How to make plastic injection mold? Honeywell-are you drving us to make your plastic parts?

How to make plastic injection mold? Honeywell-are you drving us to make your plastic parts?

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very tight tolerance of plastic products we made for Honeywell company, some of them are extremely tight. now let’s look. This is 2D control drawing from Honeywell, As you can see some some dimensions with the
tolerance plus-minus 0.005 but when you look at the number 17 and 19 there
are two dimensions with tolerance plus minus 0.001 oh my gosh plus minus 0.001
the tolerance of two dimensions are extremely tight and I will let you know in a minute
how we made it. let’s look at another 2d control drawing as you can see some
dimensions are plus minus 0.005 and plus minus 0.003 and plus minus 0.004 honestly. these dimensions are very tight Let’s look at there are some dimensions plus 0 minus 0.002 and the other one is plus 0.005 minus zero. okay and let’s look at this area from Honeywell drawing basically mainly are plus-minus 0.005 and some of
them plus-minus 0.003 and some of them are plus-minus 0.002 these are very tight
tolerances look at this picture those are some dimensions plus-minus 0.005 and
some tolerance applause minus 0.003 and plus-minus 0.002 these are very tight
tolerances also as you can see from the left area the each of them have to
be inspected and checked and fill in our inspection report you can see not only
the dimensions we marked but also the notes from the left area such as material
surface finishing ejector pins etc all of them have to be checked and
inspected and all the dimensions have to be in tolerance otherwise and they would
reject to all the samples to be honest the first tool we made
for them was a little bit frustrating due to the tight tolerance and we didn’t find out the best way to achieve it but anyway in the end we did it
under our great efforts and we found out the best solution through our
experience so how did we make it? the answer is giving the video a like well okay I’m just kidding but your like is really important
to me. the best way to make very tight tolerance of plastic products in our
company is to stay metal safe in other words you need to make machining allowance to the molds at the very beginning for example if it’s a hole we need to make the thole size a little bit bigger if it’s a boss I mean a post we need to make the post size
a bit smaller then we do an inspection for the plastic product after the first tool
trial so that we can work out how much amount we need to increase or decrease
of steel or material then we correct the mold according to the report after
the correction was finished we’ll take another tool trial and re-inspect the
plastic parts until the tolerance are met with the drawings requirements I
hope it makes sense but if you have other good solutions put it in a comment below so we can share with each other Honeywell was asking to make MT
texture but some Europe customers prefer VDI texture
anyway different customers have different requirements also the tighter of
tolerance the more expensive for plastic injection mold price if you want to know more
factors that affecting a tool price please watch my other videos
oh, there is another thing you need to pay attention, that is the shrinkage rate.
before your machining a mold you have to check the shrinkage rate you’re
using is correct as a right shrinkage rate of plastic product is the
key for right sizes if you used a wrong shrinkage rate you could never ever
bring the sizes into tolerance as one of my customer had a terrible experience by
using wrong shrinkage rate which caused him a a huge problem for the plastic dimensions
then how to choose a correct shrinkage for the plastic products, it depends on
what kind of plastic material you want to use for your plastic parts. as long as
the shrinkage rate is correct it will be much easier to correct tool dimensions afterwards. if you like my video please remember to subscribe to my channel give the video a like and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss any of
my other videos. see you next week bye

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