How to Paint a Wall

How to Paint a Wall

Dereck Turner

46 thoughts on “How to Paint a Wall

  1. Nicole Emenhiser says:

    Wow, someone's feeling a little oversensitive. If you can't handle this then you take yourself and your profession to seriously.

    Jesus Christ man it was one line of dialogue.

  2. MrMagneticat says:


  3. says:

    It does take awhile to learn to paint but well worth it

  4. SuchAsTheIraq says:

    Yeah, this video was pretty bad. It's a good gloss over I guess… and the rolling technique that was shown will ONLY work with Flat paint.. NEVER do what this video showed if you are using Satin, Eggshell or Semi-gloss paint. If using anything other then flat paint, best to skip this video.

  5. Hugo Correa says:

    I use the paint applicator with a pole to reach all the surface in one shot, when you pain in very lighted rooms, you can see the seams going everywhere; fast setting plaster or drywall compound can help speeding the process a lot.

  6. Hugo Correa says:

    I think that to be a good video maker you have to tell the little details that you don't hear in videos like this one, i like it and it is a bit funny but some more info does not hurt.
    look at my videos, they maybe able to teach some more.

  7. Hugo Correa says:

    step 3. My video is better

  8. howtopaintinfo says:

    then mine? Impossible

  9. Hugo Correa says:

    We have to tell them that they may leave the project half way done, it is not as easy as they show it

  10. GottaShopIt com says:

    Painting a wall is a job that can take a couple of hours, a day or even more. It all depends on how much and what you want to paint. However, whatever be the size of the job the painting techniques shown here happens to be great. But if one thinks that he doesn’t want the job to be done all by himself, then Gottashopit is there to connect you to trusted painting pros in your area at the lowest price.

  11. kuma sama says:

    is this tips for emulsion paint or oil-based paint?

  12. howtopaintinfo says:

    That's definitely water based paint or emulsion, they wouldn't know how to use oil based paint.

  13. howtopaintinfo says:

    If you want to know how to roll a wall properly then watch my video, I also have lots of other videos with great tips on how to paint.

  14. MyTampaPainters says:

    We've tried the paint & primer and it's a bit tricky to apply. Secondly, it costs too much relative to just using two coats of finish paint. We just did a bunch of medical offices and the customer insisted on the P&P. We told them it was a waste of money but they still insisted on it .

  15. Olger says:

    1:33 Pahahahahahah, are you painting the air!

  16. Shojaeddin Jamali says:

    For a newly constructed wall, painting is totally different!

  17. bosebucks375 says:

    step 1: open the paint can

  18. Twinbird24 says:

    With automatic captions on "…because studies show those colors mixed f*cked up"

  19. XC Painter says:

    Where can you find damp rags because I've looked everywhere and only find dry ones?

  20. john smith says:

    throw can at the wall ?????

  21. john smith says:

    buy the paint

  22. Khalid Yakout says:

    was very helpful thanls

  23. Chris Verrico says:

    lol this is so wrong.. the smother the surface the smaller the nap for the roller.. a huge roller sleave with leave orange peal

  24. Nadine Nichols says:

    i love this video

  25. Madeline McKinley says:

    NADINE!? what are we doing on the same video!? lol omg im painting my aunts house and i wanted to look up how to do it just in case. and i know youre painting your room ha what a coincidence!

  26. Nadine Nichols says:

    omg! i love you. haha its harder then it looks! my dad helped me… good luck!

  27. Daniel Martin says:

    Lol lighter shag

  28. Mjr_Pain says:

    Lol heard of a roller pole or decent brush? Also who the f#%% rolls like tht?

  29. mofoviglen says:

    1:33 Kill me now

  30. zver711 says:

    Step 2. ????
    Step 3. Profit!!!

  31. TheNukedNacho says:


    -as seen on the Home Shopping Network

  32. James Campbell says:

    Instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in paint can.

  33. emily simpson says:

    ι'м ραιитιиg му яσσм ѕσσи ѕσ тнιѕ ωιℓℓ ρяσвαвℓу нєℓρ

  34. Hira Amjad says:

    nice video

  35. hilmi says:

    aussie accent?

  36. JohnBHOY says:

    I'm a painter and this is NOT how to do. This way will take you 5times longer.

  37. Linda says:

    Is this really necessary?

  38. Adrian Swaby says:

    John Daly
    Adrian Wall

  39. Adrian Swaby says:

    brick wall

    wine glass

    Media Law Article

  40. DIPAK MINDHE says:

    printing ka man milega

  41. Sandy Ly says:

    Nice video, I have friend make original hand painted oil painting online for everyone , ,whatsapp:+1-5677037108

  42. Tosha Kay's Creations says:

    When doing a sec coat do I need to do the trim again?

  43. Galaxy Lover says:

    ez. just throw paint at a wall, then voila.

  44. Cinric Painters says:

    Thanks for taking the time to educate the masses with some great tips here.

  45. Alexander Gravois says:

    I'm here because my wife was arguing with me over whether or not I should be painting in an up-and-down pattern, as I was, or in a V pattern as she insisted

  46. Pintu Yadav yadav says:

    Hello i want a painter job please help me. I m from India my what's app 919598350216. Please help me. I like to Canada

  47. Frank Broughton says:

    step 11 – never use puke green as a color…. 😎

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