How to Draw Hogwarts: Narrated Step by Step

How to Draw Hogwarts: Narrated Step by Step

Hi, Tom here and welcome to this week’s Circle Line Art School video: How to Draw Hogwarts! last week I went to visit the Making of Harry Potter, the studio tour in London, there was so much to see, they had incredible stage sets and costumes and designs everywhere, there was an enormous model of Hogwarts and I decided to make a drawing of this model and to make the drawing I’m going to start with the basic shapes, the first step is to draw a box shape on the left, for the Great Hall… next we can draw the Great Staircase Tower, just draw a wide cylinder for now… now we can draw one side of the Quad, just a simple rectangle, we can make it into a cuboid of three-dimensional shape so that we can get a sense of it being a building in 3d, rather than a flat surface, we could also add a tower base on the right, further on the right we can draw the front of the Viaduct Entrance, a rectangle at an angle, seen from an angle, with a tower at each end, again the towers just need to be simple cylinders, circles, sort of squash circles at the top and bottom and vertical lines for each side of the tower, so a drawing which is clearly in two dimensions because it is on the surface of a piece of paper, we want to try and create a sense of depth, the missing dimension, next we can draw the side of the Long Gallery, going to the right, again we can add some lines to make it a 3d shape, so that we are drawing a series of cuboids and cylinders at this stage to get a sense of a three-dimensional building, a bit like when I saw the model and you can walk around the model in 3 dimensions, now we can draw two Bell Towers, just two solid looking cuboids, solid 3d shapes at the end of the Long Hall… we could add a pitched roof along the length of the Long Hall, too… and now we can add a sketch of a door for the front of the Viaduct Entrance and we could draw a door, an arch to doorway, to the Quad on the left too, next to the Great staircase Tower we can draw the Entrance Courtyard, which is in front of the Great Hall… we can now draw a short cylinder for the caretakers office which is next to the Great hall, and we can draw a tall pitched roof to go on top of the cuboid that we drew at the very beginning for the Great Hall, now we can add some vertical lines for the Viaduct in the front middle of this drawing, and draw some lines on the 3d shapes that we have already drawn, and these lines that we are adding can be guidelines for the windows and the details that we can add later, we can now draw a rock that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is built on, and the last few stages of this drawing will be to add all the towers and turrets onto the cylinders and cuboids that we have already drawn, we will also need to add small windows and these and these can just be small little shapes, and some shading, I think I will add some shading to this drawing too… throughout this drawing I’m going to use a 4b pencil, please visit to learn more… thank you very much for watching this video, I hope you liked it and found it useful for your own drawing, I post a video every week, please subscribe to my youtube channel: Circle Line Art School, to keep up-to-date… thank you very much for watching and see you next time…

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