How to Free Up Space on iPhone (& Never Worry About It Again)

How to Free Up Space on iPhone (& Never Worry About It Again)

– Since most iPhone users
don’t stray too far from iOS, when they upgrade from their iPhone, it’s typically to a new iPhone. Now when they do this things like photos, app data, contacts, everything is transferred directly to the new phone via iTunes. Now combine that with the fact that when these users buy a new iPhone, they don’t generally get
the larger storage size. They keep with the same
storage size they had, and you can see how over time, that’s a pretty good formula
for running out of space. Since it’s one of the biggest things that my friends and
family ask me help with, I figured I would do a quick video to show you how you can free up storage and space on your iPhone, and not only that, but also some little tricks
and apps that can help you never have to worry about it again. So first up we shouldn’t
go into this blindly right? So. Thankfully, iOS actually has a feature
within it that can show you who the largest culprits of storage are. To get to it, go to Settings, General, Storage & iCloud Usage, and then click Manage
Storage under Storage. From here you’ll see a
list of all of the apps that are taking up the
most storage on your device in size order from the largest at the top, all the way down to the
smallest at the bottom. Chances are if you did that check, Photos is probably somewhere near the top, and probably by far. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to use an
app called Google Photos to upload all of the photos
that are on your phone and your videos, and then automatically do so from now on. When that happens, we’re going to delete all
of your camera roll photos, therefore saving you a crap-ton
of storage on your phone. Now you may be wondering, “How do I still see all of those photos?”. The Google Photos app actually
allows you to view them without them taking up storage space, so long as you the Google Photos app instead of your regular photos app. And then if you want to
share them or anything else, it just downloads them as needed, again saving a lot of storage. To use this we’re gonna
head to the App Store and search for and install Google Photos. Open it once it’s installed and then log in or sign up. Keep in mind that this is free and also it will allow you
to back up unlimited photos, so long they’re at a certain quality. But trust me, that quality is much higher than most photo-sharing
services will ever need. Then click Settings, and select to automatically
back up your photos, or just select it when prompted
during the setup process. Now connect to a Wi-Fi
network at this point to speed up the process. And this will also make sure that it uploads your videos as well. Tap the menu icon at the top left, then tap on Assistant and just make sure that
you see it backing up. At this point you can just wait, because it’s going to take a while. Once it says it is done, type in
into your browser, log in with the same Google account that you used to log into
the app on the phone with, and then just kinda go
through it and make sure that it looks like it grabbed
all of your photos and videos. So next up we’re going
to get rid of the photos in the camera roll. Again please make sure that you’ve done another
back up of your photos, not just the Google Photos, just in case. Now unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have a way to do this without literally tapping
each one individually and deleting them that way. But the Google Photos app since it, just knows that this probably
what you’re doing with it, apparently, has a way to do it for you. So just re-open the Google Photos app, tap the menu icon at the top left, then tap Settings, under free up device
storage tap Free Up Space and follow the prompts to finish the job. From then on you’ll have all of that storage reclaimed, and again you can just go
into the Google Photos app to check out all of your
photos from the past. So the next app, you probably wouldn’t think of as one that would be
taking up a lot of storage. But because iOS saves all of your photos, and all of your conversations
in the Messaging app, messages can actually
be a huge storage hog. Now by default, iOS actually saves all of
your messages indefinitely. Literally says the word, forever, in there. So, since you probably don’t need it forever, we’re gonna change that
to the lowest it can be, which is 30 days. To do that head to Settings, Messages, and then under Message
History tap Keep Messages, and change it from Forever to 30 days. The next biggie for most people is Music. So the truth is that you don’t really need your entire library of 10,000 songs on your phone at all times. I mean you’re only gonna listen
to a small portion of that, if we’re honest, and chances are you probably have Wi-Fi, or at least Data Connectivity
most places you go. So a really good solution
to save a lot of space, is to use some type of streaming service. Now there are a bunch of them out there. I personally use Spotify, it’s $10 a month for the service. It allows you to search
for basically any song, and you can play that right away in case you have a craving for a song, otherwise you just tap Save to Device and it’ll actually download specific songs in case you wanna use them
and have them at all times, or if you live in a city that has a subway system for example. So what if you have your own music library on your phone or your computer, say from Cds or wherever
else you got them from, Spotify wouldn’t be a great solution, neither would most of the
other streaming services. But Apple actually has their
own streaming add-on for iTunes called iTunes Match. Now essentially what
this allows you to do, is it allows you to
upload all of your music, whether it’s from iTunes or not
up to iCloud through iTunes, and then stream that music
directly to any of your iDevices, and also save them to your device, all that similar stuff that
I mentioned with Spotify. So if you’re interested in doing that, you can set it up by going
on the phone to Settings, Music, Subscribe to iTunes Match. Then on your computer you’re
gonna download and open iTunes, and then you can add your
music to the library in iTunes and have it upload to iCloud. And there you go, that probably covers the biggest ones, and probably has already
stopped you from getting that warning that you
are running out of space, which is what prompted you to find this video in the first place. Now if you do want other ways of saving even more storage on your phone, I actually wrote them all out
in the article for this video, so click the link below
to be taken to my site where you can see all of that. If there are other ways you
guys know to free up storage, please leave them in the comments below. Always love to see them, and they’ll help other people as well. If you enjoyed this video, please thumbs-up it or share it, it is greatly appreciated, and if you want more videos like this, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also reach out to me
on Twitter @theunlockr with the e missing in the word unlocker. And as always, thanks for watching.

Dereck Turner

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