How to Frame Pictures in a Scrapbook : How to Make Sidebars in a Scrapbook

How to Frame Pictures in a Scrapbook : How to Make Sidebars in a Scrapbook

Hi, and welcome back to Expert Village. We’re
learning all about scrapbooking. And now we’re going to learn how to do sidebars. Sidebars.
This is a really simple design element. It’s probably one of my favorites. I use it a lot
in my scrapbook. But it’s a fun way to introduce some color; some different themes; create
a little bit of personality on your layout. A little spark on it. Yeah, a little pizzazz.
So what you’re going to do, this is our base paper, and you’re going to trim off our little
edge down here. That’s the piece of paper that has got the UPC code. I think I can do
that now. Ok. You can do this. So, you’re remembering you’re lining it up at the top.
Ok, let me see, just do this, make sure.. Yeah, and you can actually, if you want, you
can use the twelve inch guide over there. Oh, ok. Yeah, because the paper is 12 x 12.
You want to make sure you are up at the top. Up at the top, see, I would have to go over
some of the stuff. You can just go right smack up to the top. 12 x 12. Then move this down.
Exactly. Ooh, I’ve done something. I’m excited. Oops. Uh oh, what happens, ok, scissors, right?
Scissors, yeah. Well, straight scissors. Oh yeah. Unless you want. Oops. And when your
trimmer is doing that it just means either that you are not pressing hard enough, or
you need to replace the blade. You can actually turn the blade around, or you can sharpen
it by cutting through some foil. So you can do that to extend the life of your blade a
little bit. Really? Yeah. How interesting. That’s a cheap way to do it. It’s a cheap
way to do it. So fabulous. We’ve got that. So that’s out. Yeah. So now you’ve got your
piece of paper. We’re going to sort of put it right there on top of our scrapbook. You’re
going to cut a sidebar now, 2 1/2″ long, and I’ll hold this for you. Ok. So 2 1/2″ long.
Then lift this up and I make sure it’s on the 2 1/2″ mark. Right. Which would be right
there. Absolutely. Make sure this is against this… Against there, so it is nice and straight.
Ok. And, I can cut this way, right? Absolutely. I’m going to press hard and make sure. Yeah,
you have to press a little hard. You have to give it a little bit of a nudge. Oh, that’s
pretty cool, look at that. That’s great. So that’s our sidebar, and we’re putting that
on the outer edge of our paper. That’s going to be our left page of our double page spread.
Ok. So you want to use your tab dispenser, and put a little bit of adhesive on the back
of that. On the back of this? Right. Ok. Now, should I go here and here or.. I would do
one on each side. Yeah, a line on each side. Oh, look at those thingies. This is so cool.
One of the quickest and easiest ways to do your adhesive. There you go. Exactly. And,
oops, look at this then you have some little.. That’s ok. You just fold them down. Fold them
down a little bit. And line that up on your edge. Ok, make sure it is aligned. There you
go. So you got a good path. A sidebar. This is so cool. Now remember we talked a little
bit about creating some definition between the stripes and the polka dots? You can do
that with the border stickers. I saw you playing with the border stickers before. Yes, I was.
So why don’t you just pull one of those off, and you can kind of eye-ball it. This one
is my favorite. Ok. That’s the one I was playing with. And just sort of put it half on your
sidebar and half on the main page. Like this. Ok. And, so we’ve got a little bit of a leftover.
Little bit of a leftover? That’s ok. Should I just cut it? Yup, cut that with your scissors.
Again, I pick up the wrong scissors all the time. That’s ok. There are so many different
colors. What are you going to do? Ok, so we cut this… And you’re all set. And a little
bit here, and we’re done. There you go. There’s your sidebar. Fabulous. This is great. So
what are we going to learn next? Next, we’re going to learn symmetry and clustering next.
Clustering. Coming up next.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Anna As says:

    brilliant demonstration, thankyou

  2. lf H says:

    the video was too dark and i would have liked to see more up-close of what you were doing

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