How to paint in oil ACEO art cards fairy tale magic rainbow cats kitty speed painting video HD

How to paint in oil ACEO art cards fairy tale magic rainbow cats kitty speed painting video HD

This is a video of how to paint in oil cats. I did a quick sketch to put down my idea of
the scene. Then I draw it on the panel.
I have to seal the drawing down with a very diluted painting medium.
I use Flemish Siccative painting medium. It’s oily but has no oil in it.
I dilute it with Petroleum essence instead of default Turpentine essence because the
petroleum is almost odorless. One part medium at two parts of essence.
To manage the quantities, I use a syringe.
Lay down over the drawing a thin film of diluted medium with a medium soft brush.
Then wait for it to dry completely You can start painting over after 2 or 3 hours
using this Flemish medium if you’re in rush but it’s better to wait for the next day.
On the second day I start with adding more medium to the previous dilution and a little
drop of essence too. Then I prepare my palette.
I use plastic wrap to cover my palette so that cleaning it is very easy.
Here’s the primarily colors I intend to use on this oil painting:
Greens as will be lots of green shades on as follow
Sap green Veronese green
Turquoise light Then Violet, Ultramarine Blue , Prussia blue,
Yellow deep, Lamp black, Ivory black and Titanium White.
Later, I’m going to use a bit of Vermilion. Start painting the background beginning with
what seems to be further. As this is an oil painting, the rule is of
lighter tones over the darker shades. And because I’m painting in layers, the rule
of fat over lean, applies here, too. What is this fat over lean you may ask. Well,
it’s about how fat are the color layers and the principle according to which you must
lay them. In simple words fat color layer over lean
color layer. This rule is to ensure the good preservation
of the artwork. The color right of the tube is generally medium
fat. Also, there are differences between manufacturers
and between kind of pigments. This is in short what you’ll find over the
Internet regarding how to get lean or fat color layer.
Add essence for lean color Add oil to get fat color
Well, this works but one have to wait too much for layers to get dry.
This is where the Flemish medium comes to speed up the painting process.
Actually a new layer can be add after few hours and the most nice feature of this medium
is the thixotropic quality of it. This means that a new layer can be add over
another without mixing them yet the first layer is not dried.
So that all the painting layers will dry at once as they were a single oil color layer.
So great for a well crafted painting. So, add a bit of medium in your colors starting
with diluted medium for lean layers then continuing with less diluted to none medium in order
to get fat layers. If you don’t have Flemish medium or don’t
want to buy or you don’t paint in layers, at least don’t add oil on your colors.
The manufacturers put the precisely right amount of oil on that pigment so don’t ruin
it with oil. Add a bit of essence if you want your color
more fluid. Now painting these tuxedo cats I’ll use lamp
black which is dull but opaque for first layer and next ivory black which is vibrant and
transparent then violet blue to get a more vibrant and nice shade of black
The third day, I paint some transparent layers in order to get a more realistic depth and
also to give the painting the desired color shades.
Here we have another painting technique rule Transparencies for further elements and for
shadows Opaque color spots for closer elements and
for lights. Oh, look a fairy is stealing my artwork!
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Dereck Turner

6 thoughts on “How to paint in oil ACEO art cards fairy tale magic rainbow cats kitty speed painting video HD

  1. Roda Ro says:

    Very useful informations ! Thanks a lot for sharing , Daniel !

  2. daniel cristian Chiriac says:

    Thank you for comment!

  3. daniel cristian Chiriac says:

    Hi Fiorella! thank you for watching and comment. Canvas means …well, canvas fabric . Paper is paper.
    Now, painting these ACEOs, I use neither canvas nor paper but primed masonite panels.
    I use Flemish siccative medium. This allows me to paint a new layer much faster upon previous paint layer. It also helps to get glazes.

  4. daniel cristian Chiriac says:

    oh, I forgot…. I use that medium before first layer of paint for sealing up the drawing and so that , it remains visible and don't muddy the first color layer.

  5. Titannea says:

    Hi! Beautiful What is the paper used to paint? Thank You!

  6. Harmony Nelson says:

    Thank you for the totourial! You are an amazing artist! By the way, what brand of paint do you use?

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