How to Draw The Eiffel Tower: Narrated Step by Step

How to Draw The Eiffel Tower: Narrated Step by Step

Hello and welcome to my new video How to Draw the Eiffel Tower a simple step by step guide where I show you one way of drawing the Eiffel Tower using a black marker pen to start this I draw one side of the Eiffel Tower with a continuous line which starts to curve slightly as it reaches the bottom of the paper and then I repeat the same line on the other side coping the first line I drew in a symmetrical sort of way so that I have two lines which are in symmetry to each other so it is very wide at the bottom and quite narrow from about half way up and at that point I draw two lines going across one of the platforms of the Eiffel Tower and then two lines below it, with a slight gap and then for the next platform area slightly lower down I draw another line and this line can go slightly wider than the width of the Eiffel Tower and then I draw another horizontal line and then a third line lower down as well so now I have two sets of strips on the Eiffel Tower and so the next step is to find the half way point and to do that I just draw a line down the centre of the Eiffel Tower and at this point here I will make it go slightly to the right at the last part it needs to be more straight and then at this point here I am going to repeat the line, going to the left this time and then again going to more of a straight line at the base so that is the basic structure of the Eiffel Tower and now I think it is time to draw the arch at the base of the Eiffel Tower and that goes between these two straight lines we have just drawn next I will devide this section up with some more horizontal lines and then I am going to put a cross on each one which is just a simplified version of the all the metal structure of the Eiffel Tower because we are trying to keep this drawing as simple as possible so I draw three crosses on one side and then I just do three crosses on the other side right I think next I will just add the little parts of the crosses down on those bits and then the next stage will be to add some division lines between this little band in the middle and then I will divide that one and that one again and then I will put crosses in those rectangles that I have just made, after I do a couple of lines there and these crosses will represent the structure within that area of the Eiffel Tower right so the next stage is to divide up the taller thinner part of the Eiffel Tower which really does go quite high up and I divide that up and the lines get slightly closer together as the get further up towards the top of the Eiffel Tower but they stay a similar gap really it is not like going away in perspective so much so that is about right I think and I will just put a cross in each one of the rectangles I have created I will put just a simple cross in each one and that will give quite a good impression of the structure of the taller part of the Eiffel Tower so just these crosses look more complex because they are smaller than the crosses which are lower down in the lower part of the Eiffel Tower it is surprising how something so simple like a cross inside a rectangle can seem like quite a complected drawing when it is looked apon as a whole thing so going right up to the very top here, I have not drawn the very top yet and now I have got all the crosses in so I will just work on the top bit a little bit so there are a few small shapes and a point, lets keep it really simple although I want to keep it simple I want to get it straight so the next thing is to work down in this lower section now and I will just work out how to divide these lines I will just put two lines on each side so two lines for the right and two lines for the left and again in a moment I am goiing to put some crosses on these lines to show the structure of the Eiffel Tower so one cross and then another so that makes three crosses on each side so whatever you do on one side just do the same on the other side so it does not need to be precise but whatever you do on one side it is best to do on the other side so that is a basic Eiffel Tower and then I am going to put another line here so the arch has a slight thickness to it and then there are various decorations on the Eiffel Tower in ironwork which I am just indicating so just to simplify it tremendously and now I am going to divide this area up and these lines don’t go inwards so much they are almost parallel and again we are simplifying it and then we put crosses in again to make them seem like a complicated structure but they are not so lots of crosses between these lines and all the lines are evenly spaced so now with some of these lines it would be good just to thicken up a bit so I put the pen over the top of a pen mark I have already got now I divide up the next horizontal area so it is not just a blank area because any blank area will look like it comes forward I don’t want any empty spaces because they will come forward too much so the next stage here it to get this platform to look a little bit darker and now that is it so the next step would be to do the other side, the back bit of the Eiffel Tower so when you are looking at one side of the Eiffel Tower you are going to see a little bit of the other side of the Eiffel Tower through some of the structure between the two holes in the structure so the back legs will be shown and the and there will be two lines like this and then the front part but just make them smaller and then I will repeat the shapes we have I am using the same pen throughout and the lines will be closer together and therefore darker and that darkness will be quite useful to make the back seem different to the front of the Eiffel Tower I think the Eiffel Tower is fun to draw in pen because all the basic shapes and structure of the thing are things that can be represented by a single black pen and so just by drawing with a black line you are sort of creating not just the basic shape but the end result of the finished drawing, the structure of the Eiffel Tower so here I can do some details in this area as well and I will just add some small little parts just along here and so again I want to make some of these small areas a little denser so I am not shading but just adding more lines and that will make it darker I don’t think I will shade this or put any tome in but maybe later on I will just get some water and put a brush over it because it is a pen which is not water tight so if I just put some water on it a bit later on it will give some indication of some of the tone which will be quite useful these crosses that we did earlier on I think it would be better to put a line going through them following the line of the structure of the Eiffel Tower because that is what the actual tower has on it I will make this line here a little bit darker so in your drawing just look at any areas that could be a little bit darker It is best not to go over this lines too many times otherwise it will look like a fussy drawing so I think I will add a little bit of water and the water is just going to push the pen and dilute the pen to make a shade and I am not really concerned if I loose some of the drawing as it will unify the image into a more tonal image so when doing this wash you need to work quite quickly so I will just push the brush a bit down here again it has just got water in it and it is just picking up the ink from the pen and smudging it through and if it gets too blotchy I can just get some kitchen paper and just dab it as I don’t want any pools of water in it as that would not really work so well the more I do the more I feel I have to do as it looks a little odd leaving unworked areas I will just work out where I need to put the water here I think that is about enough so the next step I think I will just get some kitchen paper and dab it just press up and down not sideways and that will just pick up some of the water

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