How to Hide/Unhide any Folder/Album in MIUI Gallery? [In HINDI]

How to Hide/Unhide any Folder/Album in MIUI Gallery? [In HINDI]

Hello, Welcome to IT ADDA! If you are watching this video today, Probably you are one of those MIUI Users… Who have hidden any Album/Folder in the Gallery. But… Unable to Unhide them. Or.. You may be one of them who is trying to hide any Album/Folder in the Gallery Well, In this video, I’m going to show you both of them. So, Hello and Welcome again. This is Bishnu Mahali. Let’s Get Started! Hello and Welcome again. As i am showing you How to Hide or Unhide any Folder/Album Let me show you how to hide a Folder/Album first. First of all open the Gallery app. Swipe and go to the Album Tab. Now let’s select any folder/album to Hide. I am hiding this Pinterest folder in this video. Just Tap and Hold on the Folder/Album for options. Now if you can see, There is the Hide option in the third postion. Just click on it to Hide the Folder. See, it’s gone from the Gallery. Boom!! There is only one way to get it back. It will not be shown in the Gallery now. To bring it back or Unhide you need to go to Settings There is no benefit of searching the setting here that we need to change. I tried it, that setting does not appears in the search result. So, just scroll down here and go to System Apps Now click on Gallery Now scroll down a little bit and you will see an option syaing, Show Hidden Albums. By default this option is turned off. Just turn it on by tapping on the switch button on the right side. Now lets get back to the gallery to see the result As you can see now, its showing the hidden folders. That’s Pinterest that we hid right? Now lets unhide it. To unhide any Folder/Album just Tap and Hold on its name. Now as you can see. The third option is to Unhide the album/folder. Go ahead, Just Click on it. See the Album is successfully unhidden. You can do the same for all the folders/albums that you want. let me show some more.. So that’s it for Today. If you liked the video! Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss our new videos. That’s it for now. See you in the next video. Till then, Stay Connected! Have a Good Day! Thanks for Watching!

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