How to make a youtube channel  banner artwork

How to make a youtube channel banner artwork

hi guys welcome to the video this one’s
a quick one on the PC to show you the other changes I need to be made to
youtube channel so as part of setting up my studio video I’m doing im basically
getting my youtube channel up and running now and getting some videos uploaded you can see has been about five years since I last updated my channel and this
is mainly shows off covered and attended and a few music events from back in the
day so if I’m working a new art set up nothing too fancy it may evole with time but for now give you an overview If i get rid of that and open up a blank canvas
it has to be a certain size I’ve had a look online of things 256
pixels by 1440 so I do that I get that blank one up there so there we go what we need is a bit of a background picture so ive looked around to see would be the best thing I have set a sample of what the end goal will look like if i show you the background I chose to use is basically a photo I did a while ago
and its Christmas lights Blured out so they were quite a distance away
I used my Canon 1.4 focused on something close and he’s got that blur here which looks quite nice so for now I’ll use that centered on the background
and then we start putting on some text so and if I go the main logo there so if I
used and centre that. That’s just the name and channels of ZulfPhotography enough
chose to use corbel text regular 140 sizing in the middle at the moment which
looks about right and add some headers is at all so I wasn’t
sure what to add but i just put something like I talked about photography and
stuff as the title select that centre that there we go I just bring it down a bit maybe
center that again and then maybe below that’s or something like
my Title is for now I’m thinking I make it more fun later on but for now
im keeping it formal so published a photographer with multiple photos in
multiple magazines and digital content creator fancy title for YouTube video creator guy so I centre it up and grab that okay and back there that looks
about you okay I think I’m keeping it white and if I chuck a few social media logos goes in there so let’s do that social and okay you select bring them
about here maybe and see how this looks save it there opps selected CD Drive not there ask it again just something not known on
the CD drive safe for you to cover the oh let’s try the PNG and then I’ll try a
JPEG PNG save okay I’m gonna see if I can do this all the lights for you touch
a lot there so that computer from there over here and then you are just creating
the chairs like gonna click great orchid why did Oh mr. Chanin art would you cover okay so
you do to create a while to same thing that’s what he was so cloning that now
let’s see how it looks hmm no man select let’s see what that
looks like saving saving doing doing and hate that it’s come

Dereck Turner

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  1. Zulf Photography says:

    Branding on your channel is very important.Have you got a custom banner setup yet?

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