How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step Pencil Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step Pencil Drawing Tutorial

hey I got a question do you remember the time that you asked me to do a tutorial on how to draw Michael Jackson well this smooth criminal’ listened to your requests because I’m not one of those youtubers who says leave me alone I like the way you make me feel when you leave comments and give me feedback so thank you this video is going to break the process of drawing Michael Jackson down into simple steps just like ABC which is as easy as 1-2-3 after the easy steps you’re going to learn how to build tones so that you can shade your drawing but don’t stress because it don’t matter to me if your drawing is to black or white if you mess up just keep it in the closet and hit the link in the video description so that I can really help you the link will take you to a Michael Jackson drawing cheat sheet with step-by-step pictures it’s my way of saying I’ll be there because I don’t want your drawing to be bad art heals the world and I want to be starting something on my youtube channel so please click on the little old man and mirror to subscribe I want you back and not too many people can spell because Angie and M so come on you’ll get a free art education and I won’t stop till you get enough you can’t beat it step one draw the two oval shapes for the area around the eye notice that the shape on the right is slightly smaller than the one on the left step to make the shapes for the bottom of the nose and the top lip take some extra time to observe and perfect the spacing step 3 add the contour line to create the shape around Michael’s face be sure to notice that Michaels head is turned towards his left also be sure to notice that the oval shape on the left side of his face is touching the contour line step 4 head the shape from Michaels ear and hair his ear is partially blocked by his hair but noticed that his ear goes from where his eyebrows will be to almost the bottom of his nose step 5 add the four shapes that make up the neck and the shirt step 6 observe the eye region and add the eyes and eyebrows notice that the eyebrows are connected to the top of the oval shape from step one the eyes are almond shaped and are at the bottom of the oval shape be sure to notice the spacing in between the eyes and the eyebrows step 7 add more curls to Michaels hair and details to his ear don’t waste your time copying from the reference image for this step make your own or else you’ll drive yourself crazy okay let’s go ahead with the shading part you’re going to see me use a paintbrush but you could use a q-tip or a blending stump if you have either one more probably a q-tip almost everybody has those I always start with the eyes I don’t know if you’ve seen any of my other tutorials I’ve done sports figures I’ve done celebrities but I always start out with the eyes it’s the darkest region of the face regardless of hair color so I am doing a method called cross hatching right now or actually I’m about to I’m filling in the spaces it’s a little bit too small to crosshatch except for the the eyebrow region now I’m doing cross hatching which is line next to line next to line and here I go with the paintbrush and I’m smudging and you’re going to see me go back and forth between those two methods and use a variety of pencils this is a 4b pencil and I’m going right in there because I know you know I want this to be the darkest region the eyebrows and the eyes Michael is probably wearing makeup in the reference images that I had so I made sure to darken that some more then bridge of the nose is what I’m going to do next and there’s a pretty strong shadow underneath the nose not anywhere near as dark as the eyes or the eyebrows though even the nostrils Michael has very small nostrils so make sure that you don’t give him big nostrils it’s little features like that of the face that really make a likeness I always say if you try to draw a tree you miss on a branch you’re still going to have a tree but if you do a portrait and you mess up on a little thing like that it will definitely throw off the likeness so you know be sure to observe if you don’t have if you don’t have this on full screen yet I would recommend putting it on full screen anyway I’m building the shadow on the bridge of the nose it’s a stronger shadow on his left hand side on our right hand side at the area that you’re seeing me shade right now and it’s a little bit more linear than what you see on the other side of the face but yeah I’m using a variety of tools right now starting to get the highlights that’s why I like smudging so much because it creates a neutral tone so you see me go over it with the paintbrush and then you know then I can erase it gives me a nice even tone and then I erased from those tones and build the highlights I’m using a graphite stick for the hair and I’m not trying to put too much detail in the hair he’s got very strong eyes I’m trying to match that with the hair I’m using a slip sheet so that my hands don’t get any graphite on it and I’m just going over the edges again a tip for the hairline it’s a little bit less strong that what do you see me have here you’re going to see me do a little bit of erasing actually a little bit further down a little bit later in the video that is and you know that’s true for anybody so you want to you know where the skin meets the hair you want that to be a nice soft transition and then if somebody has like full thick hair like Michael you know did when the reference images were taken you know then you can create the dark tones a little bit further up but you know right at the hairline it’s it’s a nice soft transition the shadow under the neck is also pretty strong I’m using a bigger brush now if you use a small brush or a q-tip for that matter you can get the job done with the q-tip but it wouldn’t be as good as the big brush because it did you know you won’t see those small strokes in there I prefer the big strokes the graphite and paint brush combination is a pretty cool combination to work with the shadows on the collar I was just working on and I’m starting to put the finishing touches on like I said there’s a little bit more of a strong shadow on the left-hand side of his face and also the jaw region like right at the neck on the right-hand side of his face and I’m just combining the techniques that I was just talking about with the paintbrush with the kneaded eraser and of course with the graphite stick and the pencils hope it helps if you haven’t done so already please subscribe thanks for watching everybody please subscribe

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