How To Find the Size Of A Group Of Files On A Mac

How To Find the Size Of A Group Of Files On A Mac

hello everyone today I want to share
with you a really simple trick that I think could help some of you out
there. So the back story is that I was working
with a client of mine recently who had just switched from a Windows PC over to a Mac and one of the things that
this woman would do quite often is she would take a bunch of
photos put them on a flash drive and then take them to one of these
little kiosks to get them printed out. So she needs to know how many photo she could fit because the flash drive she had wasn’t that big so she asked me
how do you total up multiple files find other total size. And I realized that I didn’t actually to know the way to do
this but I found a little trick and i thought id share with you. I figure if I
didn’t know how to do it then there are going to be a few others out there
who maybe didn’t as well. So you may be aware that when you click on one individual file and hit “Command I” as in “info” that’s what you get. You get
info on whatever it is whether it’s a document, application or a video. So this one image in
this case is 281 kilobytes but here’s the problem if you select
multiple images or multiple whatever and hit command I check out you get. You get a window for every single one of these so how do you resolve that? It’s pretty simple actually
just at the Option key. So if you press command option and the letter “I” while clicked on
multiple files this is what you get; you get the tally
right there 9.8 megabytes And that works for everything
from documents, movies, applications you name it so i hope i helped me out if you enjoy this little short video Please press that little “like” button if
you’re watching us on YouTube leave us a comment and we’ll
see you next time that’s all for me everyone class dismissed

Dereck Turner

43 thoughts on “How To Find the Size Of A Group Of Files On A Mac

  1. jgil_27 says:

    Great tip, I a Mac user myself didt know that. Thanks

  2. Kasper Lilholm says:

    Thank you for the help 🙂

  3. Leonardo Casamayor says:


  4. Samuel Thomas says:

    Thanks for the Tip. Super Helpful!! 🙂
    Btw, Is it just me or is the Desktop Background a Bit Distracting?

  5. applelover53 says:

    Great tip thank you

  6. R21 says:

    Hi, I'm a new Mac user, and all the symbols on the menus are really confusing me. Would it be possible for you to make a video showing each key and their corresponding symbol?

  7. Avrum Golub says:

    Thank you, David.

  8. ricnev says:

    David – Great tip! … But – you say you didn't know how to do this before you were asked about it. How did you find out what to do? I like to help people to help themselves, so I'm always looking for ways to tell people where to go to get answers.

  9. Noah S says:

    In the new photos application how do you put a album inside of another album I know you can do that in iPhoto but I'm just not sure how you can do that on the new photos app

  10. Master says:

    Great tip David. Thanks!

  11. MrKLC1974 says:

    Another option is to put all the files in a folder and get info on the folder

  12. Rick Anderson says:

    Great information!  Thanks!

  13. Tim datoolman says:

    Great tip David, thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Alan Klughammer says:

    Very awesome, thanks.

  15. Richard Forester says:

    Great "microwave" video.  Thanks David!

  16. JoanneTala says:

    Always wanted to know this. Thanks!!

  17. Jim Urban says:

    Thank you, David.  I like this little tip or trick.  Learning a "tip of the day" results in increased productivity over time and sharing it with others makes for a little fun.

  18. Tracey Francis says:

    Hi David

    I would really like it if you could do a video on how to get a portable hard drive that was previously used on a pc but now only on my iMac-how I can stop the files being 'read only' and delete some of them etc. I don't want to delete the whole hard drive as it was previously my back up system etc. if you have done a video like this would appreciate the link. Thanks

  19. bossman696 says:

    VERY helpful!  I have this issue quite often.  This tip will be very useful and is very much appreciated!

  20. Cv Anil says:

    thanks,david…..was looking for it for some time

  21. Tobi says:

    Helped me a lot, THANKS! I failed with this problem several times 😀

  22. joed596 says:

    Thanks, Dave!    thumbs up,  Joe    🙂

  23. Leon Martinez says:

    thanks for the info, windows showed the total in the status bar but mac only showed the total volume size and how many where selected, now i know how to get the total sum of files

  24. 1CivilRightsActivist says:

    Great tip!

  25. brakmaster says:

    Omg you are the man.  You don't know how long I was trying to figure this one out.  Keep these kind of videos coming David!

  26. Sergei Jonovich says:

    Simples…… when you know how! And now I do, many thanks!

  27. Bharath Sivakumar says:

    HI David
    I really like your channel and have Subbed to PCO but i wanted to say that I am a windows user…. an it would be really great if you could maybe make more videos in windows… I know first and foremost that you are a mac user but i feel that with the way that you lay out the videos as well as how you teach can benefit some of the windows users as well…

    PS I know that this is completely irrelevant to the video but i just wanted to get this out there

  28. Jennifer Hume says:

    Cool Tip!  Photoshop User published a list called "Special Symbols for MAC.pdf" which I keep on my Mac desktop.

  29. John Constable says:

    scroll to 1:11 to cut the crap. very good advice though, thanks

  30. Pozitif Akademi - Öykü Büyükdere Pozitif Psikoloji says:

    I've been looking for a Mac answer online without much luck, thought I might have a chance to be answered here. I have an iMac and recently got a Macbook; is there a simple way to sync Mail (the app called Mail) on them. I use 5 active e-mail addresses and use Mail for all. If everything syncs on Mail on both computers, my life would be so easy! 🙂 Thanks in advance who takes the time to reply 🙂

  31. Spammer Whammer says:

    Wow! That is so helpful – thanks!

    PS Mac user since 1985, and I definitely did not know this. I wonder which version of Mac OS first included that keystroke combination?

  32. Charles Martel says:

    Cool video. But, I'm rather surprised that YOU didn't know though. 🙂 I think it's one of the first tricks I learned, when I switched from Linux, about 6-7 months ago. And before I got my new Mac from Apple, I watched quite a number of YOUR videos, in order to learn the basics of OS X. Didn't you mention that trick somewhere?

  33. Charles Martel says:

    Another way I sometimes use, if I want to know the total size of ALL the files in a given folder, is I'll navigate UP in the folder structure (by right-clicking the folder's name at top of the Finder's window and selecting the folder just below the current one) and get the size info for the folder itself, which is, in most cases anyway, exactly the same as that for all the files within.

  34. ThinkCleverAndSmart says:

    Sometimes, this happens by itself when selecting different files and selecting "show info". I don't really know why it just happens in some cases, so can you please tell me?

  35. Tan Anderson says:

    I love this! The trick and the short to the point tips.

  36. Jacob Klein says:

    Thnx a really helpful tip that I couldn't figure out

  37. theengineerbox says:

    Help me out?
    Hell, I've been doing it the long way of taking what files I need to find the group size of and moving them to their own folder and then getting the answer I need.
    Thank you so much for this tip 🙂
    This will make my life a lot easier now 🙂
    Keep them coming

  38. Pabitra Padhy says:

    yup, was looking for it.
    As usual windows users would definitely search this, So am I.

  39. Pritesh Patel says:

    nice trick, thanks for help

  40. Blazh Dimitrov says:

    Man, THANK YOU from bottom of my heart for this trick

  41. Let's Find Out! says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 Simple as that huh 🙂

  42. Parag Paliwal says:

    Thanks a lot sir, it really helped me a lot.

  43. Ezra Refael says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

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