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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. Today we are gonna make a box into a picture frame and so what we’re gonna be using is a one of those like low-calorie meal
boxes it’s the perfect size for making a five
by seven picture frame So, what we’re gonna first do is need a picture we’re going to need some double stick tape a X-Acto knife, scissors, ruler a box just one either duct tape or washi tape and a glue gun might come
in handy so I’m gonna have that just in case First thing we’re gonna do is take our box and we’re gonna open it up you should
be able to find that there is a little edge here that you can just easily open it up what’s great about these boxes is they’re
exactly the right size if you just trim out this part here so, you just take your ruler and just line
it up right along that fold line and you can take
your X-Acto knife and just follow that line along now save
these little pieces because you will end up using those as well I’m just gonna cut those off right there and cut this one right and cut this one right here. Now you
should find if you don’t have this kind of a box which is possible that a cereal box works just as well you’re
gonna cut out both I’ve already cut out one of mine so I have one set aside here you’re gonna find that this is the exact
perfect size this is a four by six picture and my picture frame is going to end up
being seven-and-a-half by 6 so this is a four… yeah, four by six so we’re adding an inch-and-a-half either side. So if
you’ve got a five by seven frame and you want to make the same thing then it
would be a a six-and-a-half by eight-and-a-half piece of cardboard. Ok anyway we’re gonna make our little frame so what
we’re first gonna do is we’re gonna just place that in the center there and we’re gonna measure down what we
wanna do is have a little ridge around the outside there so by measuring
here I see that I want to take it down about
an inch. Now I’m lucky here because my ruler is exactly one-inch so I’m gonna just lay it along that side there and using a pen I’m just gonna draw one side, take it around to the other side two sides the third side and the fouth side. This is gonna give me the area that I cut out for my picture
frame see if I was to place this here you
would see that this will overlap my picture a little tiny bit you
wanna make sure that that happens because if it was exactly the same size
your picture would fall out So now I’m gonna take my X-Acto knife I’m gonna lay my ruler down and I’m gonna cut right along these lines just to cut out the window cut it around and last one like this and you just pop it out. Now what’s really fun is the next part
which is decorating. Now what you want to do is put your base
decorations down now I’ve gotten really into washi tape of late and what I really love about washi tape is it’s got this really really kind of cool
translucent quality about it and the other thing
that’s really fun about it is that kids young hands can rip this and tear this
anyway they want to it’s really easy as opposed to duct tape but you could cover this frame with duct
tape if you prefer so as you can see I’m just putting my washi tape down and I’m gonna put it on this side here I’m just following the lines right along just placing it down and what I’ve done is gone from edge to
edge so I don’t have to worry about wrapping anything anything at all if you have some that sticks over the
edge just wrap it back like that. Now I’m gonna jump ahead here I’ve already got this one done and what I
want to do next is glue this to this leaving this side open so that I
can slide my picture in now what I’ve done, flip this over here is you see that these are exactly the
same size what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna trim of about half an inch and why I’m gonna do that is because
this is the back of my frame this will make it easier for me
to get my photograph in and out now what I want to do here is place my frame and get my picture so that I know it looks really good there
kind of situated here I’m gonna put a little bit of glue or double stick tape around the outside
so I just wanna make sure that that’s good and that lines up that’s great
so now what I’m gonna do is take my double stick tape and I’m gonna lay it right along the edge of my photo there not on my photo but along the edge of it see that right there along the edge. I’m gonna
do it on the other side right along the edge not on it but right next to it I’m gonna do that with the last piece here. Now if you want to you can use hot glue or regular glue but I’m gonna use double stick tape just cuz it’s going to make it nice and flat okay so I don’t know if you can see that
but you can see there’s a little line a little U all the way around
there now I’m gonna take my frame line it up over top making sure that
all the edges are lined up push it down really good. Okay now what I’m gonna do is seal off these edges with my washi
tape now if I want to I could use a different
patterns which could be kinda fun I’m just going to take this right here
and I’m doing like I always do with my duct tape half on half off so I’ve got my washi tape
half on half off so that I can fold it over to the
back there we go. Make that nice and pretty and just trim that edge there and now I’m gonna do this around on the other side here there it is. I love these colors that the washi tape comes in and they have all these really neat patterns and all these old different styles that are kinda cool I just I just think it’s pretty neat the
different things that they have in the washi tapes and I’ve been really having a lot of fun playing with them. now you don’t want to use them with the
duct tape because they tend to peel off of the duct tape but
anything that’s like paper or cardboard they’re great. Okay so I’m gonna put my one last piece here to seal this end and then I’ll just have one last one for this edge here and my picture frame is almost done now to
make my picture frame stand I’m gonna make myself a very quick n easy little stand See and this folds over you can see my
pocket is still there see the pocket so now I can take my
picture slide it right in and fits perfectly sometimes you need to pop this end up just a tiny bit just to
get it down in there but see how my picture now fits perfectly right there so now to make the little stand remember those pieces I said don’t worry about throwing them away cuz you’re gonna use those well here’s what we’re going to do gonna take those edges from the box and we’re gonna actually turn these into the stand I want one long one and one short one so see this place where it bends over
like that we want that keep that that’s gonna get glued to the top here
we’re gonna put the second one right here and glue it on top this is the short side it’s going to get glued right under that
fold over flap okay then do you see here at the bottom we’re just gonna fold it up where it came to that edge there keeping that edge open. Now what we do take a little bit of glue and you can use your tape here too. Glue it down right at the top and then glue it down right at the bottom and that gives you a perfect stand. And there you have it a picture frame made from a recycled you know meal box, and washi tape. That’s it. Then if you want to you can
always add a little bling you know, like this one here. Because bling should never be underrated. For more great ideas made out of recycled things come check us out at

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