How to figure out your artwork’s resolution (pixels per inch)

This is a sticker printed from
artwork that was 300 PPI– looks great. And this is a sticker printed
from artwork that was 100 PPI– not so great. In order to print the
best-quality stickers possible, we ask that your
artwork be at least 300 PPI, or Pixels Per Inch. It’s worth noting that you
might come across the term DPI, or Dots Per Inch. But when it comes to your
artwork’s resolution, PPI is all you need
to worry about. Figuring out your
artwork’s PPI is simple. First, check the
dimensions of your artwork. You can find this on a Mac
by right-clicking on the file and selecting Get Info or on a
PC by right-clicking the file and selecting Properties, then
navigating to the Details tab. Keep in mind that if your
artwork has empty space on the sides that you
don’t want printed, you should crop the
image first in order to accurately measure your PPI. Next, take the two numbers
that make up your dimensions– for example, 1,200 by 600– and divide them by your
desired print size– for example, 2 by 1. In this case, we have 600 PPI. This means we could actually
go for a bigger print if we wanted to. To check the maximum size your
artwork can be printed at, simply divide your
artwork’s dimensions by 300. Here, this leaves
us with 4 by 2, which means 4 inches by
2 inches is the biggest print you should go for. You can also plug your numbers
into the calculator on the link here and it will do
the math for you. If you have any questions,
feel free to let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out our
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Dereck Turner

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