How to Make Flower Sushi Art – Amazing Food Recipe

How to Make Flower Sushi Art – Amazing Food Recipe

How to Make Flower Sushi Art
Hi everyone, I am Davy Devaux and I’m going to show you guys how to make flower sushi.
Okay, let’s make a flower sushi roll, you start by taking two half sheets of Nori, and
splitting them into three, so you just lay them over each other, fold them over into
three pieces like so, and now cut them. Now you’re going to need five, because you’re
going to want to make petals out of this, so just throw one away and you’ve got five
equal pieces of Nori. You want to make each of the flower petals
the same size and weight so you take about 30-grams, which is one ounce of pink sushi
rice, and you place your pink sushi rice in the center just like that. And then once it’s
in the center what you do is you just bring in the sides, like so, and you don’t even
have to curl it you just have to make one side slightly smaller, and this makes that
tear drop petal shape which you’re looking for. Okay, so now you just make five of these.
There we go, we made the five petals now you make your carrot cylinder. What you do is
you take a rectangle piece of carrot, long enough to go all the way through a half sheet
of Nori, like so, and then you just make it into a circle with your knife by scraping
off the corners — beautiful, done. Now you take half a sheet of Nori place it
in your hand and place three of the petals with the pointy bit facing to the inside.
And now where they all meet you put your cylinder carrot, then place the last two so they perfectly
makes a circle which will construct your flower. There we go, beautiful. Alright now you just
seal it around and if it doesn’t close quickly after just take three or four kernels of rice
and just squash them at the end piece, and this is more like glue so you just press it
there and then you seal it. Now to assemble the flower, you take half
a sheet and another half sheet and you glue them together with a couple of pieces of rice.
Just squish them over the edge and this acts as glue, place it over and this makes a very
long piece of Nori, you’re going to need this for this roll.
Now you place it on a bamboo rolling mat and now you want to spread some rice. You don’t
want go with an amount of rice you just want to go more or less what feels right. So make
a very thin layer of rice, covering about 80% of the sheet. Now what you want to do
is make three little walls or rice standing quite close to each other, like so. Okay,
that’s one wall, this wall is two, okay — beautiful. And then wall number three. Once you’ve done
your walls sprinkle a little bit of sesame seeds over it, there we go. Now add a couple
pieces of Nori in between these walls, like so — okay, beautiful.
Now in these troughs what you want to do is just add a little bit of minced strawberries,
don’t overfill it, you want to be very-very subtle with this, very little bit. These are
like small unopened flowers. And then finish it off with a couple of pieces of some very
thinly sliced cucumber skin so that they are very green.
Now you add your flower piece right here — okay, perfect. And then you just want to seal these
up, close them — good. And now you add a little kampyo package…if you want to know
how to make these, check out my other videos, a link has just appeared on the left corner
which will take you to Sushi Letters. Okay so now before you seal it, you add a
little bit of rice right here in between the kampyo and the flower, so it just fills up
and doesn’t crinkle up. Okay and then it’s just a question of closing the sushi roll
— there we go, beautiful. So now dip your knife in some water just so
the rice doesn’t stick to it much, and then just simply cut through, revealing the beautiful
flower beneath. The kampyo made a nice stalk of the flower, these are closed flowers still,
the green is like leaves and this is — well you can see what it is, beautiful.
Alright now just finish your cuts. You should get about three flowers, more or less, and
two end pieces which are not very useful. Alright, that was how to make Flower Sushi,
I hope you enjoyed watching this video. If you did press the like button and if you are
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hope you enjoy them. That’s all, see you next week.

Dereck Turner

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