How to DRAW EYES for BEGINNERS! (Face Drawing Tutorial #3)

How to DRAW EYES for BEGINNERS! (Face Drawing Tutorial #3)

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes and bunnies and I’d like to welcome you to the third video
tutorial of my face drawing series in this video we’re going to take a look at
how to draw eyes and more specifically how to place eyes within a face so that
everything is proportioned and aligned if you want to learn more about the
basics of constructing a face take a look at my video tutorial part 1 and
also part 2 where I talk about the Loomis method and how to build a face
using this method so everything is described there and you can find the
links down below in the video description without further ado let’s
just jump right into the drawing eyes tutorial we’re gonna get started with
the basic construction of the eye so I’m just gonna sketch out something very
simple and very easy to understand and basically walk you through the steps
that I take when drawing an eye and then we’re gonna get into the different
shapes sort of some male and female characteristics and then we’re also
going to talk about how to align the eyes on a face and basically where to
put things so that everything is in proportion in general when drawing eyes
you want to start off with the outline so in this case I tend to start with the
very top line and I will then progress to the bottom line and basically connect
the two from the outside of the eye to the inner part of the eye where the tear
duct will be this goes without saying that the overall outline should reflect
the type of shape that you want to achieve so whether you want to have an
eye that’s a little bit more rectangular in shape or triangle in shape then the
outline should reflect that shape once you’re done with the overall outline you
can perceive the details the very first detail that I tend to draw in is the
waterline that appears in the lower part of the eyelid in this case I just drive
very thin line directly above the bottom line that I drew and then I draw a line
within the tear duct just to show that it’s a tear duct
afterwards I start to play around with the eyelashes on the top part of the eye
so if you’re drawing a female eye you want to be aware that some females of
course wear makeup it’s something that you can then
exaggerate with the sort of thickness of the line so in this case if she’s
wearing eyeliner and or mascara you can then make the lashes on the top part of
the eye thicker and darker in color also in terms of drawing lashes you have to
remember that eyelashes are not straight out they do have a motion to them so
when you’re drawing them just make sure that you curl them that you maybe play
around with the lengths and you yeah just keep it nice and loose and curly
more or less and also the ones in the bottom are of course shorter so you can
have like little little bits of curly lines there just to kind of you know
simulate that there is eyelashes on the bottom part of the lid and this also
goes for when you’re drawing male eyes so the next step is to draw the iris
which is where your eyeball will be the iris you have to be aware that it is not
a full circle within the center of the outline of the eye that you drew you
want to make sure that it’s partially hidden by the top part of the lid so
within the iris there’s of course the pupil which is the little black circle
in the center and there’s also highlights that you have to be aware of
so at this stage I tend to already kind of outline where the highlights will go
and then I draw a sort of like oval shaped circle in the center to kind of
simulate that that’s where the iris is and of course depending on where your
character is looking and or the shading of the eye it will appear a little bit
different the iris may look or the people may look bigger
it may look smaller it really depends on the sort of shadows or lights that are
happening within your drawing once you’re done with the basic outline of
the eye you can then proceed with the details that are on the outside for
example the upper eyelid and also the eyebrow in the case of the upper eyelid
all you need to do is draw a curved line above the top part of the eye this is to
simulate a bit of depth into your drawing and of course the eyelid part
will appear different for whatever sort of ethnicity that you’re drawing you may
not need to draw one you may need to draw one of us a little bit more
prominent maybe it’s just a simple line but it’s there regardless and it’s an
extra detail that will bring life to your eye when it comes to drawing brows
I do follow a simple rule for both male and female essentially at the beginning
of the brow does extend past the tear duct and the end of the brow will go a
little bit past the end part of the eye there’s a sort of angle which you can
see here and of course most brows will have an arch so in this case I sort of
visualize that the arch will appear two-thirds of the way across my eye
there’s a lot to be said about eyebrows and I don’t really want to add it all
into this video otherwise it’s going to be like 20 minutes long but in general
I’ll be talking a lot more about eyebrows in my drawing expressions
videos that I’ll be doing as part of the series if there’s one thing I can say
right now about drawing eyebrows is that here’s a key area where you can
definitely emphasize the difference between male and female if you want to
draw male eyebrows you can then make them a little bit more thicker in nature
they are more triangle in shape as well and or rectangle in shape a little bit
more wild not necessarily groomed per se and they are lower towards the eye then
they are for females female eyebrows do appear much higher on the face than for
male and the very last step to drawing eyes is basically just adding all of
these shadows and something that I could provide you with advice already is one
of the most important shadows I find is within the eye itself and this is just
to give a little bit more kind of a dimension to the eye I tend to shadow
directly below the very top part of the eyelid and this cuts across the iris and
also goes around the corners of the eyes and to the bottom part of the eyelid so
you kind of simulate that it’s a rounded shape and it does add that extra kind of
an emphasis on realism to your drawing all right and that’s basically
everything to drawing the eye a single eye as you’d say but there’s a lot more
to this tutorial the next part we’re going to be talking
about the different shapes that you can do it’s going to be a very quick part
very quick segment and then we’re going to get into part three and it’s going to
be talking about drawing two eyes how to align it and
so how to align it on a face so here’s a very simple example of how you can take
shapes and use them to draw different types of eyes there are so many
different types of eyes out there people have almond shaped eyes they have
rounded eyes monolid hooded up turn down turn deep-set protruding and so on and
so forth and basically just to kind of be able to
draw these types of eyes you can use simple shapes in this case I did an
exercise in my sketchbook where I used simple shapes as an example of how you
can draw different types of eyes this is an exercise I can for sure recommend
because it’s a lot of fun and it actually helps you kind of build your
skill on how to draw different varieties of shapes and yeah it just it just helps
you a lot to understand kind of like the basic compositions of an eye now that
we’ve talked about the basic construction of an eye as well as the
different type of shapes that you can draw let’s talk about how to place eyes
on an actual face so I quickly drew an outline of the face and I also drew the
nose because the nose is an important part of reference for drawing eyes when
you’re drawing an entire face so let’s quickly break down what is actually
happening within this drawing if you guys remember the very first video
tutorial of the face drawing series I did discuss where certain elements of
the face appear and one of those important elements is the eye line and
the brows line if we go back to our sketch let’s further break it down based
on the eye line and the brow line so here we have the typical circle which
you start off when you’re drawing a face and you also have the brow line which
cuts across the circle right in the center as the Loomis method is described
in video 1 and video 2 of my face drawing series you basically keep
dividing up the entire head into units so we do have the nose line we have the
hair line and we have the top of the head and the jaw line
now the trick to placing eyes is to take the very first top of the headline and
at the very last jawline and use this as a point of reference to basically divide
the entire thing into two equal halves and wherever the center is that is where
your eyeline will go in case you guys are wondering I did draw her jawline a
little bit longer than usual according to the sort of map that I have here for
the face I did go on and fix this later on but I did not record it just for you
to note these reference lines are there just to help you you can draw outside of
these lines again it all depends on the characteristics that you want to achieve
for your character it’s not a must but it’s just a helpful guide for you to
follow now there’s one last point of reference I do want to add to this map
and that is starting from the nose so when you’re drawing a face I tend to go
straight to the nose once I have determined exactly where things should
go I go for the nose and the reason why is because the nose depending on the
width of the nose this will then provide you with the information on the width of
the eyes and also how far apart the eyes should be drawn basically it will look
like this so if we trace from the sides of the nostrils all the way up this will
basically be your line where you will start the eye and then if we take the
width of the nose and we basically copy and face it on to the right and the left
side of the nose this will be the width of your eye and essentially the size of
your eye so to basically summarize it will look like this taking everything
that we know I’m just going to quickly draw this into the character that I
started building one piece of advice that can give in terms of getting the
alignment correct and also making sure that the eyes are equal from left to
right is to basically use these reference lines that you roughly drew
across the face and use it as a point of reference to make sure that the eyes are
aligned correctly I know that at the beginning of drawing eyes it might be
very difficult to get them aligned and making sure that there
on an equal level rather than have the right eye a little bit up and just not
equal at all it looks a little bit lopsided
well the reference lines that you draw will help you with that and eventually
as you keep practicing and as you keep just kind of you know going at it you’re
not going to need those reference lines anymore and you’re just going to be able
to judge with your eye another trick that I do use is if I don’t draw the
reference lines I do tend to use my pencil as a point of reference so I’ll
kind of use it as a ruler and make sure that the eyes are aligned and leveled
out yeah that’s basically everything I hope you guys did enjoy this video
tutorial this is the third in the face drawing series next week we’re going to
be focusing on drawing the nose which is one of the things that I don’t really
like to draw because I find it a bit difficult but we’re gonna give it a go
I’m gonna do a very similar tutorial make sure to check out part 1 and part 2
of this face drawing series and also don’t forget to subscribe if you want to
follow the series and of course for other art videos so I like to wish you a
very happy weekend and we will see each other next weekend bye

Dereck Turner

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