How To Hang a Picture at the Right Height

How To Hang a Picture at the Right Height

Hi, my name is Hersh Litvack
and welcome to this short video on how to hang a picture at the right height.
For many years I’ve gone into so many properties and in most cases, pictures are hanging a
little higher than they should be. So in about 60 seconds I am going to show
you how to do it and get it exactly at the right height.
Use your nose to mark the height of the picture so it makes it really easy when I . Take the
tape measure and measure 63 inches. On me that is to my nose, but find out where 63
inches hits you on your body – your forehead, your chin and wherever it is that is how you
are going to do this next step. So remembering that 63 inches is my nose,
I am going to hold the picture up with a pencil in my hand and I’m going to get it to about
25% or one third of the height. And there’s my nose touching the picture and
that is about 25% of the entire length of the picture.
So I just push my body on it a little bit, take the pencil and make a little mark and
I turn the picture around. I hold up the wire that comes across the back
and I measure up. On here it shows about 5 1/2 inches.
I take the tape measure and from where the mark is I go down 5 1/2 inches and mark it. Then I take a picture hanger. One little tip:
people see the mark and then they put the nail in the mark to hang the picture and then
the picture will actually hang below that. Make sure that the bottom of the picture hanger
is on the mark you made and hammer it in. Little trick: take your hand and put it backwards
against the wire and this way you can feel where the hook is.
It hangs really easily. Slide it over, get it level and done.
Hanging a picture at the proper height in less than 60 seconds. I hope this helps.
Thanks. Call me anytime at 905-764-6000

Dereck Turner

13 thoughts on “How To Hang a Picture at the Right Height

  1. Ernest Reschke says:

    Hersh, recommend you check out The Picture Stick instead of using your nose as a guide. The Picture Stick elimates all the steps you just described…too frustrating and complicated. wwwpicturehangingprocom

  2. Emma L. says:

    I like your video! However, I am short and the picture will be too low if I use the tip:)

  3. redfridge19 says:

    this was a good quick tip and worked very well – thanks

  4. An RN says:

    great recommendation but if the person's short this will not work… judging from the video if one has a low ceiling hang the pif at least 6 inches from the ceiling?

  5. Joseph Shuster says:

    If you follow (all) his instructions, everyone would mount the picture at the same height. Your own height is irrelevant.

  6. Chloe Taylor says:

    This man looks pretty fancy to be hanging a picture.

  7. Patrice says:

    Help I watched another video and now my picture is to high is there a way to calculate how low I can go without the original nails holes showing?

  8. Abdul Kadir says:


  9. Shantel Fullerton says:

    working with a tree has become much simpler with stodoys plans.

  10. Jason Tubalado says:

    Hi Hersh Team. Does this rule apply to all kinds of size paintings. We have a large 6.4feet by 3.2feet panoramic painting. May we solicit for your professional opinion with the proper height on the wall? Much obliged.

  11. Hiinndd says:

    love his energy

  12. Brent Pearcy says:

    I feel sorry for midgets and dwarfs

  13. Belligerent Instigator says:

    What if you are really tall?

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