How to draw Manga characters – Anime drawing tutorial [ Narrated ] | AJMAKES

How to draw Manga characters – Anime drawing tutorial [ Narrated ] | AJMAKES

Hey friends welcome to sketching tutorial
and today we gonna make the Manga style sketch. So let’s just start. Okay so for
this we require a pencil, an eraser and one scale. So let’s just start! Begin by
drawing a straight line and draw a circle on this line so as the circle
divided into one half on this line the circle doesn’t have to be a perfect
round just approximately a circle. Now to the circle draw a baseline which is
tangent to the circle so this line and name it as NOSE LINE. So far so good.
Now take the length of the diameter and mark a point which is one-third of the
diameter for example if I have a six centimeter length diameter just make two
centimeter of marks and let’s draw another line on the bottom like this a
name this is your line now to the circle make some tangents towards these points
and it should be the outline of the face this point will be the chin you just
try to join them as to form a face just like this now this will be the basic outline of
the face now draw the neck to give it a body shape so now like we draw the 1/3 of
the mark which is below the nose line make 1/3 of the mark above the nose line
and again sketch a line through it just like this name this line as upper eye
line this will be the grid to the upper divide the point between the upper eye
line and the nose line and Mark a point sketch another line between them name
this line as lower eye line so the region between the upper high line and
the lower eye line will be where we’ll draw eyes I hope this is
self-explanatory now start by making eyebrows deciding by making eyebrows so
that we get our lines.. eyes aligned to the line to these lines so make the
sidelines and on the male the eye lines are little thick so try to make a
thicker eyeline and equal of the both side the eyes will lie between those
upper eyeline and lower eye line just make them look like anime you watch will
make the left eye and try to make both equal it comes with practice first
but for beginning just try to make them equal make some light and shade a little
bit so as to get a little 3D effect now make nose here at the intersection and
the mouth I am just for simplicity I am just making a simple smiling face just make our character smile and here we go! once
what this basic structure has been done so you can just erase those grid lines we
don’t need them now because we have got our initial basic shape just
getting rid of them so far looks good and just redrawing the outline so to get
the clear picture some of them has got erased But enough I can draw them again. now
it’s time to draw hairs or you can keep the character bald if you want to one
part to take care of is that the male hairs are a little more thicker and less
wavy so make stiff and hard hairs. This is a sign of male manga characters.Just those zig-zag lines and our hairs will be done if you want to make the
ears the ears lies between the upper eyeline and the nose line. Just make
those ears or you can hide them between the hairs will make more hairs here and
a little more than the circles just to give them some volume get rid of any
extra lines or those gridlines which you have you can see our characters is
almost done you can either color it, leave it like
that or shade a little bit as I’m doing shade the tip of hair darker this will
give them a 3d effect make more hairs shade more hairs and some little bit shading
here and it’s almost done. Some people make a blunder mistake of overshading
it. Just shade as little as possible and as much as required. Giving it a finishing
touch and our male character is done so let’s draw a female character. the principle is same- draw a straight vertical line make circles which is divided into 1/2
by symmetry line. The circle may not be a perfect circle that’s fine. Draw a tangent
line at the bottom of circle this will be our nose line and one line which is
1/3 of the diameter of circles below the tangent this line will be our jaw line
draw tangents, mark chin join them and one thing to notice here the female
Manga characters have thinner chins so for a female make them a little thinner draw the upper eyeline draw the lower eye
line make eyebros and also the eyebrows will be little thinner. Make thin eyebrows
start making eyes. For eyes the female manga characters have larger eyes than
boys so we make eyes bigger than the male characters making the other eye and
trying to make them equal make nose at the intersection and a little expression to
a our female character. Here it is with reflection and shading I’m making neck which is also a
little thinner than the male neck body to give it a perspective And erase off any extra lines grid lines we have we don’t want our drawing to leave behind
those grid lines so now I’ll give hair to this girl just make sure that hair are
little wavy girlish you know what I mean. The male have thick hair .The female have curly hairs just try to make some hair and I’m gonna
give this girl a short haircut little shading on the iris now some more hair at the back of ears
which are visible and while shading shade the tip as we’ve done it in male character. Hair! here and there. I think the process is very clear it’s very simple
and there’s nothing much in it anybody can do it just grab a pencil and start sketching in this tutorial I’m just showing you
how to draw the faces of the manga characters the body structure and anatomy is little more complex but once after practice it will be easy and I think it’s
done so I’ll write the important points in the male, broader jaw. Large eyebrows and stiff and less wavy hair on the female side we have large eye yes
thin jaws and curly hairs just take care of these things practice more and your
drawing will be perfect so let’s just revise the content we learnt I’ll
show you a quick timelapse and I’m not using scale after practice we can just
draw freehand so we’ve successfully completed our
drawing! Give yourself a pat! And yayy! show to everyone put it on Instagram Facebook
everywhere and for any doubts just let me know
I hope this been helpful. Thank you

Dereck Turner

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