How to draw Gigantamax Butterfree Pokemon easy drawing

Draw a round mouth Draw two teeth Draw two round eyes Draw an outline. Draw at the angle you are looking up Draw an egg shell after breaking the egg. I will draw my body Where to draw your feet Draw three things like rain clouds on your head Draw on the head as if spinning around Draw a tactile sense Make it dark I will draw the parts behind my body Draw a characteristic, large feather I will draw the feather pattern later, so I will draw it larger. Your hands are not shaking …
I wanted to express a faint place I will also draw the other side The wings are in contrast, but they differ depending on the angle I will draw a feather pattern First, I ’ll draw something like the heart symbol “♡” I will also draw on this side Next, draw like “m” Draw three patterns Draw an ellipse Here I will draw a total of four Draw the other side in the same way Draw a heart symbol “♡” on this feather Draw “m” as before. The pattern is complicated … Add a feather pattern

Dereck Turner

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