece of paper and One thing I’ve been done before if I don’t know what to draw whatsoever. And I don’t even feel creative or anything. I Will just take a piece of paper I will just cover my eyes or close my eyes and I’ll just make some random line of some random shape in the paper and then after I do that, I Will come back to the drawing maybe 30 minutes later an hour later or maybe later on during the day and then I’ll think about That shape that I made or that random line and then I’ll go back to it After a thought of ideas and then I will add those ideas of the drawing But it’s very rare that even ever happens because I’ve always got things and new ideas to work on Because I’m always putting myself in a state of mind to be creative Now if you let’s say you work all day you come home after working on an 8 or 10 or 12 hour shift Depending on how long it is it your work And let’s say you have a job that’s very stressful and you come home you don’t feel creative because You’re stressed about the things that are happening in there, or maybe there’s something else other areas your life That is making you stressed. And so then it’s really holding you back creatively. So you want to try meditating I Would recommend meditating every day just start up with five minutes Do that every day And if you feel like moving up at ten minutes do that And then work your way up after awhile to 15 minutes and then an hour and then add even more time to it I’m myself I meditate every day for about an hour and the goal of it for meditating isn’t to think of nothing There’s a lot of times where there’s always ideas running through my mind But the goal of it is to relax you and help you focus and to help you Realize that the thoughts and ideas that are running through your head Because sometimes we don’t know which of the ideas were thoughts that we wouldn’t pick from because there’s so many things going on we think about and meditating and we’ll help you with dealing with that to take one of those ideas so you can then place that on paper to create something and Yeah, mostly I don’t I don’t really plan most of my drawings it’s mostly just in the moment and I Put myself in the state of mind to be creative. I do my best to keep my stress down eat healthy exercise Stretching Meditating and one thing I have noticed that when it comes to creativity is that I feel more creative after I’ve gone for Some spreads or done a quick jog, and I think that would probably have to do some have something to do with blood flow your body’s getting more circulation and That extra blood flow circulation is getting more blood circulate to your brain. And so therefore It’s going to help you actually think about it. I noticed that if I have a day or an Extended period of days of where I just sit around and I don’t move around at all I don’t feel it was good. My joints hurt more. I don’t feel as creative. I feel kind of tired but then if I you need help nice meal and I then go for a Couple of sprints and then to go do a jog For example, I’ll go do a Maybe it could be a half mile. I can be a mile. It could be five to ten mile I’ll go for a jog B, then when I get back I will stretch I’ll drink some water. Make sure you always hydrated before you go and But I still take water after cuz of sweating a lot and then after that I’ll stretch I’ll eat a meal and then after I’ve done that then I will start my drawing because of the circulation of the blood flow There’s that and then I drink green tea daily I Do take different natural herbal supplements and That helps me as well and I put that in with my tea I Just do everything I can to help myself be stress-free to be healthy And doing a lot of things that really gives the blood flowing like I said with exercise So puppy here at the training the background. I’m in my kitchen right now but I do everything I can to maintain my health and maintain the ability to control my thoughts my ideas and what I’m doing and If I’m able to meditate every day Control my thoughts Then I can focus those thoughts onto the paper to Create different drawings and doodles and whatever it is that I want to make And I think it was anything else that listening when it comes to this So we’ve covered exercise Well you’re eating Stretching and moving around I’m moving around is another one too It’s not just not only will exercising and moving around help you throughout the day but by getting up let’s eat so you’re drawing and it’s your day off and If the day you’re going to dedicate the whole day to drawing for 10 or 12 hours or however long it is it could be only an hour Now what I’d like to do if I have a day towards a lot of drawing And I’ve been drawing for 12 to 14 hours the entire day. I get up every 30 minutes and I move around and I stretch for anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes every 30 minutes and that helps me to Draw better because if you’re setting that drawing and your bags aching or your wrist or something else you’re trying to focus on what being creative with but yet you’re dealing with them might be wrist pain or back pain or Anything else from not moving around? So it it kind of depends about drawing so I would say do not go more than an hour without moving around now if you go an hour like safe to do one hour intervals of drawing I Would recommend 10 minute break every hour and if you’re taking a break every 30 minutes take a 3 to 5 3 to a 5 minute break every 30 minutes So eat them one of those is your choice. So 10 10 minute break every hour. We’re three to five minute break every 30 minutes now the three to five minute break every 30 minutes I Still recommend doing five minutes if you can but if you feel fine and you just wake up in the morning and you’ve already ate and you’ve already stretched and you’ve been drawing for 30 minutes, then you’ll probably you’ll be okay a three minute break and Usually when I wake up in the morning if I’ve already ate I’ve already stretched and everything I’ll draw for an hour and then take a 10-minute break rather than drawing for 30 minutes and then taking a three or five and Then after that, I’ll take a break Three or three to five minute break every 30 minutes Using the morning. It’ll be a three minute break but later than the day if I’ve worked already Or safe have been drawing already for like four to six hours I’ll take a break every thirty minutes then So the beginning of my day the first four hours, I’ll take a break Every ten minute every hour for about ten minutes and then after my four hours of drawing is passed For the rest of the day their bender time that a draw and take three to five minute break For a big five minute break every 30 minutes and that allows me to get my blood flowing You know stretch relieving in pain. Is that are in my body and keep my mind focused on the drawing? But hopefully that answered the question Opening loss of track. They’re too much and Yeah, I think that caused a lot of it. I just I start to put myself in a creative position a creative mind state a lot of the creativity comes and when you’re not when you’re just doing something random like I can be brushing my teeth or making a meal or I can just be laying in my bed looking at the ceiling and I have all these creative ideas that randomly come to me and So if you keep your stress down maintain your health and everything you will have more creative ideas to come to you and that’s because you’re gonna feel better and the better you feel the More your mind can focus on ideas rather than worrying about Pains or not feeling good. So just take care of yourselves put yourself in creative state of mind lower your stress drink green tea, make sure you’re hydrated and hopefully all these tips and everything is Helpful for you to stay creative. But anyways, my food is just finished and I’m gonna go eat then go eat and drink some water and then relax for a minute stretch and then start on some doodles and I have no idea what I’m gonna make I’m just probably going to I think I won’t draw today with a Sharpie, and I’ve been I’ve been getting into drawing with sharpies recently the past week I’ll work with roasting rice and grass and then sharpies and I’ll switch back and forth. I like to mix it up and change things but I’m probably after I eat drove with a sharpie and As I said, I have no idea what I’m going to draw but whatever I end up making It’s going to be strange Abstract and I have no idea what it is And I don’t know how these ideas come to me. It’s just that it’s kind of a Just it kind of feels like I’m on autopilot this it’s automatic because I’ve done it for so many years I mean I’ve been drawing now since I was about four and So if we do something for a very long time you get to the point where it’s kind of automatic. It’s like you’re on autopilot it’s kind of like the first time you ride a bike or the first time you uh After you learn how to tie your shoe the first year it is sticks with you and then after that it becomes easier and automatic So now I’ve already gotten through the point of you know, staying creative Now it’s just a matter of maintaining that and improving my drawings go along with it. So go ahead let me know if you find this help for not and see you in the next video and Yeah, I try not to think too much about what I’m going job Because then it holds me back from being creative. I just start doesn’t matter make a line Make a doodle you could draw a tree. I don’t know could be anything really, but I’ll see you next video You have a good day

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