How to Make Decorative Picture Frames : How to Sandpaper Decorative Picture Frames

Hello my name is Denise Robinson and on behalf
of Expert Village I’m here to show you how to create and decorate a picture frame. Okay
now we are going to begin decorating our first picture frame. We are going to use to start
off with the larger frame one and just wipe all the dust off. I’m going to take the glass
out of it so it will not crack and just sit this to the side. Now I’m going to take my
sand paper and just start distressing it. No brim or reason just any form that you like.
I’m just sand papering the corners now and then doing some circular motions around the
edges. Like I said it does not have to be uniform just give it some kind of pattern
that you like and also do the edges and then just pretty much taking off some of the gilding
from the gold that is on there already. All 4 sides. If you can see I have somewhat a
distress look on the actual wood of the picture frame.

Dereck Turner

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