How to Make a Shadow Box Picture Frame : Taping Glass for Shadow Box Frame

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip I will be talking about taping off the glass. Now that we have completed
our final sanding we need to prepare our work piece to be able to stain it. What we’re going
to have to do is tape off the glass, because when we do stain it we’re not going to want
the stain to get onto the glass especially since we made our frame with the glass piece
so that it can not be removed. First I’m going to cover my glass with masking tape. I’m going
to get as close to the frame as I can but I’m going to leave a little bit hanging off
as extra. Next I’m going to work in both sides with a putty knife just so that I can get
in as close as I can to that glass. After that I’m going to take a razor blade and I’m
going to cut my tape away, all that excess. We are going to continue doing this with the
entire front side of the glass, then we’re going to flip over our frame and do it with
the entire back side of our glass. This is going to ensure us that when we stain it and
finish it, there will be no stain that will get on the glass and no finish that’s going
to get on the glass.

Dereck Turner

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