HOW TO make an AMAZING Abstract Painting With Very BRIGHT COLORS | Sexamental | John Beckley

HOW TO make an AMAZING Abstract Painting With Very BRIGHT COLORS | Sexamental | John Beckley

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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “HOW TO make an AMAZING Abstract Painting With Very BRIGHT COLORS | Sexamental | John Beckley

  1. Paul Romanowski says:


  2. night FoxTM says:

    IS he painting with acrylics?????

  3. Sarah Brand says:

    This turns me on

  4. Law says:

    You're just the artist I was looking for. Beautiful work. Hopefully I could buy one of your paintings in the future

  5. Chris Reynolds says:

    I do not normally appreciate abstract art. But John Beckley is a very talented artist. This artwork is well thought out and executed. The finished product, like good fine art, makes the observer think and interact. The difference between good artwork and bad is that good artwork draws you in, it engages your mind and not just your eyes. However, as can happen with the best artists, the final 'flourishes' are, to me, a case of over-working the canvass. I only do fine art myself but when I have the time, I will make an attempt to do an abstract.

  6. Jasmín Ímari says:

    Como cuando te quedas sin ideas

  7. Lenard Newson says:

    Are you using the brush handle to smear the paint as well?

  8. natalie gonzales says:

    Phenomenal artist.

    What tools do you use to give different line textures?

  9. Adriana Ribeiro says:

    Qual a tinta usada

  10. Angi Rodríguez says:

    me encanto .quedo hermoso

  11. bergoug ismail says:


  12. bergoug ismail says:

    Bonjour les artistes, j'espère que vous allez bien, je suis très heureux de cette nouvelle journée avec vous

  13. john harrison says:


  14. saladass says:

    Hag diya mc

  15. Mehdi Aoubba says:


  16. Nikki T. says:

    I haven't watched it yet but ive seen a few videos and I usually like where its headed until the masking tape comes out and it goes geometric.

  17. Katie Calls It says:

    I love the progression of this piece. It’s genius!

  18. Zara Ahmed-Najib says:

    Amazing ❤️

  19. fian leu says:

    Wow Amazing

  20. AHappyKid says:

    Bleu rouge jaune

  21. Rosana t.1979 says:

    por favor! me sorprendí que de golpe apareció un rostro en el minuto 5:05 al 5:07, supongo no fue a propósito, pero se ve muy bien y rogue para que no quedara oculta con la pintura, realmente quedaba bien! 😵😍

  22. 702prodigy says:

    beautiful work !

  23. Amal espoir says:

    top du top

  24. Nicolas LACOMBE says:

    Excellent John, j'adore !

  25. Albeiro Sanchez says:

    que pintura es esa.

  26. Carole Jeanne Studio says:

    Love your artwork…amazing, bright, masterful! You have given me the encourage for success, thank you.

  27. Martin Williams says:

    Love your paintings. I have a questions. Do you wait for the painting to dry before you put masking tape ?

  28. King SalaDe says:

    Tu es français ?

  29. jim Moore says:

    I love watching your videos very inspiring, but I have to go to other YouTube channels to actually learn how to do this since you don't give information and try to push a tutorial video for money, so I go elsewhere to get free tips and I want you to get inspiration, maybe you should try giving out some tips once in awhile

  30. Greg HAMILTON says:

    Vraiment extraordinaire!  .

  31. roxfoot says:

    You have an amazing comprehension of colour schemes, kudos.

  32. Krishna Harchandani says:

    i wanna buy this. how should i contact u?

  33. Oniria85 says:

    The name of this products?

  34. Roland Geb says:

    Whats that for a nice song??

  35. Ryoga Kun says:

    ola bro oye que tipo de pintura usastes al principio porfavor

  36. Angelica Rey says:

    How to make the accrylic soft?i love your paintings

  37. Randy Tama says:

    Magnificent works… ♡♡♡

  38. AConfusedShoe says:

    you should do one with unicorn colors- pinks, purples, blues and white with a little bit of black 😀

  39. M Patricia de Avila says:

    Thank you from Uruguay!

  40. Renandoug1 says:

    7:23 It was good so far.

  41. Online College of Art and Design says:

    great use of colours

  42. Sumera Blue says:

    A master piece of abstract art

  43. Simone Barbou says:

    I love this painting

  44. Bruna Lee says:


  45. boby dutta says:

    Crazy and aggressive. I love it.

  46. Bom Da Đen says:


  47. Andrea Merchak says:

    Fantastic! You're very talented! I love your paintings!

  48. Vijay Soni says:


  49. SAOLY ART 81 says:

    Amazing ❤️

  50. Victor Ferrante says:


  51. Gisela Ivone Giansetto says:

    Qué belleza loco. Son unos capos dios

  52. Françoise Ardoin says:

    Résultat toujours aussi beau ❤️❤️
    Vos peintures acrylique sont elles diluées ou pas ?

  53. Mona G says:

    How long before you start putting tape on the painting?

  54. Olympien says:

    Lourd mec

  55. mwarnken1234 says:

    great art!! (had to watch it muted… horrible "music" though!)

  56. Safika Zaman says:

    Looking like a back stage painting of some kind of rock show, all loud colors , chaotic pattern.. nice work..

  57. Canvas Wall Art says:

    Excellent Job, Carry on John Beckley.

  58. Tessa Nims says:

    I love this style of art. You did an amazing job!

  59. shimanku maheshwari says:

    I didn't understand the last red and black rectangle with masking tape..Rest is beautiful..I see all John Beckley Videos..great work..

  60. dracenmarx says:

    I didn't like the changes after 6:18

  61. Amanda King says:

    Excited to paint and try some of the different styles and techniques you used.
    Q: What is your favorite top three things to use besides a paintbrush to put the paint on the canvas?
    Q: Do you have any tips for the writing or the lettering parts, like for quotes and such?

  62. Lucky Charm says:

    Do you take the masking tape after the paint dry or when it's wet?

  63. Heidi D says:

    Beautiful work!

  64. Unique Handicraft1 says:

    lovely work dear Artist

  65. Lydie Ramier says:

    Abstract painting don't have secret for you. You're exploration is the good way to succeed to learn color. And I find that you have a spontaneous style. Wonderful ! ❤️. Now, I learn the acrylic painting and see yours make me happy. Thanks John Beckley. 🙂🎊

  66. King SalaDe says:

    Beau boulot

  67. Pooja Lalwani says:


  68. Horacio Moura says:

    Excelente…grande artista Frances

  69. ghizlane ait salah says:


  70. Nathan Prescott says:

    Do you do anything to the canvas before painting. Like gesso or water or anything?

  71. Duchess Dark says:

    I ❤ ART in all forms. This channel is my current art addiction.😍

  72. Lety Ortiz Vázquez says:

    Me encantó!! 😍😘.gracias por compartir tu hermoso talento

  73. Tobias H. says:

    Very nice videos!
    2 questions: what is this tool called you use to create this waves?
    How much do you dilute the color to make this "writing" with color?

  74. Atilem Avopop says:

    Definitly you are Crazy
    Enjoy your Videos every time
    Greetz from germany

  75. Paintwith KushalBastakoti says:

    Where can we get those all abstract medium tools that u been using on ur art techniques.

  76. Anime Tree says:

    abstract paintings are happy accidents

  77. Joaquin Crespo says:

    i love arteeee

  78. tiger khan says:


  79. Łukasz Walaszczyk says:

    What was this vid about because I still dont know how to make AMAZING Abstract Painting…

  80. Luan Furucho says:

    You're a amazing artist! Thank you for satisfiyng my heart with your abstract art.

  81. BAD AT PARTIES says:

    The amount of paint used is over 9000, according to my ink meter.

  82. Jheithan Cayanan says:

    Im starting to paint a abstract paintings tnx to your video..more power….

  83. Ugh says:

    Tu es français ??!!! O_o 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  84. Michael Bishop says:

    Amazing bro. Good. work.

  85. Fabian M. says:

    Am I the only one who wonders how many kg of paint he used for this masterpiece?

  86. Malk Malk says:


  87. Amber Lema says:

    I 💛💙💜💚❤ this!

  88. Betty Minchey says:

    love, love, love this. colors gorgeous

  89. akshaya chand says:

    Hey! Where do you do paintings.I want to know because in home it will be too much messy.Please tell i want to become your student🙏🙏🙏

  90. tony vazquez says:

    amazing 😲😲😲

  91. галина михалева says:

    ОООООО SUPER !!!!!!!!!

  92. J.R. Templeton says:

    I noticed you do alot of 4 panel paintings, what size canvases are you using?

  93. STEPHANE LE BAIL says:

    j'adore, çà claque dans les couleurs ! TOP

  94. tiger khan says:

    color samurai

  95. Maliayah Lewis says:

    What does he use to make the waves?

  96. KENNETH says:

    I call this piece "A Year's Supply of Paint".

  97. SoulPeace says:

    Elle est magnifique 🤩

  98. William Bennett says:

    The tortured mouse song was a bit chromic

  99. Elvio Nazareno Zapunar says:

    Muy lindos tus cuadros, la pintura abstracta permite que uno se exprese y a partir de la supuesta "desorden" de la combinación de colores se logran obras realmente bellas y con una explosión de creatividad muy agradable a los ojos, éxitos.

  100. emre yıldırım says:

    I guess this is a consumptionist art.

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