How to Draw in 5-Point Perspective: Times Square New York City

How to Draw in 5-Point Perspective: Times Square New York City

Hello my name is Tom McPherson and welcome to my new Circle Line art School video, How to Draw in 5-Point Perspective, this is a drawing based on Times Square in New York, I’ll add some color with some pencils and pens towards the end of the drawing, the first step is to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the page and then the vertical line in the middle of this horizontal line, next draw a mark or a across at the end of each of these lines and then one more cross in the middle, now we can draw a curved line between the two horizontal vanishing points, to find the baseline of a building, next mark a dot on this base line towards the right and then we can draw a vertical curve line through this dot, using the two vertical vanishing points will use this to make one of the edges of the first building, next add another vertical curve to the right of this first curved line and this will be the right-hand edge of the building, and then we can draw a horizontal curve and this will be the top of the building, as it would look distorted in five point perspective, in 5-point perspective we’re really looking up and down and straight head and left and right all at the same time! it’s like a wide angle lens that things towards the edge of the picture should look distorted, I will darken these lines so that you can see how far we’ve got in drawing this side of the building, now we can add the fifth central vanishing point and draw two straight lines to make the left-hand side of the building, if we now draw one more vertical curve we have completed our first building in five point perspective, I will make the lines darker and a long wall going towards the center vanishing point and then I’ll draw a second building, a little bit further away, using exactly the same technique as the first building now to draw a thin building in the center of this image I would just have to distort the vertical lines going to left and going to the right and then the top and the bottom line of the building will again be slightly curved and now I can draw a building on the left using the curved vertical lines and curves horizontal lines that I used on the right-hand side adding straight lines that go towards the center vanishing point, as that’s our central point we’re looking at in five point perspective the guidelines will make a pattern a bit like an onion cut in half I’ll speed this drawing up now so that you can see how to draw and develops over time Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for a new art tutorial every week, there are now over 200 to watch! I will now add some pen lines over all the buildings and then darken the sky with a black pen and add some color of some colored pencils for the bright lights of Times Square and also draws some long lines to represent the car tail-lights, I can draw some people in too, just little blobs that get smaller as they get further away from the front of the front of the picture, Thank you very much for watching this art tutorial on 5-Point Perspective I hope you like it and find it useful for your own drawings, please subscribe to my free youtube channel Circle Line Art school where you can see over 200 of my other drawings and I post a new drawing every week… Keep drawing and see next time!

Dereck Turner

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