How to Draw Hands

How to Draw Hands

What’s going on, my little Toonsters! Back at it again with another fresh, epic video for your fresh, epic faces. So today, I’m gonna teach you guys how to draw hands. Uh, so UM no matter what skill level of an artist you are, hands can be difficult. So, I wanna show you guys the techniques that I use. And kinda just the general STRATEGY I go about on how I draw hands. So, what you’re going to do, I kinda start from like the wrist / arm area, You want to come up here, You’re gonna curve for his thumb, And then the fingers, And then… And then- f u c k Whatcha gonna.. wanna- * a n g e r * Up and over.. and then for thumb.. and then fingers.. and wrap h- that’s only four fingers GOD- One of these Right there.. I think we’re finally- SON OF A B- *Sigh* Just relax, relax, you c- you can think of a way out of this.. OH! I have an idea! I’m gonna trace my hand… with my foot! Ok.. Here we go *wheeze* oh my- *giggle* *grunt of effort while little wheeze giggles* This thumb is hard to reach! *laughs* C’mon! Yay! *wheeze* *wheezes* Just like that.. It’s- It’s as simple as that boys.. Add the arms.. A-add some- some *laughs* details *continues to laughs* Its per- Look at that! It’s perfect! So now we have ou-our perfect- perfectly drawn hand, We can take over to one of our CLASSIC characters fuck, if I can stop hittin the wrong stupid buttons.. And now just click it on in.. there!.. *laughs* There we go! *laugh wheeze intensify* *Strange deep voice* “I’m- I’m a monster..” “Father!? WhAt hAvE yOu DoNe To Me!?”

Dereck Turner

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  1. CircleToonsHD says:

    Hey pals, a lot of people still ask me if I have merch, so I figured I'd drop the link again!

    CHECK IT OUT <3 And thanks for all the love and support as always!

  2. Billy Stephenson says:

    OH! I’m gonna draw MY hand…. WITH MY FOOT. Actually draws A hand with his foot ( 0-0 )

  3. morgan megurine says:

    Those hands be up at 3am lookin for BEANS

  4. Plz don’t click says:


  5. shadow Slayer says:

    Thank you that actually help somehow

  6. Random8s Peeps says:

    How could you mess that up 0:37

  7. jungshook says:

    Now onto this videos sponsor

    Yoshikage Kira

  8. Mpeurchite says:

    rip the hands

  9. Karla Minshew says:

    Circle toons:here’s a tutorial on how to draw hands
    Me:but all you do for hands is draw a nub

  10. Eduardo Barreto says:

    I drawed hands in my arts project my teacher give me 10

  11. Demy Animations says:

    i love the "SON OF A B-"

  12. soap s says:

    I actually came here just to watch how to draw a hand…

  13. 「 Clarisella 」 says:

    Very helpful….indeed….

  14. XD XD says:

    i really expected this to be a tutorial :'(

  15. Kat Cragon says:

    I can't draw feet or shoes 😀

  16. Łàńîÿa Šißic says:

    How to draw feet next

  17. Łøśt Kãrà says:

    The easiest way to draw a hand is

    * Just don’t draw it. *

  18. Snowy NightCorez says:

    Omg I want to be his friend
    I understand the struggle to draw hands XD

  19. S- Tale says:

    Am I the only one who sees a person at the thumb at 0:57?

  20. Izzy the Trashposter says:

    pro: i can draw hands, all 5 fingers
    con: i can't pose them

  21. Derric Delos Santos says:

    0:37 When your in “anime club” in 6th grade and mess up and got kicked out of the club forever.

  22. IceFlower99 says:

    How to draw hands:
    Step 1: Draw a hand
    Step 2: E N J O Y

  23. kisha AM says:

    I don't understand any of this…but keep it going

  24. Meme Maker2574 says:

    When he drew his hand, his pinkie looked like the Time Stone was attached to it.

  25. A Life in Animation says:


  26. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷJhon restrepoƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:


  27. Aditi Mishra says:

    R u serious? I took u seriously at first!
    U broke my heart🥺

  28. Ryan Xenos says:

    Do you have two hands

  29. Shreeuck adolf says:

    I use The Hand to draw The Hand

  30. Duncan says:

    Omg thank you so much this helped me and I can draw a hand very good

  31. CatLovesInk says:

    How to draw hands

    you can't

  32. Boris Wolf says:

    Hey what's that on your pinky

  33. YOU BETTER STOP BOII boi says:

    When you lose your game and you lost your money 0:41

  34. Duolingo Owl productions says:


  35. Kermit Muppet says:

    1:23 THANOS!?

  36. angry 3 year old says:

    Ok I. Here

  37. Inverted Galaxy says:

    I know how to draw a hand
    just trace the ✋ emoji

  38. nicholas gomez gray says:

    me:better not be a joke vid
    1 min later
    me:arr crap

  39. Jaughn Animates says:

    The hand in the thumbnail the fifth finger looks like a bird

  40. MrNeko says:

    Why its look like this

  41. xSpicy_Chxrityx says:

    1:27 it looks like a chick

  42. A Random Communist says:

    this is so fresh and epik

  43. xxcakiesxx says:

    Directions unclear, drew a square.

  44. Constantin Brouillard says:

    And here I was thinking I was really going to get good at hands

  45. memes are life says:

    f a t h e r

  46. Seth McCutcheon says:

    0:55 (pause) mystic from dark crystal

  47. A Cardboardbox says:

    Your hand looks like it's faiding away

  48. ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀʏ_ᴡᴀꜰꜰʟᴇs says:

    Nobody :
    Doctors writing: 0:50

  49. Rizalino Vera says:

    Bob Ross:

    Not a single soul:

    This guy:what my hands look like

  50. DANNY THE BEST Mahon says:

    This is one of your best videos so far I laughed so hard

  51. Weermy Weermy says:

    I thought he was hitting a bird in the thumbnail

  52. 純子小百合 says:

    Dude you sound like Lance from Voltron

  53. • Banana Conda• says:


  54. Whalein Gacha says:

    My face isn't fresh.

  55. DeNm - says:

    SON OF A B-

  56. Unkai Leicrye says:

    And now…

  57. Zélioh says:

    Look, your program is translated into Portuguese 1:19

  58. Im Insane says:

    Drawing hands for your characters that don't have hands or finger's

  59. Giorno Giovanna says:

    There’s definitely and oi josuke joke here somewhere that I’ll find eventually

  60. Glacier Heart says:

    It looks like there's a bird coming out of his hand

  61. Storm says:

    I just draw nubs tbh

  62. kang Yoona Mi01 says:

    Give me back my 1 minutes:(

  63. • MayAnn • says:

    0:49 or you can use your left hand and trace it with your right hand! boom!

  64. Dake Yoshima says:

    Só não tem legenda em portugues ne man |:-0

  65. Salsa says:

    So if i fo traditional art, i need to make a hane that sized very bicc

  66. Utti Siseppe says:


  67. Krakenade says:

    how to draw hands:
    -just don't
    -ya fool

  68. Cora Swan says:

    You don’t need to draw hands if all your characters are armless

  69. Zurilo animações says:

    bro, I don't have a drawing table so my animations are really done. So I don't care about my hands

  70. diego po_ta_to says:

    my hand is small

  71. Jayden Gaming says:

  72. Qwwwis TFM says:

    Me when I want to draw sonic glove

  73. im a retard says:

    Good luck fapping son

  74. George 78 the Object Show fan says:

    Oh for me it's so easy!

  75. oleevv says:

    Me: sees name of the video
    Also me: How to Basic video

  76. HankTheAnkhbayar LOL says:

    1:00 that look like all for one’s Ultimate combination

  77. xxgamenerb xx says:

    When God is trying make the human race ather the dinosaur but he keeps fucking up the hands

  78. Zyber Storm says:

    If you pause at 01:09 you will se a face do you see it

  79. h4h4 exe. says:

    Why is this in my recommended 😂😂😂

  80. PiggyPilot08 says:

    That classic character's hand reminds me of All For One's ultimate combination of quirks.

  81. Kemishi Tanniki says:

    So… CircleToonHD can draw better hands than me with his foot (,, ,O ^ O,)

  82. Evil Luc says:

    And that is why I just stick to big blobs

  83. Vinh tri says:


  84. Eleni Triantafillopoulou says:

    Still better than the hands I draw

  85. pawer guido says:

    Kkkkkk porque o titulo ta em portugues e esta falando em ingles kkkkkk


    perfect perfect perfect

  87. Fairfiresand . TCG says:

    Animators and artists:HAHAHHAHHHAHAAHHAHA
    Me don't even know how to draw hair: BRUH

  88. Sarah Gatz says:

    Notice how the guy at the end dosnt have a hand at all?

  89. Insert says:

    That hand looks like it’s from Fused Zamasu.

  90. It’s your boi Kermit says:


  91. Hujik senpai says:

    how to draw hands:

    dont draw it

  92. Andy Savs says:

    I just draw stick figures

  93. anna liza deang says:

    On 0:40 why didn’t you just Erase it Dumb?

  94. galaxy magenta says:

    My sis when she ignores my drawing instructions:

  95. Jacob Preston says:

    Lmfao what have you done to me.
    Oh me yeah I suck at hands sorry

  96. MISSed Bandwagon says:

    It’s LITERALLY a hand turkey.

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