HOW TO paint ceilings FAST and like a professional PAINTER

HOW TO paint ceilings FAST and like a professional PAINTER

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “HOW TO paint ceilings FAST and like a professional PAINTER

  1. chin lo says:

    You talk too much chit get to the point.

  2. SiR 350 says:

    Do you not using a 14in? It’s at my Ben Moore. It only has one arm but is bigger than 9 but not as hard on u as the mad dog and why are you using fiber glass ladder. Heavy! Will slow you workers down by lunch haha

  3. mrBLACKpainter says:


  4. Bethlehem Eisenhour says:

    Nice roller. It's fast because your roller is big.

  5. David Lynch says:

    Brilliant videos guy's

  6. Patrycja W says:

    I'm about to paint my bedroom ceiling and boyyyy would I love to have those guys to do it for me 🤣

  7. Eddie Rodriguez says:

    First rookie move I've seen this guy do, is lay his wet roll on the walls thats a "never do" thing. Unless you burn the edges. cringe must have been one of the newbies. Second rookie mistake is stop your rolling to give a camera interview or any distraction, once you've started you have to continue consistenly wet-dry

  8. baldy6789 says:

    Hi can you please tell me where I can get the rollers for cutting in on the ceiling

  9. Bill Kuhl says:

    People always talk about painting fast. Never quality.

  10. Razz 68 says:

    What ceiling paint do you use . I just ordered some of the corner sleeves , looking forward to the time saving technique. Been painting about 16 years and always looking for a good tip

  11. Magdalena Jones says:

    way wen i paint mi cabinets kitchen look like no.even?

  12. Michael Reiling says:

    Hallo ich komme aus Deutschland, und würde mich gerne mit euch messen, ich wäre schneller alleine fertig, als ihr zu dritt😜

  13. Dave Ross says:

    I stopped using those ridiculous archaic heavy roller sleeves twenty years ago after developing severe neck and shoulder problems, as you will should you continue to use them

  14. ismail Khan says:

    Good sir….Im painter..

  15. Tommy Doyle says:

    What kind of ceiling paint do you use

  16. Rasim Alsaaid says:

    Thanks guys !!!

  17. Vianka rby says:

    Awesome video thank you 🙏

  18. Gina v v says:

    I may have to hire someone to paint my ceiling lol, I'm way short.great video

  19. jeffs Fx says:

    That bald dude looks like a fruitcake wad

  20. Farage82 says:

    Noway Dude you would get loads of slop on wall uneven paint drip and lines just use a paint brush your payed top dollar 💵

  21. filipe makangila says:

    Bonjour Madame Monsieur
    Il y a une formation a faire ?

  22. Chad Bailey says:

    As a painter cute 🤣

  23. Michael Luna says:

    Hey so im painting a huge ceiling 36×28 its a open kitchen/dining room/living. Would it be ok to us flat paint on this area or should i go with a satin/eggshell??. Thanks
    PS. You guys are awsome. Ive been learning alot!!!

  24. Calle Moreus says:

    Put your hat on backwards when Rolling cielings, The screen above your eyes will make you turn your head even more compromising the neck structure!

  25. Karim K says:

    Good job

  26. khaldi o'bryan says:

    The best of peinture is France 🇫🇷

  27. iker perz says:

    Forget about straight lines in walls after rolling the perimeter like that . The guy with big roller will have neck problems, that big roller is for big open ceilings following the spray men making roll texture and one coat covering using backrolling technique. 😁


    When using flat ceiling paint with a 18" nap it doesn't matter which direction you rolled from it Will still look amazing when dry… 18" nap eliminates imperfections and plus you will get the job done faster and easier…I have been painting for over 9 years ..

  29. Kyle Harrison says:

    Do you prime with a gracco also? Do you prime before every job?

  30. Diane Britt says:

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us God bless.

  31. Saber Zbi says:

    الحابة ولد كريم وصنابص

  32. s j c says:

    So when you cut in the spot lights you have to circle them
    Which always leave a brush shadow
    There is a new paint in the UK called antiflex you can paint it any direction with a 2inch roller if you want it won't shadow now what

  33. Manlius Renovations says:

    Could you please post the link to that 9" roller cover with the nap covering the edge? Thanks

  34. الهجرة الى كندا الاستعداد says:

    Hello. I'm painter. I'would like to work when you please

  35. Cyndi Steen says:


  36. NAH KNOW says:

    If that Direction is South…..then Im sure that Direction is WEST..LOL…good video, I need the corner Roller

  37. Jonathan Bolding says:

    As a painter I like the 18 as well. Great coverage and speed. I also like to tape the can light pigtails into the can and remove the HVAC registers. Sure speeds up the process. Great work guys.

  38. Hamid Khan says:


  39. Predrag Pejaković says:


  40. Luis Perea says:

    Thank you for that tip John Cena!

  41. Butch1982 says:

    Nice vid. Thanks sirs 🙂

  42. Lawrence S says:

    Lol, "this room has no doors and no windows… the crazies room"… J/K… awesome tips as usual… thank you!!!

  43. Dawn Bryant says:

    You talk too fast!

  44. Regina Bowe says:

    When you use the small roller to cut in do you worry about any excess paint that is left on the wall? Won’t that effect the wall paint? Hope that makes sense!

  45. Kevin says:

    With so little to mask off, why not spray the ceiling? I see a dark color up there, rolling may take two coats

  46. RA H says:

    Too much talking.. Shut up and just show how it's done

  47. Jay Horsley says:

    White Matt for ceilings you can't go wrong

  48. Simon99 says:

    I hate flat paint. Some of us do wash ceilings.

  49. Leo Can says:

    Gracias señor por tus videos aprendo mucho saludos desde seattle wa

  50. Maris Grinbergs says:

    Why would you do rolling if you spraying ???? As I watching your videos to become pro sprayer dude 🤔🤔😉😄

  51. JHK 23 says:

    Dude wtf you doing showing the clients our trade knowledge we had to do apprenticeships for, if they know how to do it themselves they will not hire the professionals, putting them out of a job

  52. earth2ingrid SF415 says:

    Good god, im in for a workout

  53. martiin raavil says:

    Y toda mi raza q le trabajan a este wey ..donde están los escondieron …jaja 15 años pintando en norte Carolina… me lo pelan putos… Viva la raza somos los mejores

  54. SunRae* ** says:

    I saw you do that ceiling corner. I'm sold. Thank you.


    I have my own somali How to Channel just because i was inspired by you buddy
    thanks very much a subscription from you would be a dream aswell

  56. Joseph Richardson says:

    5 steps: Call someone to do it.

  57. Jamey Epperson says:

    Where can I purchase the 9" Roller Nap that you use for the corners?

  58. modsquad01 says:

    You wouldn’t last long in Australia cutting in the edges with a roller occasionally you’ll get away with it but I wouldn’t be promoting it on a video that’s not how a painter is taught how to paint ceilings we call it a roller tray seems to make sense here in Australia what did you call a can? Lol can is what you get your baked beans in

  59. Zulma Rosario says:

    Where can I buy the round end roller

  60. Rhonda Creech says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you.

  61. Sp says:

    Some fucking h8rs in the comments. The guy makes more 💰 then all ye put together

  62. Jason Alexander says:

    @Paint Life TV how do you recommend or suggest I go about painting a Tiled ceiling?

  63. rahula Hussaini says:

    Learners not professionals 😂

  64. today tech says:

    Hii hello I'm painter

  65. John Doe says:

    If you want a pro paint job then hire a pro IJS

  66. A R says:

    How to paint starring Johnny sins

  67. Beck Ganiyev says:

    I think 1st method is not good because paint is gonna build up at the edges of the ceiling and it’ll be hard to get sharp cut. I used to do that and moved back to use brush the corners.

  68. Hey Henor says:

    Was für Müll

  69. Szymon says:

    6:40 ohhh man please😭😭😭 very professional.

  70. Konstantin8006 says:

    Question: How do you get rid of the paint runs on your wall from that new roller you used in the corners?

  71. PURPLEFISH says:

    Well I hope you are worried about what's happening in Southern California because as soon as Southern California fills up they're going to take your job too.

  72. MrsNoji says:

    Looks so Satisfying

  73. I says:

    u used a 9inch roller to cut in but wjat if you werent going to paint walls

  74. Ashok Kayithi says:

    Nice smart work

  75. Dave B says:

    That’s alrite if you want white walls?? what if you don’t want the walls doing and there not white, trust me there is no quick way in cutting in the ceiling I use a latter paint gives nice finish in Matt

  76. Dave B says:

    Laytex paint

  77. Richard Larson says:

    Fucking hacks. You need to cut in those vents before you roll. Amateurs

  78. Richard Larson says:

    B&k stands for bitches and kucks

  79. onlythewise1 says:

    helps to be slim healthy and young to do work

  80. William Mentalcase Masterson says:

    Blue shirt guy will have back problems, rolling like that. You probably know, but roll side to side, never over your head, leave a bit of pressure against roller toward the direction youre moving.

    I do half the room, then feather my other side into it. I can roll a typical bedroom in ten minutes. After cutting. I've never used that 9" naptip, but I do sometimes cut with a roller after cutting the corner with a brush. I use CHB, it's flat & doesn't flash. The pressure thing, will keep lines from forming.

  81. Shaun Carr says:

    Roll outside dceiling first Wat a load bollocks

  82. Dharos says:

    Amateurs …..

  83. Arational says:

    That's a lot of bad advice.
    That "edge roller" left drips all over the walls that will have to be sanded out if they are allowed to dry.
    That will cost more time than cutting in by brush.
    Never paint vents in flat finish
    They will look dirty within a year.

  84. david walin says:

    Je trouve que en France en est plus technique plus pro , déjà le rouleau qu'il utilise c'est pour pein le sol … Je trouve que c'est nul

  85. Dirk says:

    Awsome tips. Ty

  86. S1LENT says:

    I‘m a Painter in germany 🙂 its funny to see other painters in other countries, in germany in this job u wont get much money… cause there are less people want to do that

  87. Get It Goat says:

    So John Cena does painting tutorials. Didn't know.

  88. Learndaanswers says:

    Ok, so I've been a painter for some time and I always cut in the walls to ceiling first. 2nd I'll cut around all light vents and ceiling fans. 3rd I'll feather with a 9" roller appx. 9" from each ceiling fixture. Finishing up with the right direction to trick the eye to follow the light flow of the room. 4th using a 9" with a 1/2" nap load with flat latex is a challenge in it self. Never let the roller become to dry and keep moving with a feathered overlap. Rolling is always fast but adding the weight of a 18" roller with hardware and the pole becomes a bit challenging for a beginner looking to be a speed paint, because to this day with the strength I have and the skill I have my suggestion to beginners is to always paint with patients

  89. Chino Cruz says:


  90. Jason Castro says:

    So do you guys always use a 3/8s inch roller regardless of texture on the walls and ceilings? Been using the colossus 3/4 knap roller covers but wondering if the smaller knap covers work better. Tia

  91. Chuck Kocinski says:

    sorry ,,I have to disagree on the 9 inch roller around the perimiter of the ceilings ,without feathering out the drips and heavy areas on the walls that it creates . What we do is go around quickly before the drips dry and feather them out with a mini roller. other wise if a satin or semi gloss paint gets used ,you can see the imperfections . Actually using that hand held sprayer to cut the ceiling in is the most effective way to do it.

  92. Burt Bowers says:

    I don"t understand why the couple air vents on the ceiling was not removed? the resessed lights obviously was, it would been much easier to roll the roller over the whole ceiling without having air vents in the way as the painter was trying to be careful stopping painting a square around each air vent are you kidding me?… it would had only taken minute to remove each one of these vents & a clear pass with the roller over the vent hole & to think without doing it leaving the vents up you had to brush around each vent taking even more time when again vents could been removed to avoid all the hassle & bet that the vents got paint on them & seeing brush strokes around the vent framing.. as a pro painter myself you had gone about this completely wrong & recommend that you correct your approach of how to prep before painting ceilings by removing everything from the ceilings for a pristine professional look which is expected by the customer..

  93. Firearms 101 says:

    Lol it don't matter what direction you roll flat paint in its flat. Lol light direction? Smoke another one guy's.

  94. PerfectAim says:

    richtig professionelle fettkanten ,nicht beschnitten, und dann noch ne brille hahah

  95. Colorbomb Design Painting says:

    mate check how I do paint ceiling in real professional way.

  96. Zachary Kingston says:

    Should take all lights and fixtures down..n if u don't cut first..also it's dripping down wall…ise lambswool 9 inch or 18 if ya really need to…overall good explanation otherwise..also should pole sand first n use ur hips like ur swinging a sythe to cut grass ..if that makes sense

  97. Arshia Akbari says:

    hey lm arshia I have 27 years experience for painting jobs lm perfeshnal painter I would like work all together this is my phone number 07752001714 thanks lm looking for job many thanks 🙏

  98. Mustapha El jedayny says:

    Hi neend work I have experience painting 12 years

  99. Peter C says:

    If South is that way, surely the other way is west? Great guide though. Thanks.

  100. Rt L says:

    I've used Sherwin Williams ceiling paint, but it doesn't seem that great. Is there another brand you recommend for ceilings? thanks!

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