How to Paint Like Kandinsky | Tate

How to Paint Like Kandinsky | Tate

Hello my name is Sui I’m an artist and
today we’re going to explore how to paint like Kandinsky I’m going to draw
inspiration from one of the most popular pa intings at Tate Cossacks Kandinsky
was a Russian painter and art service credited with painting one of the first
abstract works he was a pioneer of the abstract painting he believed paintings
did not need to represent the real world and considered colour to have a powerful
spiritual impact he associated musical tones with particular colours and forms
and believed that the way colours and lines were arranged in a painting to
express powerful emotions to paint like Kandinsky you need a canvas a palette a
variety of brushes and tools paint medium and some inspiration for me
Cossacks feels quite celebratory and triumphant perhaps drawn from a memory
Kandinsky had of his home country so with that in mind I’ve chosen some
photographs of South Korea where I grew up I’m going to use these as a starting
point for my painting after you have found your inspiration you can sketch
out your idea to have a plan of what you’re going to paint Kandinsky use oil
paint but I’ll recommend using acrylics because of their faster drying time I’m
going to mix some very pale colors to cover the white canvas I don’t think
Kandinsky painted from the blank canvas and this will also give some depths to start with add some medium to dilute your paint and create thinner texture to
your base layer you can quite freely just spread out the paint
I probably leave some gaps because secondly I’m going to mix up with a
little bit of colder color so once put together they kind of creates quite nice
depths clean your brushes between applying its color and wipe any excess
water onto some kitchen paper once the first layer is dry you can begin adding
the second layer just spread out kind of gets a little bit lighter don’t worry
too much about filling those gaps and let them lay up kandinsky was
very playful in the way he used paint mixing up techniques styles and textures
laying the canvas flat allows me to apply a thinner textured paint for my outline
use black thinned down with some medium to create a similar effect to the bold
lines Kandinsky used in Cossacks I’m going to
start with traditional rooftops and we’re going to the tower blocks growing
up in South Korea during this period of change was exciting the traditional
buildings next to the high-rise blocks are symbolic of my childhood take a
break to let your outline fully dry before applying the next layer of color
work with each color individually building the layers this also stops the
paint drying out on the palette I chose those colors based on the palette in
Cossacks and to me the selections of color seems to be quite celebratory
while the canvas is stapling apply any thinner layers of color that
could drip or bleed once dry take a step back and get ready to add the final
touches go over any black lines which you think need to be a little bolder one of the things that stands out to me
in Cossacks is Kandinsky’s use of white to highlight the main figures in the
painting I’m choosing to highlight the buildings in my painting as I want them
to be the focal point use a similar technique to bring your painting to life
I hope you feel as inspired as I am by Kandinsky why not have a go yourself

Dereck Turner

31 thoughts on “How to Paint Like Kandinsky | Tate

  1. Isabel Neves says:


  2. Shiao says:

    Love these "How to" videos! Please make more!!

  3. Simon DeZubiría Restrepo says:

    Painting a roof takes away the most important part of Kandinsky that is going away from figuration and into the abstract

  4. Eyad Darras says:

    This video was pleasant but a bit lightweight. If you enjoy this type of content but want something more complete, you should check out MoMA's "In The Studio" videos:

  5. X Marks says:

    WTF would you want to paint like anyone else. Art is all about originality. That is what separates humans from animals. Be yourself.

  6. Great Quotes Daily says:

    Great inspiration!

  7. Lewis Pusey says:

    surprised that Tate thinks that what they have to offer is how to paint like someone.
    Develop your own style out of your own psyche is how.
    The who is not important.
    And the marketing even less so.
    Besides this does not strike me how Kandinsky would paint.
    It's about ideas and energy, not technique.

  8. flyingfoxes2398 says:

    annoyed that because her first language isn't english that youtube put on the closed captions.

  9. BadmanPictures says:

    this host is cool 😇

  10. paulinedianeable says:

    Her voice is so slow it becomes too tedious to listen to the end.

  11. Arturo Costantino says:

    Clearly she doesn’t understand the point of abstraction

  12. 巨人の肩 says:

    such a nice & calm gal

  13. orken cergaze says:


  14. Depends On How You Say It. says:

    She's pretty.

  15. Fernando _79 says:

    To build your own picture style you must study great painters style before, thanks for your videos!

  16. whodoyoulove08 says:

    What does she add to the black at 02.50?

  17. Isaac Tah says:

    Really cool video! A little unrelated to the content, but what is the background music used?

  18. Oliver Eales says:

    its pretend artists like the person in this video who tell people they should copy others who are the problem.

  19. Juan Rivas says:

    I love this woman

  20. ShawN shawN says:

    Nice analysis of how to paint like Kandinsky. I definitely like this artist because he is a bridge to eventual pure geometric work in the other artist work. Thanks for sharing. I hope you make more videos soon!

  21. Renan S. Mello says:

    I love this kind of video: to show how was the process that the artist went through to create something. It teaches so much about technic, materials, form, theory, methods, history, just wonderful and so much stuff to learn. Keep on with the series!

  22. Ludmilla Parez says:

    Why would you ever want to paint like …. you can be inspired but copy someone? Weird.

  23. Avanessa Antipora says:

    Tipical Asian stupid copping. Girl knows nothing about abstraction, about Kondinskiy, about theory of colors, shapes, lines…. . How could she be " inspired" by Kondinskiy if she knows less than a 0 about his work.
    She is just showing Koreans have Chinese mentality not able for creating and thinking

  24. Piano Night says:

    I like what you did but the composition of abstract forms which while abstract is quite logical and complex is probably the most difficult part, which is not really touched on here

  25. Great Quotes Daily says:

    Great demo!

  26. Gypsy SnickerDoodle says:

    She is so much more accessible than the MET Guy

  27. Glória says:

    Well done ad for the product. But i wont buy.

  28. S Hurlburt says:


  29. Online College of Art and Design says:


  30. Maitri says:

    She has nice soft spirit.

    I wish her joy and infinite happiness.

  31. Hanna W says:

    Liquitex pouring medium? Sometimes i mix my acrylics with white goache.

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