How to Frame and Matte Pictures : How to Tape the Print to the Picture Frame

How to Frame and Matte Pictures : How to Tape the Print to the Picture Frame

Now we’ll check to see how the print looks.
It’s going to work perfect. So for this point, now we have to use tape. Different types of
tape. This is a very narrow tape here we use. Single sided. Used for matting. I would suggest
you use a wider tape here.
This tape here works much better. This here is too narrow actually. It’s for smaller pieces.
And now we’re ready to tape the print to put on the back of the matte board. Sometimes, like in a large print or picture
you’d use the double sided sticky back tape and then go over it with this type of tape.
But this is a small print so I’m going to go and use this tape here. It works very well.
I’ll get three sides down and then I’ll do the fourth side as I get it on to the picture.
It’s very tacky tape but it will stick very well to the back of the matte board. Now the
best way to get this centered actually is to put the print down face up. Take your matte
board, bevel edge up and center it. Get the matte board right where you want it and then
press down like so. We’ve got all three sides now adhered to the back of the matte board.
And you have it perfectly centered where you want it. And after that then I’ll go around
the back and push down hard. Make sure it’s all the way in. There we go. I had a little
bit of a wrinkle. Work that out. Now we’re ready for the last and the final piece of
tape. Make sure you run your nail down there around
the edge. Get it nice and tight. It should be good. There we go.

Dereck Turner

10 thoughts on “How to Frame and Matte Pictures : How to Tape the Print to the Picture Frame

  1. Winslow Macdonald says:

    its actually better for the picture to only be mounted on the top side that way the picture can hang and gravity will keep it flat , sometimes it tends to wringle if you suspended from all sides.

  2. John Brian Silverio says:

    This is a nice tutorial, thank you. However, I agree with winbec01. You almost never tape all sides. I think that is overkill. It does wrinkle the picture after a while. Two short strips of acid-free tape on top will hold it in place.

  3. Ruth Taylor says:

    I can't disagree more kmp, Yes, using tape around all 4 sides is not good, but not using any kind of tape, the picture will slide inside the frame eventually once its closed.
    I use archival clear corners on all my backing boards to mount the picture. That way the picture can be held in place and the mat board placed over top. Then the picture can be taken out anytime in the future if needed with no worry of tape sticking to the picture.

  4. Jan P says:

    Don't use this kind of tape, neither on all four sides, nor anyplace else. Use a thin acidfree tape, made of rice-paper. Hinge the picture to the mat upper side, with only two or three tapes. The picture should be hanging free at the mat upper side. To avoid wrinkles and to get the fre space. Look up instruction sites on the net.

  5. cu29640 says:

    Why do they have to stick anything on the print? If its a valuable piece, any type of adhesive will ruin it. Why can't you just use pressure from the pieces behind and squeeze them tight up against the matte like a sandwich?

  6. mrwashur1991 says:

    @sheim1 youre so fucking right hahaha

  7. Jean Egan says:

    I completely agree! I had to stop the video when I saw that he was taping all sides. His other video cutting the mat was helpful, though.

  8. Romana Merlene says:

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  9. Romelia Polly says:

    I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

  10. Elizabeth Slaughter says:

    wow, that is COMPLETELY wrong

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