How to make Paper quilling art designs

My check this is my first video cover in this video. We are making plain one I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like it press that like button please subscribe to my channel So you don’t miss my future videos now. Let’s get started You Make three different size dual solutions You can choose any two colors I chose black and white to make shapes use any kind of cylindrical object. I am using this blue water Rat cooling pepper around the bottle and loop it thickly and stick it at the end Now tape those rings were made and pinch them at one end Stick the pinched end from the inside now stick three rings together at the pointed end Mix modeling and attach it to that pointy end Now attach the earring hook to small ring other earring is ready make another one to complete the pair To make pendant make two dual color rings like we made before And make a teardrop shape from them I bet my one inside the big one Make two more earring shapes but this time without smothering and hook stick them on either sides of dependent our pendant is done and We have a beautiful set of killing peppers Valerie You Make multicolored ones like this Draw a shape you prefer for the basket and make a cutout I like oil shape a sweet Place white color rolls on the edges to make out life of your shape and stick them together Will not stick them to the paper now fill the shape with multicolored rolls and attach together Create the layers of outline like we made at the beginning to give the height to the basket I give six layers of height I created this big like pattern by sticking pairs of same color rolls and Shifting the places with each layer now We are making a handle for our basket now stick the same colored rows in the rows of three to create the handle stick Enough rows so that we can bend it Now attach our handle to the basket Our beautiful and colorful bling basket is ready You Make these different types of shapes, I’m showing you clear dropship Draw design you like on the drawing people to make a plain no top I do little black thing Take the quilling paper vertically on the outline of drawing Our youth brings for assistance to weigh in the paper Fill the insides with the shapes we made you think creatively Once it’s ready make a frame to put our butterfly fairy in our wearing our Asian

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