How to Frame Pictures in a Scrapbook : How to Glue Photos in a Scrapbook

How to Frame Pictures in a Scrapbook : How to Glue Photos in a Scrapbook

Grace: Hi. Welcome back to Expert Village.
We’re here with Sonya Shepherd from The Crop Circle. I’m your host, Grace Fraga, from Fraga
Framing and Art Gallery. And we’re learning all about scrapbooking. So now we’ve done
most of the work, Sonya, and we need to learn how to glue this onto the mat.
Sonya: Exactly. Again, it’s your handy tab dispenser with double-sided sticky tape. You’re
going to run that back on both sides of your photo.
Grace: Like this. Sonya: Exactly like that.
Grace: With the little squares. Sonya: The little squares, got to love them.
Grace: I’m not sure the camera can pick that up, but there’s little squares all over. And
so, we just go ahead and… Sonya: Center that in the middle of the mat.
Grace: Center. So you have to have a really good eye for this.
Sonya: A really good eye, or a moderately good eye.
Grace: Yeah, well, I just like to brag. So, we put it here like we said.
Sonya: Right. Grace: Actually, it looks a little different.
Sonya: It looks a little different. Again, we’ve added a little bit of a width with the
matting. You can go over one and under another. You can mix and match with them.
Grace: I kind of like that. You kind of eyeball it.
Sonya: And this adhesive is great because while you’re working with it, you do have
a little bit of time to play around with it. Pull things up and work with it. But after
a little while you are going to–it is going to be permanent. So it’s sort of the best
of both worlds. You can take things down to the edges if you want. You can overlap as
much as you want. That sort of thing. But now we’ve got a pretty great layout.
Grace: It’s my little layout. Yes, I did it all by myself.
Sonya: Lots of fun. Look at that. Grace: I’m so proud of it. It looks great.
Sonya: Great, now… Grace: Thanks to me. No, I’m kidding.
Sonya: She did it all. Grace: Yes, all of it. All of the little glues
and everything. That’s great. Well, you are a great teacher.
Sonya: Thank you. Grace: You’re fantastic. This is what it can
look like, and we’re going to learn a little bit more about embellishments.
Sonya: Exactly. We have a little bit more work to do in terms of embellishments. We’re
going to do a couple more things to this layout, and we’re going to get into more depth in
another segment. Grace: Great. So stay tuned because this can
look even better.

Dereck Turner

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