How to Hang a Perfectly Level Picture Frame or Mirror

JacobKurtenbach: Hello, everybody. Jacob Kurtenbach with Today, we’re going to hang this pretty mirror
over this nice dresser here. What you’ll want to have is a pencil, tape,
a rag, some hangers, and a small level and a big level. Then just if we need, I brought in here a
hammer and putty knife. If you need to get a nail out, you would put
it through like so and then you could pull your nail out without putting a hole in your
wall. So there’s that, we’ll just put this over
here off to the side. All right. So these are the picture hangers that we have. If our cameraman would come on up close here. These have three holes for three nails, and
they’re meant for 100 pounds. I just like to go a little bit heavy, you
don’t want anybody getting hurt. This picture mirror is extremely heavy. We have the other level that’s down here. We need to take some measurements to figure
out how this is going to sit on the wall. We’re going to go ahead and pick this up,
spin it around, and now a couple of things that we want to figure out first here is the
overall length of the mirror. We go ahead and go, it’s 53 and 3/4 here,
and if we don’t want to use our brains too much, we just fold the tape measure. 53 and 3/4, so that puts us, if you look down
there, you can see we’re at 26 and 3/4, or 26 and 7/8. Now we’re going to go ahead and pull to the
center. 26 and 7/8, right there, and then we have
it written down, so that’s the center. Now we want to check these hooks here, and
measure off to the side to make sure that they’re both in the same spot, which they
are. They’re both at three-quarters of an inch. Now we’re going to go ahead and measure in
between, so this is going to be 47 and 5/8. 47 and 5/8. We’re going to measure this one more time,
just because. 47 and 5/8. No, that’s 47 and 3/4. Now we’re going to fold our tape in half again. 47 and 3/4 is going to be 23 and 7/8. We’ll write that down, 23 and 7/8. Now we know, once we find our center, we pull
23 and 7/8 that way and 23 and 7/8 to the right, and that’s where we will be putting
our hooks in order to hang our mirror. Now we want to go ahead and measure from the
bottom, and we want to make sure that these are even. This one is 31 and 3/4, and this one over
here is 31 and 3/4. We can write that down, 31, 3/4. Now that we have all these measurements here,
now we can start placing stuff on the wall. I measured from the bottom because we know
where the bottom of the mirror is going to go. You can also measure from the top, if you
know where the top of the mirror is going to go. Now, you would just measure down and have
your top line and measure down to where this is. You can also, if you’re trying to figure out
where to hang the mirror to the center, you’re going to need to find out where the center
measurement is, and then measure up from that to where the hooks will be hanging from. We’re going to check this. We want the mirror, it’s about two and a half
inches off this dresser, so we’ll go ahead and pull these pieces of tape off. They’re just as a guide, we don’t necessarily
need them anymore now that we have our one measurement that we need. We’ll put a piece of tape right here, that’s
about center. We go two and a half inches. Right here, just about. We don’t need it perfect. THere’s two and a half high, and now we’re
going to get the length here. We’re at 64, so that’s 32. 32 to center. A little bit off here, all right. Now we have our cross there. So now, we want a piece of tape, because we’re
going to be going up 31 and 3/4. Now, we can go ahead and climb on up here. We pull our piece of tape, put it on there,
as straight as possible, and then we’ll measure up 31 and 3/4. 31, 31 and 3/4, right there. Okay. Then now, we’ll put some wings on here. Now, cameraman, will you please hand me the
level? Probably should have gotten a little bit shorter
level here, but first what you’re going to want to do is you want to … you can get
back a little bit. You need to measure center. So we have our center, and we’re going to
put our level on here, and we only need one mark. You don’t need to do the whole wall, but there’s
center. Now we have our other mark here, which is
our 31 and 3/4, so we have our cross again. Now we need the cameraman’s hand here. Let me get it level, and then you can grab
that side. All right, you got that? Thank you. Okay. Here we go. Just set that back down on the ground, please. Thank you. So we started with our mark at the bottom,
two and a half inches up. We went to, I believe, it was 31 and 3/4 to
our line in which our hook is going to be hanging on in order to hold the mirror. Right here we got lucky, the hooks are even
on the back of the mirror. If they’re a little off at this point, this
is when you need to measure. Like, if it’s an eighth inch off, you’d just
measure up and eighth of an inch on this side, but you still need to get your center line
in order to make sure that the mirror is going to be sitting on a center line, or picture
or whatever you’re hanging that has two hooks, because this is the key here. Now we’re going to go ahead and measure from
the center. We want to do 23 and 7/8. Let’s see here. 23 and 7/8. 23, 7/8. Here’s another little cross. We’ve got 23 and 7/8 from this side. Now, to make sure that your measurements are
right, we can double-check that we’re at 47 and 3/4. I’ll go from there over to here, and there
we are. 47 and 3/4. If you get in close here, you can see how
I have my line going across, and then I put a straight-down line, and then I circle it,
so then I know, that’s exactly where I want my hook. Now, we will go ahead, and what I like to
do best is I’ll stick a nail right into that spot like so, and then I can come on over
here and I can set this directly on top there, and then start my nail. I just use a … this is my hammer that I
use all the time, tape measure hammer. Now, you notice, I actually hit a stud, so
it’s a good thing we brought the hammer. If cameraman could please hand me a hammer. Most of the time, you don’t hit a stud, and
it goes in real easy. There we go. We’ll leave it a little loose because we want
to be able to pull the tape out from behind it. We can just go ahead and pull our tape out
from behind it like so. Okay. Let’s see. Here’s the hammer, and right on here. All right. Now that’s one solid hook there. We’re going to go ahead and cruise on over
to the other side. Okay. Again, we’re going to put one nail right here
in the center of our cross, and then we want to set our hook directly on top. Then go ahead and get that started. Let’s see. So tape measure. Hit another stud, what do you know. This never happens unless I’m shooting videos. We don’t want it all the way in, so I can
go ahead and get my tape out from behind there. Now we can go ahead and pull this down. We’ll go ahead and leave our center one to
see how good we did. Cameraman: Swish. JacobKurtenbach: Nothing but [inaudible 00:12:54]. All right. I’m going to go ahead and clean this little
area up here, and we’re going to go ahead and hang this. All right. You get that side. You set your side up on
the hook first. You good? Cameraman: Yeah. JacobKurtenbach: All right. There’s that. Okay. Here you are, cameraman. Now if you go ahead and look here, we have
a nicely hung mirror. You can see, we’re just about right on that
line. We’re just a little bit off. If you go to the face of it, then it’s probably
perfect. Let’s grab this. There we go, perfect. Two and a half inches off, just what we wanted. Now we can go ahead and put this underneath
it and see that we are right in the bubble. All right. There we have it, folks. Jacob Kurtenbach with The Man Services. Hopefully this helped you on educating you
how to hang pictures or mirrors or anything with two hooks. If you have any questions or comments, please
let me know and I’m happy to answer them. Thank you very much, have a nice day.

Dereck Turner

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