How to Make a Bachelorette Party Picture Frame : How to Glue Ribbon on a Picture Frame

PAMELA YAGER: Okay, now that I’ve cut my little
pieces of ribbon which I’m going to put on my frame, I need to decide what I’m going
to use to put on there and make it adhere. And I’ve decided glue stick is going to work
best for this project ’cause we’re using glass and this ribbon material and that’s what’s
going to work best. Now, working with a glue stick can sometimes be a little bit tricky
because sometimes glue sticks clump and sometimes, if you’re using it a certain direction, the
ribbon sticks together so what you’re going to do is place your finger on one end and
push away from yourself with the glue stick. Go away in the opposite direction just keep
your fingernail on there and put it like that. I’m gonna, actually, put the glue on first
and we’re putting the ribbons on the side, on the frame first. And you can move it around
a little bit and push it into place to make sure that was the first one over on this side.
And you start from one end and just press lightly to make it stick to the frame. And
now we’re going to do our next one and place it on the opposite side and the reason why
we’re putting it on the–each of the sides first is because–then when we put our ribbon
on the top, it’s going to cross over and make a nice corner and I like when corners are–look
all like we’ve planned it out and we have. There we go, and now we’re going to do the
one at the bottom and while I put this on, we’ll start getting ready for our next project.
We’ve–embellishing the ribbon. It’s starting to look good already, I like it. Stay tuned,
we’ll be coming up with the next embellishing in a second.

Dereck Turner

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