How to Frame Pictures : What is Picture Matting?

How to Frame Pictures : What is Picture Matting?

My name is Amitavh Bhattacherji. I’m speaking
on behalf of Expert Village, and I represent my company, Abstract Frames and Supplies Private
Ltd, Calcutta, India. I have a picture with me which has been done on a board — a self-adhesive
board. Now, we are required to frame this picture. If we frame the picture directly,
we might take away a little bit of the picture, and the frame will cramp the picture. So to
give the picture a little breathing space, we are going to make a border around the picture.
This mat is an acid free mat, and it comes in 24-26 shades, and here we are using just
two shades, ivory on the both levels and there are two levels of mat. We first measure the
picture — the long side and the short side. As you see, the long side and the short side.
And then we cut a small piece of mat. The mat is basically a 1200mm board which comes
in various colors. It’s a huge sheet of 30-40 inches length and breadth, and from that we
have measured our picture, and we have cut half an inch for the inside first. The first
mat we have cut is the inside. This is cut using a mat cutter. It’s a very special mat
cutter because as you see the edges are at an angle of 45 degrees, to give the painting
a little depth. Plus, when your eye goes to the painting, it is not hitting the edge of
the mat, but it’s hitting the painting because there is a 45-degree angle to the mat. Then
we have cut the outside mat a little bigger than the picture, keeping this in mind. I’m
turning around the picture now. So first we cut the thin piece of mat to act as an inside
border. Then we have cut the outside mat, and we have joined the inside mat and two
levels of mat with this transparent tape. Then we put our picture on the mat and we
just make a hinge on the mat and the picture. As you may see here, we have made — we have
hinged the picture to the mat. We have not taped it on all sides, because we presume
that with our level of humidity and the weather conditions in our country, the picture might
expand. So we have left it to expand on three sides. And we have hinged it to the mat. And,
once again, turning around the picture, as you see that the picture is hanging inside
the mat. So even if it does expand, it will grow on these three sides. And it will not
move inside the picture. Thank you.

Dereck Turner

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