How to Measure and Cut a Mat

How to Measure and Cut a Mat

Today we’ll talk about
the basics of mat cutting to help you frame
your artwork. The first step
in cutting a mat is to take
a sheet of mat board and cut it down
to fit inside the frame. Today’s project we’re going to
use a frame that’s 16 inches wide
by 20 inches tall, so we’ve cut this mat
to fit those outside dimensions. We’ve also cut
a second board that we’re going to
use for mounting. This is also 16×20 inches. Then we’ve taken some artwork
and we’ve mounted it in the centre. Now there are no
rules of thumb for border widths. Some people like to put
a little extra weight on the bottom, and most people like to
have a minimum of about two inches border
around your mat. This particular artwork is
seven inches wide by 12 inches tall, so we’re going to need
to do a little math to figure out how big
these borders will be. Over here I’ve got
a little diagram. The outside dimensions
of the mat board, 16×20 inches,
and the window opening, 7 inches by 12 inches to
match up with our artwork. What we want to do is take
the width of 16 inches and subtract the artwork
side of seven inches. That leaves us
with nine inches. We take that number,
divide it by two, that gives us
a 4 1/2 inch width border on either side. So we’ll put those
numbers in here. Secondly we want to
calculate the borders for top and bottom. We take the height
of 20 inches, we subtract the inside
print size of 12 inches. That leaves us
with eight inches. Divide that number by two,
for a four inch border on top and bottom. So we want to cut a border
that’s four inches on top, four inches on bottom. Those are our
border dimensions, and now we’re
ready to go cut a mat. We used the
Logan Compact Elite to mark out and cut
the opening of the mat. We want to work on
the back side of the mat board, and we’re going to
set the mat guide at 4 1/2 inches so we can
do this width cut first. We’ll make a mark
on either side before we have to
move the mat guide. Now for the top and bottom
we need a dimension of four inches so I’m moving
the mat guide to the four inch mark. And I’ll make those marks
on the mat board. Now keeping
the mat guide there we’ll go ahead
and make these two cuts. We’re going to cut
from start to finish using these lines
as a reference, and our
stop/start mark. So we hold the mat cutter,
insert the blade ’til it goes to the bottom, and then push into
the other side. When you reach
the pencil line, stop and retract the blade. We’re now going to
do the other side, and use the same technique, starting at the line
closest to us, stopping at
the one furthest away. Then retract the blade. Now we need to adjust
the mat guide back to
the 4 1/2 inch line. Tighten it down. Insert the mat board. Using the stop
and start marks, again, as our guides to make
for accurate corners, we cut out
the 4 1/2 inch widths. Now we’re ready to
frame our artwork. And the last step now
is to put it all together. We’re going to take
the mat that we cut, and apply some
transfer adhesive to the outside edges of
the mat all the way around. This transfer adhesive will
help the mat board stay in contact with
the mounting board. Align the opening
over our artwork, make sure everything’s
line up nice and square, and then apply pressure
all the way around the mat board to make sure these two don’t
come apart inside your frame. We take this,
lay it inside the frame after we’ve got
the glass in place. And then slide in
our backing board. Place the clips in place
so it doesn’t fall out. And there we have
our finished artwork. Captioned by GigEcast

Dereck Turner

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