How to Hang a Picture : Techniques for Grouping Various Sizes of Wall Hangings

How to Hang a Picture : Techniques for Grouping Various Sizes of Wall Hangings

My name is Craig Hale and I am an interior
decorator and I am helping Expert today to talk about ways to decorate your
walls and different types of objects to decorate with and also how to even arrange it on your
wall. I have already started hanging some pictures on this wall. Now what I am doing
I got three prints, two vertical rectangles and one horizontal rectangle. So what I want
to do is create an asymmetrical but balanced scheme here with the three different prints.
So what I am going to do I have already found I really like this main print to hang on.
What I am going to do next is to hang this oil painting or acrylic I should say underneath
it. I am going to fill this wall with these three objects. One of the things that you
need not really think about when you are doing this is the space between the bottom of your
print and the top of your second print. Do not hang them so high that there is not enough
breathing room between the two. A good three inches should do it. Now I am going to take
this one and center it just above the bottom of the print. Take my pencil and mark it top
of it. What I always do is take my finger and my thumb and hang the wire from there
and just visually sort of fudge it. So now you have hung this piece here just slightly
off center instead of having it low. We have hung it actually at a 5 foot center you so
when you come into the room you can actually see this print and it works. What also helps
tie these three images together even though there are totally different are these back
frames. We have got several different objects. It is always nice to mat them in a frame.
It just sort of pulls them into a group and kind of creates cohesiveness to the whole
grouping. Another thing that really works well is that what you got is blue and red
color scheme here that helps to pop off the blue wall behind it. So this is really a quick
and easy way to hang this different prints and different paintings and create a nice

Dereck Turner

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  1. Heer Khan says:

    very poorrr nothing should be hanged below ur eye level

  2. Heer Khan says:

    poor it is and i can see whats ur eye level and even the grouping is pathetic

  3. scraptabulous22 says:

    would the paintings suck less if they had breathing room

  4. noaahe nah says:

    vissually sorta… Fudge it…. thgeehhhhhthhh

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  6. Ernest Reschke says:

    I recommend you get The Picture Stick at wwwpicturehangingprocom. Best tool for hanging arrangements.

  7. Terrence Gold says:

    god the lisp is annoying

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