How To Edit With Adobe Premiere Rush (On Your iPhone or iPad)

How To Edit With Adobe Premiere Rush (On Your iPhone or iPad)

– With Adobe’s new Premiere Rush, you can literally edit anywhere, right? – Yeah. – Even in the spa, and we’re gonna see how to
do it today on iOgrapher T.V. (slow pop music) I am absolutely thrilled
that Adobe recently released Adobe Premiere Rush. It is a tremendous
editing tool for mobile. The desktop version is just solid, especially for beginning editors. And I love the way it
incorporates with Premiere Pro. I wanna show you how
to dive in really quick and get editing and make
some cool videos right away. I think you guys will love
it, so let’s take a look. So here’s the Ru for Rush,
we’re gonna hit that once. And I actually was recently up in Napa and did a walk around town. I was there for a conference
but I walked around town with my head of sales, Amelia, and we were shooting low light stuff on the new iPhone XS Max because I wanted to do that
as a YouTube video for later, and it was just gorgeous. And then on the way home
on the airplane I thought, you know what, I’m gonna start
playing around with this, and I started to edit. In the Uber ride home I kept editing and I finished it within minutes really. It was amazing. So I’m just gonna tap on this once and show you kind of what I’ve done here. So here we are in the interface, we’re gonna open this up for a minute. Here I am giving an intro. Now the thing that you see pop up there, the graphic, the location graphic, that is something that, you
know, I have not seen before on editing systems on mobile. It is an amazing motion graphic template that you would find in like Premiere Pro or even Final Cut Pro, and it’s right here in
Adobe Premiere Rush. You can go in there and
edit colors, et cetera, we’ll get into that in a minute. But so here’s my video. I brought in my bumper here,
I brought in some stock music, and all kinds of stuff. And so let’s go in here and recreate this so you guys can see how easy it is. Now below here you’ll see these things that say diving and test, et cetera, these are all footage that comes on your Premiere Rush account that you can go in
there and practice with. So I think that’s cool too. So right away we’re gonna hit
the plus button down below, we’re gonna create a new project. Now you can take photos or video, and they have a really sweet video app that I will do a separate tutorial on because I really believe
it needs its own tutorial. Of course, if you’re using
Filmic Pro or Movie Maker, or any of those other filming apps, you don’t have to use it. You can just import your footage directly. So we’re gonna add media here, and I’m gonna go to my camera roll. And as I scroll down a little bit here, I’ll start to see the footage
I used over on my trip. So right away I wanna
grab this first one here. Now you notice it says number one, so it’s gonna come in in that order and layout on the timeline in that order. Now, I like that because I can kind of see what is going on. It’s kinda like a storyboard here, and I’m just picking and choosing what, the way I want my story to go. So there is my first intro. I’m gonna go into this
shot next, this shot next, and then we’re going to
scroll down a little bit. Let’s go to the bridge
area, which was up here. We’ll do that one there. We’ll bring in some more, like that one. And then we started to walk
around town a little bit, so I’ll bring that one
and I’m gonna come back to this shot here because
this is actually shot earlier but it looks like it’s nighttime, so I’m gonna throw that in there. I’ll pick a couple more. I don’t wanna make it too long right now. We’ll go into this one where
we kinda ended up walking. And if I need more, we
can always find more. So then I’m gonna go right
here and type in my project and I’m gonna call it A Night In Napa. Super cool. And then you see it says sync with CC, and that is actually
gonna sync this project with your Creative Cloud, and that will open later in
Premiere Pro if I want it to, and we’ll see how we do that too. So now we’re gonna create it. And it’s bringing in the
footage, preparing the media. And here it all is in the timeline. I can play it right now, it’ll go through everything.
– Hey guys, Dave– – But I’m gonna squeeze
these two apart here and now it’s spreading the timeline, so it’s like a zoom tool
with your two fingers, and we’re gonna look around
here and there’s my intro, then it goes into this
cool shot of the street, and then there’s the
restaurant we have dinner at, and then there was over
here on the bridge, and then we did a little more
looking here at the bridge, and then we started to
go out into the town, and here’s this beautiful
shot of these neon lights. I loved it. And then last but not least,
here is Amelia walking, and then I think I want to
end it up with a graphic and then probably my logo. So first of all, let’s look at
some of the tools down below from left to right. The plus button, of course, you press it, you can bring in more footage, you can bring in voiceovers,
which is a super cool thing, and you can do titles and media here. So we’re gonna get out
of that for a minute. This next one takes me
to the project panel in case I want to go
select something else. I don’t want that. The next one to that is really good. It allows you to do different things to your different layers. So one thing you should load,
and see how we have layers? So there’s the video layer,
there’s the audio layers, and it goes up and down. And so we can lock them,
if I press the lock. Maybe I’ve done all the
edits and I wanna lock it, I can do that. I highly recommend doing that when you’re starting to do more stuff. Here I can make it all mute if
I don’t need any audio at all and I can hide it if I want to. So that works with that. We’re gonna get out of that for a minute. Next is something that’s
super powerful, I think, is we can click on this and now we can change our aspect ratios. So if we are going to do
landscape like we have, 16×9, that’s, you know, YouTube and
Facebook and things like that but maybe you want to
make something later, after you’ve done this, you want to put it up
on Instagram Stories, so then you would hit this, and it’s gonna make it vertical like that. And we can go back and maybe
you want to do a square so it goes out on Instagram, and actually Facebook really
likes square video too. But for now we’re gonna stay landscape, which is my preferred way. Next to that you’ve got titles here. So you click on it and
then you should see, there we go, and we should see all this. Here’s all my styles or Adobe Stock. I can click on here, here’s
different stuff that came in, and if I had any styles there,
I could find them myself. But we can scroll through these and we’re gonna add a
couple of these later, but there’s some great
titles here to play with. Next to that is your transitions, so I would go, if I have
this clip highlighted and I click on cross dissolve, it’s added a cross dissolve here, and we’ll take a look at it.
– On iOgrapher T.V. – See that? Cross dissolved. And I can go back and press, go back to this one and press
none and I’ve taken it out. So it comes with cross
dissolve, dip to black, and dip to white. So those are some options there. Next, if we’ll go to the
right here, there’s color. So this is super cool. So I’m gonna go into color. This is very powerful. The presets that they
have here, cinematic, that didn’t look too good there. Film look, here’s Fujifilm,
there’s a bleach bypass, here’s some noir if I
wanna do black and white. Another noir, here’s gold. So you can do all kinds of fun stuff but if I click on the edit button here, now I’ve got full control
over temperature, tint, vibrance, saturation,
exposure, contrast, et cetera. I can even do some fun
vignette stuff if I want to around the corners. And we’ll press this little button here to make it all go back. So the color correction
stuff in this is gorgeous. I love it. And it transfers over
to Premiere Pro later if you wanna do more there. Next we’re gonna go into audio and so once you have a clip selected, you can either lower the
volume or raise the volume. You can mute the clip by selecting it. So maybe you don’t want any audio and I’m actually gonna mute
a couple things later on. It’s in the advanced area. You’ll see that it’s detecting voice. So here I’m speaking
and that’s in my voice. Let me just scroll down a
little bit, maybe right here, and then we’ll pick audio. And now it’s changed to music. So it’s got voice, music, and other. And it’s saying, oh,
well this is not voice. This is more of just music or sound. So it’s detecting those types of things. Also, here is auto duck. So if I want, when I’m talking, if I want the sound in
the background to lower as I’m speaking, you can set that up too. So that is a super cool feature. Let’s go to transform now. So transform, you can
change the horizontal, the vertical position. So we can move things around like this. We’ll go back. Here’s the opacity. So let’s say you wanted to
add more than one layer here, so I’m just gonna grab
this for a quick second and just bring it up on
top, like right here. So we are going to go over, there we go. And now I’m gonna transform, and I’m gonna change the opacity down, and now you can see we’ve
got two things going there. So if you wanna do any stuff
like that, you definitely can. Let me go back in here
so I can reset that. And then let’s, let me get
this clip back where it was. Let’s see, there we go
there, there we go there. Yeah, perfect. So the first clip. Yup, there we go. So there we go doing that. Now if you wanna do cuts,
you can do stuff like that. So you can go, actually
that’s not the first clip. This was the first clip. So let me go here. And we’ll switch this over. It didn’t do it yet. Gonna squeeze this down a little bit. So I’m gonna click it,
we’re gonna go here. There we go. So now, I’ve gone from here to this clip, and then we’re at the restaurant, okay. All is good now. Like I said, if you wanna cut things, you can go scroll over them, and then here’s the scissors icon. If I click it once, it made a cut. I’m going to go up here
to the top and undo that. If I want to duplicate it, that little plus button will duplicate it, so now I’ve got two of those. We’ll undo that. Then of course there’s the trash can. So now, in this project, I’m
gonna go back to the beginning, and here I am talking. But right about here when I’m done, I wanna put in my bumper. So I’m going to go into this area here, and I actually air-dropped
this over to my phone. And I’m going to go into media, and I’m going to go into
albums and favorites, and here it is, it’s a favorite. I’m gonna add it. And here we go. And now it’s at the very back of course, so we need to move that. Actually no it’s not. It moved it where the time indicator is. I apologize, that’s what it does. So now we go here, and then it comes into
my little bumper here, and then it goes into the video and we start to do all that. So I’ve now just added my
bumper to this whole thing, so I love that. And I think what I’m, I don’t
want this just to appear, so I’m gonna go select this, and I’m gonna go to transitions
and do a dip to black. So now when I go here, let me
just open this a little bit, my goodness, it’s touchy today. When I go in here, we should have a little
dip to black there. See how it does that? And we’ll play that for a second. Dip to black, perfect. Okay, so this is everything now. I wanna go in here in the separate stuff and I’m gonna select them, and I’m gonna go into audio
and I’m gonna mute that one. And I’m gonna go down the line because this is all stuff that
I just want people to watch and see the light, not listen
to cars driving and what not. And so we’ll do that one again. I’ll put this one mute. And we’ll select out of there. And we’ll go into this one. And let me see this clip for a second. I could use a little
bit of this clip, okay. I’m actually gonna trim it
a little bit while I’m here. So I’m gonna hit that for
a second, click on that, and we’re gonna get rid of that one. And then we’re here, so let’s go here, and we’re going to, oops
sorry, let’s click on that one. Did we fix the audio here? Let’s see, we’re mute there, okay. Next, and audio, mute. And next, audio, mute. I’m just gonna keep on
doing this down the line just so that I don’t have
any noise that I don’t want. And then the last one here is
with Amelia and that’s cool. Okay. So now, if you want to, you can add, Adobe Premiere Rush
has its own music area, so we can go in here and go plus, we’re gonna do media, we
get out of this favorites and we’re gonna scroll down to audio now. And now Rush ships with
a bunch of sound tracks. These are all of them. I love Adobe, but this is
not stuff that I want to use. (chuckling and jazzy music) So, but if you’re on the fly, there’s certainly some nice ones here. I believe there’s gonna be the ability to go into their Adobe Stock later and buy other things there. I have no doubt that’s coming. You can also go into your own songs here and here’s, you know, most of
them are gonna be uncheckable because they’ve got too
many copyright issues, which is good for you. You don’t wanna bring in a song that has copyright issues anyway. Then your video’ll get banned
on YouTube or Facebook. I’m gonna go into my Dropbox however, and I went to a website called where I buy a lot of stuff from. They have some great
audio royalty-free music. I’m gonna go in there and
as soon as this catches up because it’s got lots of
folders in my Dropbox, so let’s just get caught up here. There we go. I’m gonna scroll down. I’m looking for Rush, which is odd. There we go, Rush. Click on it and then I
have a music folder here and so I downloaded this file. It’s from Pond5 and it sounds fantastic, so I’m gonna bring it back
over to the beginning here and we’re gonna go from here into this. (jazzy music) So there it is. So that’s the music that I wanna use. Now I might want to fix
this because I’ve got, I wanna have this go with the beat, so I’m gonna spread this out a little bit and I see this first little thing here and there’s a nice
little break right there for the beat that I wanna bring. So I’m gonna click my
footage and slide it over and it’ll snap into place on the timeline. So now I go from here
to the next beat there. I’m gonna go to about right here. Whoops. And actually, I can just
select it and just do a cut, so I can come here and cut it there. So I got rid of that. Alright. And then I’m gonna go
here and delete that. I like to drag things so
I kinda do it that way. So now I’ve got my first
shot into my second shot, now we’re up here and it’s
kind of really keeping in tune with the beats here. So I’m gonna go over here and
I’m gonna chop that one too, and we’ll get rid of that. And then this one will
go about right here, so it’s pretty close so I don’t really, oh there we go, snapped it right in there. Looks nice. And then we’ve got this,
which goes to about, we’ll go to here. drag that over, and then this one’s gonna
go to about right here. Drag that over, and then now I’ve got this where we’re walking. This is actually something I need to trim because I wanna start
maybe about, let’s see, we’re gonna go, start
from about right here where I see this and I’m gonna trim that, and now I’m gonna select
the first part and delete it and so now I’ve this going on, and we’re gonna end it right there. And then now I’m gonna
squeeze this together and bring in this music,
which is pretty long. So I’m bringing that in. Whoops, where did everything go? There we go. And we’re gonna drag it a
little more to the left. And I’ll leave that for now because I wanna end up with a title here, so I’ve got everything going. Now I’m gonna add a title. So I’m gonna go in here, new title, and we’ll go into Adobe Stock here, and I wanna add something fun, so we’ll go into, which
one did I use earlier? I don’t even remember. Scroll over to the right. I think it was on the far right. But look at all these. They have emojis and just
really fun stuff here that you can use. A police line, I mean,
this is some cool stuff. And all these are just, have animation. There’s lower thirds if
you need lower thirds, bold message here. Let’s see. Split direction title. Oh, I think I’m gonna
try this one this time. So I’m gonna click it
and just drag it up here. Whoops, I need it to download I believe. So there it is, split direction title. Zooming text. So I can do some stuff like that. So now I’m gonna go in here
and we’ll click on it once and now I’m gonna double click on here and here is my stuff,
so we’re gonna say shot, oops, actually gonna go capitals here. Double click. Shot on, and then we’ll
go to the next one below, and then we’ll double click. Have to clear all this first. Clear all this. Clear this line. Shot on iPhone XS Max. There we go with that. And we’ll return. Whoops, I don’t want to return. We’re gonna click out
of that for a minute. We’ll go here. Now I can go in here and
click edit and the shot on. So now I don’t really
like this font remotely. I’m more of a Bebas New kind of guy. I like that, this is a little
small, so we’ll bring that up. So now I’ve got that. My color fill, I’m gonna do
this as an orange, right there. So we’ll have that. And that’s done. So now I’ll go into the iPhone XS Max and we will change that
to Bebas New as well, and then we’re gonna make that just a little bit bigger, like that, and I’m gonna scroll down, excuse me, and change my baseline shift
so I can go down to here. And there that is. And I think I’m gonna
leave this white for now. So let’s see what that looks like. That looks great. So now I’m gonna go from here and we’re gonna go into
this shot on iPhone XS Max, and that’s that. Maybe it’s a little too long, so let’s go from here, let’s see. One, two, three, four,
we’ll leave it there. We’ll stop there and we’ll bring this in. And then I wanna end up with my logo, so I need to find a logo somewhere here. So I’m gonna take a
look at my media again, and I believe I have a logo somewhere. So let’s take a look and
see if we can find a logo. Not so sure, I think it’s
on here, it says logos. I don’t see, new logo. Not sure if that’s it. Pretty sure it’s not it. Where is the logos? We’ll scroll down, I
know I saw it recently. It’s an iOgrapher logos. Here we go. Here’s a PNG file that I can bring in and we’ll just add that for now. And there’s my logo. And now I can click on that
and I can hit transform and I can scale it up, so
let’s scale this up nicely. I can leave it right
there, so that’s perfect. So now it goes from here and do my logo. I think from this point to
that, I’m gonna do a transition. So we’re gonna go in here
and do a dip to black, and then of course with
the iOgrapher logo, I wanna do a dip to black as well. So now we should be, actually this one, yeah, so now we got dip to black on both. So we’ll play that for a second. It goes from here. (jazzy music) Great. So now I’m done with my whole
video, and it’s good to go. I’m excited. I wanna do one more graphic up front here, and so we’ll go in here
and do titles again and we’ll just look around for something that we like up here. Let’s see. Trying to find the location one I did. Let me type in here,
can I type in location? Let’s see, location. Return, is it searching? There it is. I love it. This is actually the first
time I’ve done this, so. (chuckling) So we’ve got the check mark
there, there’s location, and now I’m gonna drag this one up here, and there’s my location
and now I Can select it and we can move it down like this, and then I’m gonna go in here and type in Napa, California
like I have on my other one. So let me see if I can go like this and we’ll clean this up and there we go. So now I’m gonna type in Napa
and then we’ll do a comma and then we’ll do California. And thank you for auto-spelling it for me. So there’s Napa, California. So this is now gonna play on. Let’s see how that works. Gonna come on, play like
that, as I’m talking, and go away. So maybe I don’t want the colors though, so now I wanna change that
to keep it on brand, right? So I’m gonna go in here and we’re gonna go into the Napa, California part and once again, I’m
gonna go into Bebas New, I like that better. The size is fine for me. The color fill, I wanna
do this as an orange. A little more red,
there’s some orange there. Now, I can also go in here and
they’ve got the color picker, as you see. If I click on the wheel, it
lets you go RGB and CNYK colors. I can go into themes here. It’s got all kinds of color
themes that you can play with, and if you use Matcha, you got swatches that you can bring in
here for your whole thing, which is great. Over here, if I click on this, it’ll say single color,
analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary,
compound, blah, blah, blah. So you got all kinds
of options for colors. So now I’ve got that colored. We’re gonna get out of this for a second and then I don’t think the purple is really making it look so hot, so we’re gonna do like a black. Let’s go into themes, I’m
just gonna choose a black. Like that, yeah, there we go. So now I’ve got a black little background outline thing there, which is great. I’m fine with that for now. Now I’m gonna select it and move it over a little bit more, and then we’ll play this through. I think over here it says Dave here, I’m in Napa, California, so
we’re gonna bring that closer to this area and here’s my
entering Napa, California. Look at that animated title. It’s just fantastic. It’s a little long so I’m
gonna bring it in a little bit, but animates on, animates
off, and we’re good to go. So that’s how it’s so simple
to create this and bring it in, so we are awesome. I love it, we’re ready to go, send this out to YouTube, et cetera. So now we’re gonna touch up here, and this is where you would export, and I won’t bore you with exporting it, but it will let you go out to 720 or 1080 and you can send it all out
to wherever you wanna go, to Facebook, YouTube, Behance, Instagram. What it does is it renders this out. It’ll then tell you it’s been rendered and you can upload it and
it’ll let you connect to whatever social media that you want. So that’s super cool and super fast. So that is how you create a project in Adobe Premiere Rush. I am gonna do another video next showing how I come from
Adobe Premiere Rush into Adobe Premiere Pro. Super great program here from Adobe. As I said, I was a beta tester. I love this. It’s gonna be my go-to editor now. I think it’s fantastic. So the link below in the description will show you where to go
to get Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s free to try out, so I would definitely
recommend trying it out. You get three exports and you
get two gigabytes of storage on the Adobe Cloud. If you wanna keep going with it, it’s a fee of $9.99 a month, but you get the desktop
and the mobile version, so you get two of them. It’s money well spent in my opinion. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud member, of course this is part of it, so you just can add this
to your toolbox there. But this is such a solid tool. We’re highly recommending
it to people to try out. Especially those that
have never edited before. I think when you see how
we do it on the desktop, you’ll be blown away and
wanna jump into that as well. But for mobile, Adobe Premiere
Rush is the way to go. Check it out now. Please leave a comment below
and tell us what you think and if you’re not a subscriber,
please subscribe and share. I’m Dave Basulto from iOgrapher. This is Adobe Premiere Rush. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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