How to Pick Picture Frame Molding : Types of Flat Picture Frames

How to Pick Picture Frame Molding : Types of Flat Picture Frames

These are some flat frames and we were talking
about the different shapes of different frames and what they do for each picture. Often times
I see people wanted to use a flat picture frame when they don’t want to use a matte.
So they would use their frame as a matte instead which gives it a little character. It pulls
out the picture further. Most of your flat pieces are anywhere from an inch to 6 inches
flat with different designs on them. The different designs has lot of to do with what is in your
picture and what your picture would play off. Like this one, if you have straight lines
going everywhere you would probably would not want to put this with that cause it start
to get a little busy on the eye. You find flat frames around documents a lot cause they
want them to be a little bit bigger than what they are really are so that they show the
achievement that you have made with this document. They make a very simple picture, they would
work in almost any type of art. The main thing you want to worry about is the colors and
your patterns. The rest of it is all in the eye of the beholder. Some people like the
flat look, some people like the scoop look and some people like the outward look that
goes out from the picture. It has a lot to do with personal touch.

Dereck Turner

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