How to organize and find photos in OneDrive

-Storing your photos in OneDrive helps you quickly organize, find, and share them with others. Using the OneDrive app on your phone, you can set it up so all your photos are backed up to OneDrive. Select Me, then Settings, and make sure Camera upload is turned on. Pretty soon you’ll have a lot of photos on OneDrive. To find the ones you want, use the Search box. Just type a keyword, a place, or a date. OneDrive automatically creates tags for things it recognizes in your pictures. You can delete any tags that don’t make sense. Or add new tags as you see fit. Another way to keep your photos organized is to put them in albums. By default, OneDrive automatically creates albums for you. If you want, you can turn that feature off in the Options settings. To create your own album, you can select Create a new album here. or while viewing photos, select a group of pictures, and then select Add to album. Type the name of the new album, and then Create. Select the link to see your new album. Time to share it with your friends and family! Just select Share, and choose a sharing method.

Dereck Turner

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