How to Draw Buildings in 1-Point Perspective: Narrated

How to Draw Buildings in 1-Point Perspective: Narrated

Hi, Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video, in this video I’ll show you one way to draw buildings using one
point perspective, the first step in perspective is to draw a horizontal line
and for one point perspective we need to draw a mark or a cross on that horizon,
all vertical lines will stay vertical, but the sides of the buildings that go
away from us, if they are parallel, will all meet at this one vanishing
point on the right, so we can draw a series of rectangles
for the front of the buildings and then the sides of all of these
buildings, because they’re all in parallel, the sides of all of these
buildings will go to our vanishing point, for this drawing we need three
rectangles in a row, if we draw a vertical line between the diagonal lines
that go to the vanishing point we can choose where the edge of each of the
buildings are, to find the shape of a pitched roof we
just need to draw a middle line above one of the sides of the buildings and
then we can use this middle line to make a triangle, the top part of this roof
that we’re drawing will be parallel to the front of the building, as we are
looking straight on at it, we’re not looking sideways,
we’re just looking straight at it, now we can match the angle of the first
triangle here, but then, because his building is on the
left, is higher, we need to find the right side of the building first and to do
that just draw a line from the corner, top corner, of the building all the way
to the vanishing point, then for the top-left bit of the roof, that will be a
diagonal and it will sort of be in line with a triangle that we can draw at the
front of the building on the left, if we draw a large triangle at the top of the
rectangle on the left we can again find the diagonal line to this shape by
drawing a line from the top of the triangle to our vanishing point and this
will find the angle of the roof in one point perspective, as it goes away from
us, now if we find the side of this building using the vanishing point at
the base, we can now draw an archway in this wall in the foreground at the front
of the drawing and then just darken the lines of the
building that we can see through the archway, we can draw another line on the left of the arch because we can see the
thickness of arches and the thickness of windows on the left hand side of all of
the windows and doors in this drawing, now behind this building we can draw
another building, I think I’ll make this into a tower, again finding the side
of the tower by using our vanishing point, at this stage it would help to
raise the horizon line a bit now, as we no longer need the horizon line, the
horizontal line, as it goes through the buildings, we no longer need that bit, so
just to raise that and then we can join up the lines that we’ve had two erase,
as they cross the horizon line and we can make all of our lines a bit darker too,
we could add a door of some steps in front of it, now again, the sides of the steps the
parts of the steps to go towards the right, those lines will all follow
diagonal paths to our vanishing point, so we’re going to use the vanishing
point for all of the sides of all of the shapes that go to the right, so we can use the vanishing point to
find the inside corners the thickness of each of our windows, we could add a pyramid shape to the top
of the tower, just with some triangles, and then above
the wall of the courtyard, the front wall, we could draw another building, just
slightly higher, with a pitched roof, we could add a chimney to this roof too, for the top of the tower we could add a
flag, to get a flag so it looks like it has a little fold in it just draw an “S”
shape at the bottom and then copy the “S” shape at the top line of the flag as
well, we could sketch in a road, and some pavement areas and maybe some
blocks of trees and bushes, we don’t need any details, just a sketch, and then we could add a line of clouds,
which sort of goes behind some of the buildings, so if something goes behind
the buildings, that will make the buildings seem like they’re coming
forward, because the clouds will be behind them, rather than just the clouds
being above them, once the line drawing is as you’d wish it to be, we could add
some tonal values, some shading, I’ll start by adding a soft tonal value to
the top area above the line of clouds, so the sky is going to be slightly darker
in tone than the clouds, once we’ve got this and made it nice and soft with a
soft tone, we could find an even paler tone to shade in the left-hand side of
the clouds, so that would mean that the light is coming from the right, because
the clouds are going to have shadows on the left, next, we can just block in the
darker tonal values that we need in this drawing, so some of the bushes, we could
just choose one or two different tonal values for the bushes and trees and then
inside the windows, I think I will make those dark tone, and the sides of the
building, all of the sides that we’re looking straight on to, the left-hand
sides of the building, we could make those a mid-tone as well,
and then once we’ve done that we could add some indications of some details,
I don’t think you need too many details and definitely details are best to put
in towards the end of the drawing, you get the big shapes in first, sort of
planning it out, and then add a few details, that’s a good way of doing it,
thank you very much for watching this video, it’s episode 287 of my how to draw
video that I make for my Circle Line Art School, I post a new video every Saturday,
please visit my website: to learn more about drawing
and to learn how you can join Circle line Art School, thank you for watching and
see you next time!

Dereck Turner

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